Dead Head Fred - first look

One of the PSP's most promising games stars an unknown, undead private eye

The only part of the game we saw was Zombietown, a seedy, monster-infested district where Fred has to literally keep the zombies off the backs of the living. But we're told that - when finished - Dead Head Fred will include a wide variety of locales, including an Aztec-themed casino (where you'll fight the giant stone idol) and some freakish farmland outside the city. Additionally, there will be more than 60 different non-enemy characters for Fred to interact with, including a sushi chef and a pawn shop owner, who will give Fred missions and fork over money if he brings them the right items.

Dead Head Fred will pack in a bunch of other diversions as well. For instance, Fred will be able to find worms hidden throughout the world, which he can use to heal himself (he's a zombie, after all) or to go fishing. Or he can feed them to a stable of mutant chickens, which he can raise for extra-horrific cockfights. There'll also be greyhound racing, hidden memories to find and even a musical competition called "consensual sax."


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