Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Crystal Bearers

Jan 10, 2008

Got a GameCube, four GBAs and three friends? Then you’ll agree that the original Crystal Chronicles was brilliant. Square Enix have learned their lesson well from the original Crystal Chron’s logistical nightmares, crafting Crystal Bearers (the Wii installment) into more of a single player-orientated experience.

There is also an online multiplayer which, excitingly, allows you to craft your own wares in the main game and bring 'em into the fray. Any leveling up or items collected in multiplayer will subsequently transfer to your offline game, giving you more impetus to slurp up bandwidth.

Crystal Bearer’s protagonist is older and wearier than your traditional FF hero/ine (i.e. the wrong side of 15) and seems to be able to use some form of gravity spell to shoot around the sky like a deflating balloon. It’s all looking very promising, and if Crystal Bearer’s sister DS title, Ring of Fates is anything to go by, we’re in for a treat.



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