Faith and a .45

How’s the combat going to pan out?
Very similarly to Gears of War by the looks of it, so expect tons of ducking behind cover before popping out and delivering Tommy Gun-styled justice. Sidearms will be fully upgradeable, plus there’s a basic orders system for loyal Ruby should you be lacking on the mates front. Also expect a stack of on-rails shooty segments involving cars (and possibly planes and boats), and big ‘ol multilayered boss fights.

So it’s all just blasting then...
Not quite. The developers are looking to incorporate rudimentary physics-based puzzling, while they’re also hoping to explore the finer nuances of Ruby and Luke’s relationship beyond simple cut-scenes. Whether this means branching dialogue trees, alternative mission paths or plain old QTE-based roles in the hay remains unclear.

Who are the hombres behind this again?
That’d be Deadline Games, the brains behind Xbox cult classic Total Overdose. Y’know, the over-the-top shooter with the crazy combos and the sombreros...

Got it. So, when does the sexy cross-state chase begin?
Well, to tell the truth Faith and a .45 hasn’t even snagged itself a publisher yet, but considering the strength of some of the ideas on show, it’s surely only a matter of time. We’ll have a fiver on late 2008.

May 28, 2008