Dead Space 2: Severed Achievement and Trophy Guide

Dead Space 2: Severed offers up achievement and trophy hunters not just 8 new rewards to go after, but it also gives players a chance to get some of those they may have missed through the full campaign. If you did happen to miss some, keep that in mind while going through these two new chapters that take Gabe Weller through the horrors of The Sprawl.

All the achievements and trophies can be snagged in one play through, as long as you dive head first into Zealot mode, but even then Severed seems to be much more forgiving than Dead Space 2’s campaign was. However you want to do it is up to you and take heart that we are here to help you get those new pesky achievements and trophies along the way!



Grind House

20 Points
Bronze Trophy  

In the grinder room, cause an enemy to die in the grinders.

The Grinder Room is near the very beginning of the game and is the second or third room you enter after trudging through the opening mines. Once you clear the debris in front of the door leading to the Grinder Room, head down the walkway and there will be two Necromorph Slashers there. Kill one and then lure the other so that he is standing directly in front of the broken guard rail at the grinder. Once he is, TK him and then simply walk into him and push him off the edge so that he falls into the grinders and dies. The trick here for the achievement is that the grinders need to be the cause of death, and just about any other means of getting enemies in the grinder will kill them before the grinders do.



King of the Hill

20 Points
Bronze Trophy

Defend the quarry platform until the door unlocks.

This achievement is story related so it’s impossible to miss unless you move off of the platform. Basically just after the Grinder Room, you will come to a room with locked security doors and you need to fend of the attacking Necros until the countdown reaches zero. I simply backed myself into a corner and let everything come to me as I obliterated it from a relatively safe distance. Once the countdown reaches zero and you open the door, the achievement/trophy will pop for you.



Peng Me Again

20 Points
Bronze Trophy

Find the Peng treasure in Severed.

In the second chapter, you will come to a large hospital area. After you reach the large necromorph in the lab coat and see a half opened door in the hallway, head through the door opposite the elevator entrance. Enter the large room with large columns and steam in the air and make your way to the far end where a Pregnant will come around the corner. Deal with it and follow the corridor around to the right and you will come to a locked vent shaft. The Peng statue will be on the table here against the far wall. Now that you have the second Peng statue in Dead Space 2…what the hell is PENG!?



Remember the Alamo

20 Points
Bronze Trophy

Kill 16 or more enemies in the final last stand combat sequence.

If you did not heed the spoiler warning at the top, then prepare for the end sequence of the game. In this sequence, Gabe will need to fend off wave after wave of necromorphs while needing to shoot the 4 panels around the door to let it open. I used the flame thrower to protect myself and the pulse rifle to pop the panels when necessary. Pop the panels but one and when you have killed 16 necromorphs, then go for the last panel to finish things up. If the necros get a little too close for comfort, use TK to slow them down and be sure to immediately take out any screamers that appear, before they get too close.


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