Crysis 2 delayed, Need for Speed SHIFT 2 stealthily announced for 2011

EA's Q1 finanical report giveth, EA's Q1 financial report taketh away

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We know you%26rsquo;ve all read through EA%26rsquo;s Q1 financial report by now, right?But for the awkward minority who haven%26rsquo;t done so yet, this%26rsquo;ll come as a bit of a spoiler%26hellip; Among the many licensed titles and alarming number of games ending in %26ldquo;11,%26rdquo; was an oh-so quiet whisperconfirming the existenceof Need For Speed: SHIFT 2. Fantastic news IMO, although I%26rsquo;madmittedly bit biased. I loved the midrace milestones and seriousfocus oflast year%26rsquo;s SHIFT, and my E3 hands-on with Criterion%26rsquo;s multiplayerbasedNeed For Speed: Hot Pursuitupdate didn%26rsquo;t blow my hair back. (Even though everybody else I talked to called the cat-and-mouse approach one of their best experiences they%26rsquo;d had with NFS in years. Go figure)

Above: Hot Pursuit, thankfully still on track for November

To be fair, I%26rsquo;m pretty sure it was because I was playing with a bunch of newbies on the showfloor, who spent most of their time pulling themselves offguard rails and out of ditches, leaving me to drive around aimlessly in total boredom. Plus I%26rsquo;mweary of all online racers,as they tend to breed bullies and gameplay-shattering latency glitches. Whatever, I%26rsquo;m 100% behind another SHIFT%26hellip; which means you should be, too. (Or else!)

Above: Hopefully consumers won't have to decide between Crysis 2 and Bulletstorm early next year

Now for the bad news:Right next to SHIFT 2 in that 4th Quarter time frame was Crysis 2, which unfortunately means Crytek%26rsquo;s latest won%26rsquo;t ship until at least January 2011, at the earliest. Odder still, print advertshave already teasedthat the game would be releasedduring the "Holidays," and bumping Crysis 2 into a Q4 timeframe pits it againstBulletstorm, alsopublished by EA. Uh oh, one company releasing multiple games within weeks of one another even though they're designed to appeal to the same audience%26hellip; Who do you think you are EA, Activision?

Aug 3, 2010


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