• CitizenWolfie - March 31, 2014 4:56 a.m.

    I'd love a Himalayan Far Cry. Such a huge variety of environments there as well as adding some verticality to gameplay. I'm all for that. As for AC: Comet, as fun as the sailing was in BF I wouldn't want to return to such a similar era. Only problem is that Ubisoft will likely make it so that both games will contain huge plot revelations so that you feel obligated to play them all. I know nobody is forcing anyone to buy it but if you're a big fan of a series you don't want to miss anything important.
  • ZeeCaptain - March 28, 2014 7:52 p.m.

    These are all terrible. 1. Sony is going to stall for time, that's what they do. 2. No naughty dog, just no. Re-released are for games that are having an anniversary and not games that are still receiving DLC, so don't make me lose faith in your company. 3. I actually believe this one, it's funny how hard the devs are trying to make everyone forget about the first game having been on an island with mutants and cyber suits. 4. Yea, and then Gamestop got a record amount of returns after everyone was disapointed with suckerpunches decission to put evey effort into visual design and forget about the game part. 5. Yea no, facebook has money, facebook doesn't care what you think, facebook is going to do whatever they want with VR technology, and facebook won't care when you cry yourself to sleep because the only VR game out will be Farmvile. 6. Assassin's Creed, Ubisoft is back milking the golden cow, unbelievable! Unfortunately only powder and dust comes out now. 7. Yes because no one ever said "Vale said" and was wrong or lying. I like Greenlight, that's just an opinion, and so are the other comments above, but this one is backed by thousands of others who agree. 8. Doubtful. The current scheme of things right now in the gaming world is to not ostracize the clients still using last get tech, so I foresee this game releasing for both the PS3 with Move enabled features, and for the PS4 with this mysterious Morpheus Matrix tech as a gimmick. I could be wrong, especially if they drag their feet on this and it's not to be released for a few years, then i'd believe the game only coming out for PS4, but if it's anything in the next year or so, i don't see them restricting it as it didn't seem very important to sony at E3.
  • FeloniousMax - March 30, 2014 10:23 p.m.

    1. Obvious Sony hater is Obvious 2. Doubt you have faith to begin with, see #1 3, 5, 7. Can't refute on these 4. You obviously haven't played inFamous Second Son, again, see #1 6. They clearly own up to the milking, havegone on record stating it would be dumb not to release an annual version when it sells so well. Also, Black Flag was way more than powder and dust, my favorite in the franchise. 8. The rumor is likely true and if so it will be exclusive to the PS4, possibly with Move and Morpheus options or possibly strictly Morpheus.
  • ZeeCaptain - April 3, 2014 12:43 a.m.

    I don't hate sony, if i had to chose between the PS4 and the Xbone, and I will eventually, i'll chose the PS4 just because I enjoy their exclusives more. Don't question another person's faith. I have played inFamous Second Son, i was able to finish it in three sit downs, doesn't make it a bad game, I was just disappointed in the lack of content, I know there is still things to be released but the base game wasn't the next gen experience i thought it would be. Ubisoft is promoting a bad habit in the game industry, while I'm not going to lie and say assassin's creed is bad, I will say that it's a stagnate concept with new gimmicks every time around and now there just re-releasing games made for mobile and calling them new. I don't see why this has to be true, they've shown gameplay footage that was already well on it's way, it seemed to be pretty far along in it's development, so to be put back to the PS4 is detrimental because they have to make the game into 1080p, as the PS4 has some problems with 720; which in my opinion is another case of the continued disregard of backwards compatibility, fuelled by the companies to make more money on re-releases of games and promoting new tv sets that their consoles will work on.
  • ZeeCaptain - April 4, 2014 11:07 p.m.

    Forgot to number them :P
  • FeloniousMax - April 6, 2014 1:05 p.m.

    Fair enough,my bad as it did seem you were bagging on Sony from the get go, they've been very gamer focused this go around (tail end of last go around as well).
  • ThouArtGamer - May 9, 2014 10:54 p.m.

    Far Cry 1 didn't have cyber suits. To my memory at least, it has been a couple years since I've played it.

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