Chopping Mall

[360] We take our lovable childhood pal into battle in our feisty new video

We've spent an irrationally large amount of time with our little demo of Dead Rising, but the fruits of our efforts speak for themselves. We've got a ridiculous new video depicting in the goriest of detail just how simultaneously hilarious and gruesome this game can get. While that giant teddy-bear we used to pummel the putrid, puss-bucket zombies may not have the kind of staying power that, say, a sledge hammer can deliver, he still serves in a reassuring security blanket kind of role. But enough words... click on the Movies tab above and witness the unbridled wrath of the GamesRadar editors versus a mall packed with bumbling undead targets.

Above: This giant teddy doesn't do a lot of damage, but it will knock the forsaken fools on their butts.

July 17, 2006