Elveon - updated impressions

Four swords, one clip and much excitement inside

Sadly, with the "Summer 2007" launch date still a long way away, there are plenty of elements of Elveon that don't appear in our notes and didn't show up on our screen.

The first and probably the most missed are RPG elements which 10tacle promises are already in place but aren't ready to show yet. For, along with such traditional elements as the ability to scavenge equipment and level up your fighting skills, our hero will be able to ask favors of the gods for short-term magical powers and power-ups.

The team also revealed that the game will include on-rails, griffon-riding shooter sections; a number of side quests; and the head-to-head Tournament mode, playable over Xbox Live - which should be enough to keep us scribbling until we get the chance to have another look at this hugely promising and beautifully balanced adventure.