Duke Nukem Forever “shrinkage” trailer is one (more) minute of explosions and dick jokes

Duke Nukem Forever is just having a laugh at our expense. Players over the age of 14 (which, statistically speaking, exist) are surely shaking their heads and tut-tutting at the ceaseless barrage of gratuitous swears and strained dildo humor on offer in this latest trailer, in which ol' red-shirt shrinks to the size of a potato and issues trademark “badass” quips in a helium squeak. But that's just what Gearbox wants you to think: all the better to surprise you with the clever gameplay twists the series is known for.

Above: The Duke Nukem Forever "shrinkage" trailer

For instance, you could concentrate on the way the trailer highlights the game's propensity for upskirt glimpses, but then you’d miss the focus on the remote-control buggy sections, which look to turn the shooter into a hyper-violent kart racer. You might spend the trailer's duration counting the times the trailer offers a clunky variation on Alex Comfort's much-spoofed line about the importance of size, but then you'd miss the way the game turns common window-dressing into whole new levels within levels.

That said, Duke Nukem sure does talk like an impotent middle-aged hardware store manager who just bought a Harley.

May 5, 2011

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