Earthworm Jim hands-on

Like previous games in the series, Earthworm Jim promises to pack in a ton of surreal, crude humor, which we got a little taste of when we were flushed down a gigantic toilet toward the end of the junkyard. We'll have to wait and see if the game will direct much of its humor at the over-12 set, though, because we couldn't figure out how to kill the robot boss lurking just beyond.

On the upside, the game appears to feature a dance bonus game, hinting at the varied gameplay that made the first Jim a hit. It'll also pack in challenge modes, unlockable prizes, two-player competition and a slew of familiar characters, which is always nice. (Confidential to the developers at Shiny: Evil the Cat comes back, or we walk.)

Even in early form, though, Earthworm Jim looks to have it where it counts: gameplay. It's still rough around the edges - which is to be expected from a game that's still months from release - but our hopes are officially raised.

Whip up your own excitement for the game by checking out our video of Jim in action. It's behind the Movies tab located, conveniently enough, right above this article.


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