E3 2011: Harvest Moon: The Tale of Two Towns – its crops vs critters in the latest adorable farm sim

It’s about time someone started adapting Dickens to video games

Farming may be dying as an industry, but as a video game career it%26rsquo;s thriving. Farming games must strike some evolutionary nerve regarding the need to grow food. And Harvest Moon: The Tale of Two Towns promises yet another million tons of fake crops.

The most recent Nintendo DS installment in the series is another farming RPG with a strong emphasis on building relationships. The story begins with the character choosing between two bitterly divided towns embroiled in a agricultural cold war with two different farming styles; either animal husbandry or field farming. From there you act as an agronomic Henry Kissinger, seeking to reconcile the towns%26rsquo; differences.

The game looks and plays like many other Harvest Moon games, with an in-game clock, family options (such as marriage), and of course, hours of super cute farming. For fans of the Harvest Moon series, this iteration will feel safe and familiar with a different story. And with 40-60 hours of gameplay with no real ending, you can count on staying occupied until the next one comes out.

Jun 15, 2011

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