Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons Of Liberty Walkthrough For Tanker Chapter

Tanker Chapter:

After all the cut-scenes, you must run forward, and avoid the guard who is walking 
around above. He will rarely ever see you on Very Easy difficulty. Now go to the left 
and around here you will find a door. There is one guard around here who must be 
neutralized first. Now hold down the Action Button, whatever it may be. Default: 
Triangle and Snake will open the door and run in. Now you are in a corridor. Turn right
 and follow it along. Use Corner View to check for guards. When you pass the locker 
room, there will be a guard around the corner from that. You can either M9 (Default 
Tranquilizer Gun) him when he is not facing you, or distract him by going into corner 
view and pressing the attack button when he is close and then running into the 
locker room and leave your footprints around and then run through the other door 
and pass him. There is some interesting stuff in the lockers though, so you should 
check them first (Approach the locker and press the Action Button). Once the guard 
has been passed, proceed along the corridor he was patrolling and in to the next 
room. Now, there will be some guards. The amount will change depending on the 
difficulty level. There will almost always be a guard to your left, near the stairs. If 
you are on Very Easy he will be sitting on the stairs listening to some music. M9 him 
and anyone on patrol. Check in the eating area for M9 ammo and a ration. You can 
also find Stun Grenades if you look around. Go upstairs and into the door on the left.
 Now, run forwards and use Corner View to verify the guard’s position. 
Practice CQC on him (Close Quarters Combat). I tapped circle three times to execute
 a combo. When he was knocked over, I ran behind him and when he stood up, I 
strangled him by repeatedly tapping the Choke Button. Default: Square, just as he 
was standing up. You can also run around to the corridors on the other side of this 
room to find Rations and ammo in lockers and dark places that are also good for 
hiding. Anyway, head to the far side of the room and go up the stairs. Head right and
 check on your radar to pinpoint the camera's position. Depending on the difficulty,
 the camera will do different things. You can throw Chaff Grenades to get it disabled
 easily for a little while, so just run till you get to some stairs. Look in the locker to 
it’s left for some Chaff Grenades and then go up the stairs. Now you will be 
on a rather heavily guarded area depending on the difficulty. There are always at 
least three guards here. Head left and practice your strangle move on him until he is
 dead. Look underneath the tables for M9 ammo and USP ammo. (The USP Handgun 
must be found first). Beware of the camera. Practice your roll move on this 
well-positioned guard if you want. (Press X while running). Beware of the other guard
 and the lasers though. Use your throw move on the final guard and go into the 
storeroom on his right and look around for a cardboard box for hiding in and M9 ammo.
 Now take out the guard that comes with the M9 before he finds any bodies. Now go 
upstairs near where the second guard was. After the cut scenes, pick up the Ration 
and open the door on your left. Now there will be another cut scene and then boss 
battle time. The boss will be Olga. She has the USP Handgun. If you have any Stun 
Grenades, save them up for later. Try and make her think you are somewhere else 
and when she fires over there, shoot her in the head with the M9. You could also try
 to hide behind the crates and shoot her through the gaps. When she takes cover 
behind fabric, use Stun Grenades and when she aims the light at you, go to the far 
left and you will be able to get her. Do this before she turns the light though. When 
she is asleep, watch the cut scene and you will get the USP, although it has no 
ammo. Check her body for some items, by standing over her and Pressing Square. Go
 right and climb up the tower for the useful USP Suppressor and up higher will be the
 Thermal Goggles that will be useful for spotting lasers. Now go right even more once
 you are off the tower and eliminate the guard that comes and pick up the other 
cardboard box. Now get off here and back down to the place downstairs where there
 was the guard sitting down listening to music or patrolling the stairs? Go right and to
 the place that was blocked off before. Go downstairs for some Stun Grenades and to
 the door on the left. You will now be in the engine room. This is heavily guarded and
 guards will be in different places. Try and choke them all to death. Once you are 
through though, you should have some USP ammo that will make everything easier 
during this moment. There will be a cut scene showing this door getting fixed and him
 coming through. USP him before or after he makes his report otherwise guards will 
come to investigate. Use the Thermal Goggles to detect the lasers and get up as 
close as you can and take out the control things. The first one will be above you to 
your right, the second below you to your right, and the third one below you to your 
left. You will have to get as close as you can to each laser to see them. They look 
like lights and sparks will come out when you shoot them. You could also fire at the 
bag of flour up the end to see the lasers without using the Thermal Goggles. Now 
once all lasers have been destroyed open the door up the end. Now you will find 
yourself in a dark corridor. Thermal Goggles are useful here. Check on all dead bodies
 of crewmen for items and if you are caught you can hide behind the pipes in the 
rooms on the side. Shoot all guards if you have a silencer on your USP otherwise you
 will have to M9 them. Keep going and there will be a cut scene and then a battle. 
Equip your USP and stand behind the crate. Shoot any soldiers you can see and then 
duck when you can't see any or you know they are about to shoot. Go back to pick 
up some Grenades! These aren't all that useful though. Occasionally enemies will 
throw grenades at you, so just run backward and then come back after the 
explosion. Once all the troops are dead, three more will come in a line. Just advance 
and fire at them all. There are more soldiers depending on the difficulty. When the 
battle is finished Snake will automatically go into the hold. This is a stealth bit and 
you have time. If you have unlocked Stealth Camouflage you can just run around 
them. If not, crawl over any noisy surfaces, don't try anything stupid, hide when 
everyone is looking your way and make a dash for it near the end. There will be two 
normal holds and then in the third one you will have to use your camera and take the
 photos. The photo of the MARINES insignia (writing) must be taken from the Metal 
Gear Ray's right, not yours. Now go to the machine and if your photos were good 
enough, you will see the rest in a cut-scene. Congratulations! Now can you finish the
 Plant chapter as Raiden?