Christian Bale flips out on T4 set

Yes, yes. We know you've heard it. But the remixes are even better...

The leaked audio of Christian Bale berating a careless crew member on the Terminator Salvation set is unpleasant and ugly and very, very funny.

Funnier still is the rack of audio mash-ups and remixes already doing the rounds - less than 24 hours after the source recording appeared online...

All together now: god bless the internet.

WARNING! These clips contain some, like, really bad words. Mostly the one beginning with 'f'.

UPDATE: Assistant Director/Associate Producer Bruce Franklin has responded to the clip by defending Bale: "It was the most emotional scene in the movie. He is very intensely involved in his character. He didn't walk around like that all day long. It was just a moment and it passed."

RevoLucian's mix weaves in audio of Barbara Streisand's notorious 2006 wig-out at a Bush supporter.

oAngrySalado's drum-and-bass treatment is a spiky, shuffly riff on Bale's tired and emotional mood - with a hilarious drop out and volume-hike in the bit where the hapless crew-fella tries to explain himself.

sortilegus' take chops up the audio and drops in a doomy riff and crunchy breakbeat. Great scratch-sampling, too.

karaokefuntime's version is brilliantly lazy but effective - merely dropping in Huey Lewis' 'Hip To Be Square' over Bale's bile (recalling the axe bit from American Psycho).

And here's the original, courtesy of darthvacuumcleaner's minimalist video editing...

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