E3 09: Why Metal Gear Solid: Rising will make you love Raiden

From boy band wannabe to brutal badass, we fill you in on Raiden’s new ass-kicking adventure

So that%26rsquo;s what Konami%26rsquo;s mystery site has been teasing for weeks, then. A rainy field, the occasional lightning strike; it all alludes to a new MGS game, Metal Gear Solid: Rising. As many of us expected, it stars our favourite whiny bleach blonde, Raiden, in the lead role. While we%26rsquo;re still waiting for concrete details, below are the features we expect to see in Hideo Kojima%26rsquo;s latest entry in the much respected stealth series.

Nope, we don%26rsquo;t expect to be doing much cowering in the shadows or wetting our intestine-squeezing lycra under a cardboard box this time. Instead, we reckon Rising will be a much more action-orientated affair, with the emphasis on slaughter over stealth.

Above: Snake's nightmare mini-game from MGS3

You%26rsquo;ll notice the series%26rsquo; usual %26lsquo;Tactical Espionage Action%26rsquo; tagline has been dropped for %26lsquo;Lightning Bolt Action%26rsquo;. We suspect this means Raiden%26rsquo;s mysterious electrical powers %26ndash; a by-product of his ninja surgery %26ndash; will be brought very much to the fore. Expect to slice and dice enemy soldiers with katana attacks (Kojima has already tinkered with these mechanics in Metal Gear Solid 3%26rsquo;s hidden samurai mini-game) and barbecue them with lightning.

Ever wondered how Raiden got hold of Solidus Snake%26rsquo;s remains, how he survived being crushed by a massive ship or just how he was transformed from moaning emo agent to killer cyborg ninja? We doubt we%26rsquo;ll have to wonder much longer, as these and several other unanswered Raiden questions from Metal Gear 4 will most likely be answered in Rising%26rsquo;s missions.

Above: How exactly did Jack go from cry-baby to killer?

While the game will certainly slot into the MGS mythology, we think Rising is merely a spin-off. Considering Konami%26rsquo;s teaser site also reveals an image of a young Big Boss, we%26rsquo;d be surprised if Sony don%26rsquo;t confirm the true sequel to Guns of the Patriots %26ndash; starring Snake%26rsquo;s dad %26ndash; at Sony's E3 09 press conference.

Above: Big Boss' image possibly teasing MGS5

June 02, 2009

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