Doctor Who: Commissioning Richard Curtis and Simon Nye

When the list of writers for Matt Smith’s first season was announced, two names raised eyebrows. Steven Moffat tells us his thinking behind commissioning comedy writers Nye and Curtis

“In the case of both Simon and Richard, I know them slightly and they’d expressed an interest and that was all we needed, just because they’re really good writers,” Steven Moffat tells SFX. “One of the things I learned very early on with this job is it requires very experienced, extremely expert writers who are aware of every single scenario that can be thrown at them. It’s a big old job this, it’s not for newcomers despite the number of newcomers who want to do it.

“With writers with very clear identities like Simon Nye and Richard Curtis – who are just like writing gods, really – there has to be something very specific about Doctor Who that chimes with them. They’re not just going to come in and fill in one of my gaps. I was quite keen very near the beginning of the process to get Simon involved, but he was so busy with other things, then a gap came up just when I needed a brilliant writer, so we grabbed him. Richard I sort of jokingly talked about it ages ago and he texted me while I was in Kew Gardens one day with an idea for his Doctor Who, so I was delighted and leapt at it!”

There’s more from this exclusive interview with Steven Moffat in SFX 193, on sale 10 February .

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