Dave Mirra heads to Wii

Just when you thought you had written off concepts that couldn’t possibly work on the Wii, SSX Blur came along. And damn if they didn’t do a decent job of translating a motion generally associated with your feet (snowboarding) to two very different hand assignments with the Nunchuk and Wii-mote.

Well get ready to yet again expand your extreme sports horizons on Nintendo’s lil’ gestural system that could, as Crave Entertainment brings Dave Mirra BMX Challenge to the Wii, coming this June for a sensible $29.99. There will be 12 different environments, each of which can be played in Race or Trick modes, 13 different bikes, and customizable characters (alongside our famous friend Dave).

Above: This is a PSP shot of the game, but don't be shocked if the Wii iteration doesn't look miles better - it's an unfortunate trend

No specifics were mentioned about the Wii control scheme, outside of saying that the game would feature “several control options utilizing the unique Wii Remote and Nunchuk controllers.” Thanks Crave, that leaves about four million possibilities. We’re hoping for a ridiculous option whereby you “pedal” an invisible bike rapidly with your arms, then spin around in place when you catch air. But we’re crazy like that.

Dave Mirra BMX Challenge will be the first BMX game for Wii,” says Jim Flaharty, senior vice president of Crave Studios, making us wonder if a cavalcade of other biking games are hitting soon. After looking at Nintendo’s sparse second quarter line-up, we’ll take what we can get. Better get peddlin'.

March 13, 2007


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