Cult net game heads to Wii and DS

Line Rider, the simple internet game that features a little guy on a sled sliding down a slope you've sketched, is coming to DS and Wii in the spring.

While you might not recognize the name, you'll know the game because you've probably already played it along with 15 million others gamers since it appeared in September this year. But despite its massive popularity, the idea is a simple one: you draw a line on the screen and a little man in a woolly scarf tears along it until a lump, a bump or a ramp causes him to come off his toboggan and fly though the air and smack into the snow. It's all about fun and physics and very little else.

Above: The original game in its browser-based simplicity

Developer inXile entertainment is set to convert and publish the title but it hasn't yet revealed how the game will change on consoles or how it will use the unique control systems of DS and Wii.

So far no new features have been revealed either, such as upgraded sleds, pre-built ramps and jumps and if there will be any Wi-Fi-powered multiplayer modes. But if you want to see what the little Line Rider is capable of at the moment, then a quick click here and here will reveal some of the best courses ever created.

December 20, 2006


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