de Blob - updated hands-on

Jan 11, 2008

De Blob centers around the hostile takeover of a hapless alien city by the I.N.K.T. Corporation - horrible monochrome fascists out to rob citizens of their color and their free will. The Color Revolution - led by a ball-shaped creature named de Blob - is out to save the day by sabotaging I.N.K.T. facilities and jazzing up the town, all with the power of paint and the soul of funk. Levels are on a timer and de Blob gains time bonuses for completing missions within a level. The four types of mission - paint, combat, race and sabotage - all send de Blob barreling through the city, painting buildings, trees, sidewalks and citizens back to their natural vibrant state.

Originally created by students at Utrecht School of the Arts and Utrecht University in the Netherlands, de Blob is the weirdest representation of urban redevelopment we’ve ever seen. To complement the whacky action, publisher THQ brought in an entire funk orchestra to record original music for each level, with a fast track and a slow track for each.

As de Blob progresses, he’ll get different hues and patterns from paint dispensers and power-ups, and the music begins to change - speeding up as he gets bigger, mixing its tracks as he mixes colors and going dead quiet when he loses his paint (either by falling in water or just running out of a color). Each color has its own instrument and rhythm, giving players the feeling of conducting an orchestra as well as the feeling of painting a canvas at the same time.

Turn your sound up and see for yourself:


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