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    Dance Central 3 achievement list


    Best Practices (15)
    Beat your high score on a song immediately after practicing it in Rehearse.

    Master Mimic (10)
    Earned "Flawless" on every move your opponent created in Make Your Move.

    Movin' Up in the World (10)
    Earned at least 1,500,000 points in a single round of Make Your Move.

    Unique Technique (15)
    Created a move in Make Your Move that your opponent cannot match.

    Do It… (15)
    Earned 5 stars on "The Hustle."

    Boogie Woogie Woogie (15)
    Earned 5 stars on "Electric Boogie."

    Que Soy Bueno (15)
    Earned 5 stars on "Macarena."

    Lost in the Shuffle (15)
    Earned 5 stars on "Cupid Shuffle."

    What a Scream (15)
    Earned 5 stars on "Scream."

    OMG Indeed! (100)
    Earned 5 stars on "OMG" on Hard difficulty.

    So Lu$h (30)
    Earned 5 stars on all 9 of Lu$h Crew's songs on any difficulty.

    Hi-Definitely (30)
    Earned 5 stars on all 9 of Hi-Def's songs on any difficulty.

    Flash Back (30)
    Earned 5 stars on all 9 of Flash4wrd's songs on any difficulty.

    DCI's on the Prize (30)
    Earned 5 stars on all 9 of DCI's songs on any difficulty.

    Th3Glitt3rati is online (20)
    Completed Story mode and watched through the Credits. Thank you!

    Let 'Em Know (20)
    Flaunted at least 5 scores to your Friends List.

    Up to the Challenge (20)
    Won a Player Challenge.

    Worth a Thousand Words (15)
    Shared a Photo online.

    First-degree Burn (15)
    Burned at least 100 calories in any mode.

    GOOOAAALLL! (20)
    Set a weekly fitness goal and achieved that goal.

    Keep It Old School (20)
    Performed a song with both dancers in matching Crew Look outfits.

    Walk-In Closet (75)
    Performed a song with every character in every unlockable outfit.

    Same Gold Story (20)
    Earned Gold stars on a song.

    Weekend Warrior (20)
    Played Dance Central 3 on three weekends in a row.

    Consistent Performers (15)
    Earned the same move rating as your partner 5 times in a row.

    Top Agent (15)
    Deciphered a Craze on your first try in Story mode.

    Daily Grind (20)
    Played Dance Central 3 every day for at least 7 days in a row.

    Ten Large! (40)
    Earned "Flawless" on at least 10,000 moves.

    Beyond Flaw (20)
    Earned "Flawless" on at least 1,000 moves.

    Really Nice Moves (30)
    Earned "Nice" on at least 10,000 moves.

    Nice Moves (20)
    Earned "Nice" on at least 1,000 moves.

    Go Shorty (15)
    Performed "In Da Club" with a character on that character's birthday.

    Dig In Deep (10)
    Changed the sorting options on the Song Select screen.

    Playing Favorites (25)
    Danced with the same character at least 20 times.

    We're Friends, Right? (20)
    Linked Dance Central 3 to your Facebook account.

    Just Pick Something! (10)
    Skipped 5 songs in Party Time.

    Up All Night (25)
    Started a Party before midnight and played 'til morning.

    Party Planner (20)
    Started a Party with a Custom Playlist.

    Custom-Made (15)
    Played through a Custom Playlist at least 15 minutes in length.

    Beat Down (10)
    Earned at least 450,000 points in a single round of Keep the Beat.

    Minor Skirmish (15)
    Finished a Crew Throwdown with two single-player teams competing.

    Shut 'Em Down (20)
    Won every round of a Crew Throwdown.

    Rematch! (15)
    Replayed a Crew Throwdown with the same teams.

    Secret Achievements

    Rippin' It Up (30)
    Earned 5 stars on all 9 of Riptide's songs on any difficulty.

    Where Have You Been?? (20)
    Played 10 songs with D-Coy.