Eve Online: Revelations review

  • Warp distance fixed
  • New changes will make you happy
  • New ships and vehicles to blow up
  • No major graphic overhaul
  • Sovereignty systems not fixed
  • Expansion could use more content

This is a bit awkward. EVE Online Revelations, the expansion to EVE Online, is a constantly evolving MMO. We’re reviewing Revelations but it’s actually an ongoing series of patches; for now we can only review the first installment in the sequence.

Upsettingly, it hasn’t brought with it the major graphical overhaul, or any of the snazzy DirectX 10 stuff that CCP have been talking about during 2006. Nor has it fixed really hardcore problems like the sovereignty system used to capture player-owned stations. Without these things, the changes Revelations brings feel premature. I’d rather have waited for a massive installment some time in 2007.

What Revelations has done is to fix some significant problems that have been in EVE since the very beginning. The largest of these is "warp-distance." Since launch it has only been possible to arrive 15km from things, but now you can land right next to them. That might sound like a small change, but it’s probably the biggest since the game began. It’s as if bunny hopping was removed from Quake, only to be replaced with an entirely more efficient mode of leaping around.

Other major changes accompany it: The ability to see if someone is a baddie without checking out their character sheet. The new map, delivering an epic long zoom enabling you to say “woo” every time the camera tracks back from your ship and out to the entire universe. A new fleet command system, with stacks of annoyingly complex gang bonus and command tools.

And then there’s the contracts system. This huge tool for EVE’s economy enables more trust, more flexibility and the capacity for players to create missions for each other. It’s a clear indication that EVE’s economic growth is just as important as the exploding spacecraft we hold so dear.

There are new ships to explode too. This is likely to be the last patch in a long while to have new spaceboats, as CCP seems to have filled every imaginable niche. Fortunately the new designs are brilliant, with the new tier-two battlecruisers seemingly designed by spaceship pornographers, the bigger battleships rounding off complex fleet warfare with wads of rippling metal.

Ships can now be augmented by ‘"rigs:" new one-off modules that enhance various aspects of your performance. Characters, on the other hand, can be enhanced with drugs. The so-called "boosters" allow you to pump up your character for an extra edge to that killing frenzy. There’s even been a change to the way ships are destroyed, allowing enterprising players to come along and salvage bits, do some reverse engineering and then invent their own kit. Impressive stuff.

This is one of the biggest expansions that EVE has seen, with some far-reaching changes. However, we can’t help feeling that it was delivered now for the sake of bringing in some new content, when really it could have waited a few months for something more comprehensive. Just a couple of the minor changes would have been enough to keep us going.

More Info

Release date: Nov 28 2006 - PC (US)
Nov 28 2006 - PC (UK)
Available Platforms: PC
Genre: Role Playing
Published by: Vivendi
Developed by: Crowd Control Productions, CCP
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  • MHz045 - March 12, 2009 6:43 p.m.

    Eve online used to be a great MMOPG until CCP released their newest version: Eve Online Apocrypha. What CCP (creaters of eve) did is they revamped the whole system and put in new graphics. Plus added new features to game play such as wormholes and a new computer race call sleepers, which you fight to get the items needed for new t3 ships. Downside? Once again CCP has made their paying customer into beta testers. On March 10 2009, the date of apocrypha release, The EVE online forums have had massive complaints of players unable to download software, computer system crashes, not able to log in, skills that could take up years to acquire are missing, numerous sound and graphical bugs and among other list of issues too long to list here. (apocrypha issues thread) (apocrypha feedback thread) On top of that, CCP has a very bad habit of not replying to the complaints on their forums to the point where they don't exist. Overall, I give this game and CCP a 2 out of ten 10.

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