Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions Q&A

Oct 5, 2007

Next week, one of the greatest RPGs to grace the PlayStation will arrive on the PSP. Given that it's been a full nine years(!) since the original stomped into stores, though, it wouldn't do to just serve up the same old game and call it a day - that's whyFinal Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions will feature a host of improvements to lure back fans when it hits stores on Oct. 9. To get to the bottom of exactly how much has changed, we grilled the game's co-producer, Shingo Kosuge, on what to expect this time around.

GamesRadar: The original Final Fantasy Tactics is revered, considered by most anyone who played it to be one of the best games for the PSone. How did you decide what to change and what to leave alone for this PSP version? Was it difficult coming up with ideas for what could be improved?

Shingo Kosuge, co-producer: We were all aware of what a fantastic, beloved game we were working with. We made it a point from the beginning to avoid doing anything that would threaten to destroy the game's existing setting or gameplay balance. We took great care in adding features that would mesh with the atmosphere of the original.