Fallout 3 footage dissected

Fallout 3 will hit PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 in the autumn next year, Bethesda has finally revealed, and below we've got the first ever video of this long-awaited RPG sequel.

Excactly what Bethesda plans to do with the adored series is unclear. Many fans expect an Oblivion-style FPS, and just as many are disgusted by this idea. What fans can't complain about, though, is the traditional atmosphere - Bethesda has clearly retained the amazingly atmosphere and character of previous Fallout games.

At first, this might look like every other videogame promo: abstract, teasing, no gameplay hints. But peer closer and it becomes clear that Bethesda's promises about this being "real" footage from the working game are likely to hold water.


First, there's the solidity everything possesses. Lots of videos look great, but hold no real physical impact, whereas the interior of this wrecked bus immediately springs out and jabs you in the eyes. Second, there's the angular look to everything, and the slightly grimy textures, all features that make us confident that this is the game's 3D engine running in real-time.

An interesting theory from some long-term Fallouters is that Fallout 3 is actually a prequel to the other games. There's less evidence of 200 years of apocalypse, for instance, while plastics, fur and paper objects have yet to degrade utterly. And, finally, the armor worn by the only character seen in the trailer seems older, less advanced. So say the fans, anyway.

June 6, 2007

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