• Dmastaj187 - November 2, 2012 2:44 p.m.

    Theres no way shepard can win, he's just a regular soldier while master chief is a god among men in terms of combat. Also, I believe based on the ending to Mass effect 3, Shepard does not know how to FINISH THE FIGHT!
  • threadspool - November 2, 2012 3:05 p.m.

    Exactly that. Shepard is saving the galaxy WITHOUT being a super soldier. Makes him more badass in that respect. :P Still, in a fight I guess Shepard would lose, unless he had the support of his squad, which gives him an advantage over Master Chief's lone wolf style. Also biotics. Once you drop Chief's shield, he's screwed up the wazoo.
  • kenjionigod - November 2, 2012 3:12 p.m.

    You're both wrong. Shepard isn't simply just a normal soldier. There's biotics and such to take into account which makes him/her anything but normal, plus after ME2 Shepard does have synthetic parts to him/her. Honestly, Master Chief wouldn't last.
  • SkyShep - November 2, 2012 3:48 p.m.

    Dude, Shepard doesn't necessarily have biotics, so you can't use them to show superiority. If we're comparing Shepard's default configuration against Chief, Chief would win all the way. Don't forget the SPARTAN suit would make it possible for Chief to run Shepard over like the Mako would. Also, Chief wouldn't let a StarKid tell him what to do. I love Mass Effect more than Halo, but Chief finishes the fight and doesn't give in to anyone. He would've ripped the Reapers a new one without messing with the RGB crap.
  • CrashmanX - November 2, 2012 2:10 p.m.

    Aside from the fact that we don't know how the weapons from ME would effect Cheif's shields and vice versa, Chief is kinda notorious for punching into metal walls and such even without his suit. I think the Chief has got this one if it comes down to hand to hand combat.
  • JSpanyurrrrrd - November 2, 2012 3:26 p.m.

    May I remind you ALL that Shepard himself is cybernetically enhanced: in the beginning of ME2, after the Normandy is blown to hell by a Collector ship, the human purist group Cerberus retrieves him and over the next 2 years, he is painstakingly rebuilt WITH enhancement to his musculature, augment his strength and endurance. Evidence of this? On more than one occasion, he's battled through conflicts that would make the Chief piss in his metallic green britches. First with the Geth, then with the Collectors, and then with the Reapers, who, let's face it, are GODS compared to the Covenant, Shepard has systematically taken down every threat to humanity. He knows his way around dozens more guns, most of which are so complicated that Chief wouldn't even know where the bullets come out. Even further displays of his strength include destroying the infantry of every opposing force, fighting off fish-dogs and four-eyed mercenaries, going head-to-head with a fucking KROGAN, and taking down the Shadow Broker with his bare-fucking fist (it's funny, cause the Shadow Broker turns out to be a nearly 9 foot tall wall of muscle and malicious intent called a yahg, who is an apex predator on its native planet). And these are only examples of his COMBAT PROWESS, to say nothing of the choices and sacrifices he's made, or the countless bitches he's been covered in, be them alien or human. The only puss Chiefs bedded was a computer program. A slightly insane computer program, at that. Shepard is the all-around best, and you should all be the smart people I hope you are and vote for him
  • CrashmanX - November 2, 2012 5:52 p.m.

    >HER DER SHEPRED GETS MORE PUSSY! MUST BE A BIGGER BAD ASS Stop that shit. We're talking about who would kick who's ass in a fight. It doesn't matter who gets fucked more. Also Shepeard can take on living flesh things fine. But flesh isn't metal. 3 inch + steel is a lot harder to move let alone dent than a 9 foot wall of muscle. Granted I will say Shepherd has his advantages as well, I don't think muscles nor weapon prowess is one of them. Shepherd knows 4 weapons, shotgun, pistol, sniper, and rifle. Chief knows a multiple of variants of these weapons and more. Shotguns, pistols, rifles, grenade launchers, snipers, and tons of alien tech as well. We also don't know exactly HOW strong a Krogan is nor how strong the other aliens are in ME nor Halo. It's a tough comparison and you have to go off things that are neutral or found in both series. I still stand by saying Chief has got Shepherd beat in Hand-to-Hand combat at the very least. I mean for fucks sakes he's accidently killed 3 ODST in a boxing ring before he even started fighting The Covenant.
  • Dmastaj187 - November 3, 2012 9:31 a.m.

    You are beyond insane, master chief defeated not one but TWO alien races with the means to destroy the entire galaxy, Shepard could barely beat the reapers. Shepard also ended up dying in the 2nd game, has chief died? Nope. Master chief went through the same thing Shepard did, he jumped off a space ship in space and entered the atmosphere, got up and proceeded to fight. He didn't need a multimillion dollar (credits in mass effect lord) to revive him. He ended the war single handed, he didn't need to travel around the galaxy to recruit people, all he needs is himself. Not to mention he's 7 feet tall yet he moves like an freaken gymnist. Commander Shepard enlisted in the military when he was 18, chief has be IN COMBAT since he was abducted from his family at the age of 7, and you only think Shepard would win? What a joke

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