Emily Mortimer boards Transsiberian

She’s replacing the injured Samantha Morton

Whoops. Samantha Morton was all set to join the cast of The Machinist director Brad Anderson’s latest thriller, Transsiberian, when the ceiling collapsed at her home – right on her.

So now Morton is recovering and Anderson has had to track down another British actress with “Mort” as part of her name - Emily Mortimer.

She’ll be filling Morton’s place on board the film, which finds Woody Harrelson, Kate Mara, Eduardo Noriega and Sir Ben Of Kinglsey in a tale of two couples trying to enjoy a romantic train trip who become embroiled in murder and deception, with Russian police detective Kingsley on their trail.

Anderson found his new leading lady just in time – he’s now started shooting the film in Lithuania. He’s off to Beijing and Russia in the new year.