Disney Universe puts you inside Mickey, Donald, and Goofy

HOORAY! Wear the dead, taxidermied skin of Disney’s Fab Four

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I%26rsquo;m agiant Disney nerd, so not only was I bit disappointed once it came to light that Disney Universe starred blobby stem cell creatures wearingiconic character costumes - not the actual characters -I was utterly depressed by the four costumes they chose to unveil. I mean, thanks for TRON, but Mike Wazowski, Stitch, and a double represent from Tim Burton%26rsquo;s Hook-I mean, Alice in Wonderland?You know your company%26rsquo;s been around longer than ten years right?

Above: Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse, hollowed out and fashion ready

Well, the big consolation today, is that Disney Universe has finally revealed costumes forfour beloved characters that%26rsquo;ve been synonymous with the company for almost a century. I was so excited, I went and stuck the new character (costume) art on classic Disney animation backgrounds, %26lsquo;casue that%26rsquo;s how I roll: NERDY!

Above: Donald Fauntleroy Duck and Dippy Dawg!

I should also note that I spied some Lion King and Wall-E characters during a brief hands-on during E3, which are a lot more my speed. And since the game originally teased something along the lines of FORTY or so characters, Disney Universe gets to %26ldquo;pull a Capcom%26rdquo; and trickle new character (costume) details from now until its October release date. YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS! We get to demand/speculatewhich characters (costumes) we want to see in the game. So... I want Elliot from Pete%26rsquo;s Dragon andRoger Rabbit. OH, and Brer Rabbit and maybe his black friend! You%26rsquo;d better believe there%26rsquo;s still time demand your favorite characters (costumes) in the comments below.

Above: Anybody care to guess what's happening in the top left corner?

Aug 5, 2011

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