The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim dragon hunting guide

Learn how to hunt dragons with the GamesRadar crew

One of the coolest additions to the Elder Scrolls games is the inclusion of Dragons. Since these flying, death dealing tanks are both hostile and all over the place you’ll get plenty of chances to sharpen your blades on their scales. What starts out as rare encounters that occur in specific locations, these fights will eventually become entirely random. Upon arriving in a town, the roar of a dragon will rend the air and shake the buildings, and once that beast notices you the battle is on.

Dealing with your draconic foes is never going to be the easiest thing in the world. Every time that you think that the dragons are getting simpler to handle, a new variation will come out, bigger and scarier than the last.

Above:Some of them are scarier than others.

However there are some tips and tricks for making the ordeal of slaying these foul beasts easier and that’s what we’re here for. Do take note that there are some spoilers for the storyline in the coming guide. Very few of them will occur in the first three sections, but once you enter the last two then there are some minor spoilers. With that said, onward to slay the beasts!

Basic Information

Combat Strategies

Dragon Types

Main Storyline Encounters

Roosts & Other Encounters

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