Do other developers hate Grand Theft Auto?

Mike Jaret-Schachter | Postal III Product Manager |Running With Scissors

GamesRadar: There's no denying GTA IV is the most anticipated game of the year on 360 and PS3. What are your feelings about the game from what you've seen so far?

Mike Jaret-Schachter: Super excited about it. I've got my collectors edition pre-ordered already! The videos I've seen and the previews I've read are all amazing!

GR: How many of the other GTA games have you played and which one did you admire most?

MJ: I've played every GTA game developed since the original GTA but, like everyone else, the game didn't really get me hooked until GTA III.

Above:Just like GTA, Postal hasits own style of humourous murder ('smilence', perhaps?).

GR: From a developer point of view how do you rate Rockstar?

MJ: They are a good team that makes a quality game. The GTA games in the past have never been the best looking games, but they played very well. All their gameplay mechanics have been very tight, from driving to shooting to their cinematics. GTA IV looks to outshine all the past GTA games in all these categories.

GR: Will you be buying GTA IV on day one?

MJ: Already bought it...just waiting for it to come in!