E3 07: Style Casualties

Thursday 12 July 2007
Just because it's E3, it doesn't mean you have to leave your sense of style at home. But many do. And over the next three days we'll be sneakily snapping, posting and ridiculing the worst stylistic offenders, mostly for our own amusement.

Walking round like an advertisingbillboard is not a good look. Wearing fifteen lanyards at once does not make you look important, it makes you look like a cock. Look at the company bosses. What are they wearing? A LocoRoco rucksack, a spiky Sonic hedgehog-hat and enough badges to render them effectively bulletproof? Or a decent suit, smart shoes and a "don't fuck with me" scowl? It seems that if you want to make it big in this business, it's best to lose the children's clothes and smarten up. Unlike this bunch of more questionable sartorial adventurers.