D&D co-op RPG Neverwinter delayed until 2012

Cryptic Studios has pushed back the upcoming Dungeons & Dragons game Neverwinter until late next year. The delay is due to Cryptic’s parent company, Perfect World Entertainment, wanting to give the game more time to develop.

When we first heard of Neverwinter, back in August of 2010, Cryptic was owned by Atari, a company in the midst of a legal dispute with Hasbro over the rights to use the D&D property. Last month, the sale of Cryptic to Perfect World Entertainment was finalized, so the dispute isn’t the cause of the delay for Neverwinter, but will affect other Atari-owned D&D properties.

The two companies settled out of court, giving Atari the right to sell and develop a selection of games with the D&D license, including the recently released action-RPG Daggerdale and the upcoming Facebook game Heroes of Neverwinter.  Hasbro will retain all other rights to D&D license, but more details on the agreement were not revealed.

Neverwinter will allow players to select a D&D class for their hero and team up with others to take on traditional quests, but for those who would prefer to roll solo, there will be a single-player option that fills in roles with AI-controlled NPCs. We’re looking forward to seeing how Perfect World Entertainment deals with the D&D universe, and for more info you can check out our preview.

Aug 16, 2011





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