Dwayne Johnson in talks with Warner over potential DC property

Dwayne Johnson was recently announced as the top-grossing actor of 2013, and 2014 could be another big year for the star, who has teased a significant meeting with Warner over a potential DC Comics project.

Johnson mentioned the meeting through his Twitter feed, referring to a “big meeting”, the upshot of which seems to be plans to “partner up and create the cool bad assery”.

You can read Johnson’s words for yourself, below…

No specifics then, but plenty to get the rumour mill ticking over nicely as to what exactly Johnson could be signing on for…

Johnson had previously been heavily linked to a Lobo adaptation, only for the star himself to pronounce that project dead in the water. However, perhaps the landscape has now changed once more…

Either that, or he’s going to be playing a pumped-up Lex Luthor. He has the hairline for it, after all…



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