Dead Space: first 12 shots

Sept 24, 2007

EA has fomally announced Dead Space, a brand new sci-fi survival horror that's being billed as a videogame imagining of Event Horizon and Alien. Check out the first 12 screens here.

Having seen the short teaser 'movie' over at the official website, we can confim (at least in this clip) it's looking as gory as the developer is promising - just check out the hurl level of the decomposing corpse.

The game's lead character is introduced as Isaac Clarke, a space-station repair guy on a mission to repair the communiations system of a deep space mining ship. When he gets there he finds out the crew have all been murderised by aliens with a penchant for dismemberment and Clarke has no choice but to fight his way out.

As connoisseurs of the horror genre, we're hoping this is going to stretch the boundaries of fantasy gore - something along the lines of Eli Roth directing Alien would suit us perfectly - and the developer's stock PR quote gives us some hope that's what we'll get:

"We are all such huge fans of the horror and sci-fi genres; we wanted to create the most terrifying game we could, and keep the player on the edge of his seat the entire time,” explains Executive Producer at EA Redwood Shores, Glen Schofield.

It's an interesting departure from EA's more typical, by numbers fare, and pits the company against the extablished stalwarts of the survival horror genre - both originating in Japan - Silent Hill and Resident Evil. We'll be following this game closely to see just how exploitative they can make it, as these first screens aren't totally selling that to us yet...


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