Deus Ex: Human Revolution-inspired art show starts in NY

The Deus Ex series has never been shy about presenting players with the weighty  implications of its cyborgs-and-conspiracies milieu: arguably, the only other series to manifest a more outwardly “zomg this game has philosophies in it” tone is Bioshock. But whereas the latter's attempts at transitioning those themes into another medium have largely been restricted to aborted attempts at a Hollywood movie, Deus Ex: Human Revolution is skipping straight to a from-and-inspired-by art show, with prints exploring the game's notions of futurist post-humanism adorning the walls of the New York Wooster Street Social Club tattoo store.

Above: This Xbox 360 comes signed by photographer Estevan Oriol. Beats sticking a decal of Master Chief on your console and calling it a mod

Above: This news came with a new trailer, so why not watch it too. It's artful in its own way

Photography, design, graffiti and painted work by artists such as Sam Flores, 3rassiere and Jeremy Fish will be shown at the store, with all prints available for limited purchase via auction site CharityBuzz. Profits will go to funding education in the arts. “It’s been great for us to share these bold and artistic interpretations with the public and collectors,” says Square's American VP Ami Blaire. The works on show, which can be viewed on CharityBuzz, provoke in equal measures the urges to stroke one's chin or take up a controller and vaporize some robots – which, of course, is a pretty good summation of the game's own aims. The show runs until Aug 7, with prints on auction until the 17th. If you're in NY, pop along and let us know what you think.

Aug 3, 2011



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