Dead Rising 3 complete combo weapon guide

Combo Weapons 41-50 

Flaming Helmet
Created by combining: Dragon Head + Motor Oil
Blueprint found: Outside the Chinese Theatre in southeast Ingleton

Flaming Sword
Created by combining: Broadsword + Motor Oil
Blueprint found: Inside the School accessed during the Chapter 3 mission when retrieving Lauren’s Tattoo Kit

* Freedom Bear
Created by combining: Robot Bear + LMG
Blueprint found: On a rooftop in central Sunset Hills, accessed by climbing the spiral staircase of the nearby tree house then jumping onto the roof

Glove Gun
Created by combining: Cardboard Cutout + Pogo Stick
Blueprint found: In the Bus Depot in north South Almuda

* Grim Reaper
Created by combining: Scythe + Katana Sword
Blueprint found: In a back alleyway south of the Motel in north Ingleton

* Grisly Bear
Created by combining: * Decoy Bear + Dynamite / * Provoked Bear + Wheelchair / * Volatile Bear + Portable Stereo
Blueprint found: On the roof of a house in central Sunset Hills

Hail Mary
Created by combining: Grenade + Football
Blueprint found: In a small garage in west Ingleton, accessed during Chapter 6 mission

Heavy Metal
Created by combining: 2x4 + Lead Pipe
Blueprint found: On top of the police bus outside Rhonda’s garage in Ingleton

Helmet Bomb
Created by combining: Afro Wig + Dynamite
Blueprint found: Inside the ground floor of Felicia Ladies Clothes store in central Central City

* Huge Bomb
Created by combining: * Bigger Bomb + Gasoline Canister
Blueprint found: On a ledge above the American Satchel store in west Central City, accessed by climbing on top of a large vehicle


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