E3 2011: The 26 new game announcements that make this year's show better than you think

Minecraft | 360

At last, the intriguingly blocky world of indie sensation Minecraft shares the love with a console. It's Kinect compatible, but - thank buggery - will also be playable in the normal conventional fashion.

ModNation Racers | PS Vita

Did you see how easy it was to build a track using Vita's incredible fingering technology? It was easy. And anything that makes things easy is something we're interested in. Because we're lazy.

Overstrike | 360, PS3

Ratchet & Clank dev Insomniac's not PS3 exclusive project was revealed at EA's conference. It's a four-player co-op action game that will incorporate the use of many weapons and gadgets. It's got plenty of personality, to be sure. Also, the name 'Overstrike' instantly makes us (ie me) think of the word 'underboob'. Which in turn makes us (ie me)think of boobs. That's just how our (ie my) thought process works. Boobs.

Payday: The Heist | PC, PS3

There's walking into a post office, pointing a banana concealed under your coat at the person behind the counter and demanding all the money. And then there's doing it properly. Payday: The Heist from Sony Online is about doing large-scale money theft properly. Who doesn't want to be a bankrobber, just like daddy?

Pikmin 3 | Wii U

Shigeru Miyamoto confirmed at an E3 roundtable session that this was on its way to Wii U. So as announcements go it was pretty low-key. But still... Pikmin 3.

Professor Layton and the Last Specter | DS

A new Professor Layton that isn't really that new. It's been out in Japan for a while, but the announcement confirmed that it's coming to North America later this year. No word on a European release, though. *sad face*

Ruin | PS3, PS Vita

This is the one at the Sony conference that everyone thought looked like Diablo. It's an action RPG with a little trick up its sleeve - the ability to take the game from PS3 to PS Vita and vice versa. Try doing that with Diablo.

Sly 4: Thieves in Time | PS3

The long-awaited return of the light-fingered raccoon arrived with meagre fanfare at the Sony conference. But what were we expecting? Fireworks? Yes. Dancers? Yes. Raccoons in jacketszip-lining on to the stage? Yes. Perhaps our expectations were unrealistic.

Sound Shapes | PS Vita

Did you appreciate the brilliance of PSN and PC indie gem Everyday Shooter? If you did, then you will be wanting to pay attention to Sound Shapes because it's the next game from Jonathan 'Everyday Shooter' Mak.

Street Fighter x Tekken | PS Vita

Street Fighter! Tekken! The bloke from Infamous! On PS Vita! Rear-touching!

Super Smash Bros. | 3DS, Wii U

The worst kind of announcement. No video. No screens. No details. Just a promise that it will be coming. But development hasn't even started yet, so we could be in for a long wait. It's an announcementcocktail that consists of equal parts 'boo' and 'yay'.

Super StarDust Delta | PS Vita

PSP version was great to play but technically limited. But the Vita version will be better. Because the game is a twin-stick shooter. And the Vita has, like, two sticks. So that's good. Also, it's going to look utterly eye-arousing on that OLED screen.

Tekken 3DS | 3DS

It's existence revealed as part of a 3DS sizzle reel during the Nintendo conference. We knew nothing of it. Then suddenly there it was. But only for a fleeting moment. Like a butterfly in a storm. The Iron First Tournament. On 3DS.

Wipeout 2048 | PS Vita

We have every confidence that Wipeout will be as essential on PS Vita as it is on PSP. We're not sure about tilting the machine to steer or using the touch screen mid-race - surely the quick reactions of sticks and buttons are the only way when hurtling along at a bajillion miles an hour? Regardless, we'll be able to play how we want. So we're happy.

Have we missed anything? Was there a new announcement at this year's E3 that tweaked your geek juice? Star Wars Kinect perhaps? Do you agree this year has been a good show for new reveals? Or are you all sad face and disappointed? As ever, share your contemplations in the comments.

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June 10, 2011