FIFA Street still no.1

Top 20: Gran Turismo 4 is again pipped by the rubbish urban footie-fest

Official ELSPA Entertainment Top 20 Software Chart (all prices) - week ending 2 April

1 (1) FIFA Street
(PS2, Xbox, Gamecube)
2 (2) Gran Turismo 4
3 (NE) Splinter Cell Chaos Theory
(Xbox, PS2, PC, Gamecube)
4 (3) Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30
(PS2, Xbox, PC)
5 (4) TimeSplitters Future Perfect
(PS2, Xbox, Gamecube)
6 (5) Devil May Cry 3 Dante's Awakening
7 (14) The Punisher
(PS2, Xbox, PC)
8 (6) Rugby 2005
(PS2, Xbox, PC)
9 (10) The Sims 2 University
10 (8) Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater
11 (9) Super Mario 64 DS
12 (7) Championship Manager 5
13 (11) Fight Night Round 2
(PS2, Xbox, Gamecube)
14 (12) The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie
(PS2, Xbox, Gamecube, PC, GBA)
15 (15) The Incredibles
(PS2, Xbox, Gamecube, PC, GBA)
16 (17) Robots
(PS2, Xbox, Gamecube, PC, DS, GBA)
17 (13) Mercenaries
(PS2, Xbox)
18 (18) The Simpsons Hit & Run
(PS2, Xbox, Gamecube, PC)
19 (16) Sonic Mega Collection Plus
(PS2, Xbox)
20 (21) The Urbz Sims in the City
(PS2, Xbox, Gamecube, DS, GBA)

FIFA Street hangs on to number one for a second week, again proving that a big name licence can carry more weight than whether a game's actually any good or not, while Gran Turismo 4 holds tight at number two.

The week's only new entry comes in the shape of superb stealth-'em-up Splinter Cell Chaos Theory, which debuts at three. Interestingly, the Xbox version has sold almost twice as many copies as the PS2 incarnation.

Elsewhere in the top 10, the only other significant movement comes from The Punisher, which shoots up from 14 to seven, no doubt maiming a few hapless villains in the process. Further down the chart, military strategy-fest Full Spectrum Warrior re-enters at number 32, thanks to its newly-released PS2 version.

Next week, keep an eye out for new entries from Doom 3 on Xbox, the Doom 3 expansion pack Resurrection of Evil and The Matrix Online.

Leisure software charts compiled by ChartTrack
(C) 2005 (UK) Ltd

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