Funny Street Fighter IV video breaks all the rules, wind

Wacky SF4 PC mod adds flatulent fireballs, even worse Dan

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Was it Voltaire who once said %26ldquo;Fartz LOL!!%26rdquo;? Perhaps. If man has learned only one thing from his eons of struggle, it%26rsquo;s that butts and their accompanying sounds are hilarious. Fortunately, the makers of the Street Fighter 4 PC mod Koryu are well aware of this.

Their mod makes some "unique" tweaks to the game, like Ryu launching a huge column of fireballs every time he does a shoryuken, Dan%26rsquo;s pathetic fireball being so bad that it actually shoots backwards, and Ryu getting on all fours to unleashhadokens from his hindquarters. Witness the weirdness:

For anyone familiar with SF, there%26rsquo;s something entertaining about the goofy, broken animations of characters moving at hyper speed across the screen, Guile%26rsquo;s stuttering aerialsonic booms, and Dan%26rsquo;s ability to fall down midair and just float there. Oh, that and everyone%26rsquo;s blowing fireballs out of their nether regions.

While it looks like it%26rsquo;s close to playable, it%26rsquo;s a safe bet there might be %26ldquo;slight%26rdquo; balance issues. And by %26ldquo;slight%26rdquo; I mean a toaster vs. a T-Rex in a %26ldquo;Being a dinosaur%26rdquo; contest.

May 27, 2010


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