Doctor Who Series 7: Central Park Filming Pics

Tons of moderately spoilery pictures from the New York shoot in Central Park for episode five of series seven. All images © WENN. Click on ’em for larger versions.

The Doctor looking very Harold Lloyd


And… action!


Amy’s checking out the weather forecast (we kid you not… we’ve looked at it in close up)


The Doctor and Amy on one of Central Park’s bridges. Maybe the one Stuart Little stood on


Now Amy’s doing the Harold Lloyd impression

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More pics on the next page…

Rory with a very ’80s-looking cassette tape


Picnic in the park


Sonic screwdriver at the ready


Click on this image for a close-up of the book – be warned, it may be a tad spoilery!



Rory looks concerned. As ever


Will this be the last episode we ever see them in?

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