NFS: Most Wanted Tips

- Keep your car balanced. When you visit the upgrade shop, make sure you buy parts
that bolster all three of your vehicle's stats, or you'll find it tricky to keep the 
machine under control and in the lead. Oh, and you don't have to upgrade your vehicle
every time you move up the Black List. Most cars, if well pimped, can last through 
three, four or even five stages.

- Make sure you always have two cars in your garage. Save your best one for races, 
and use your secondary car for increasing your bounty and completing milestone 
challenges. You do not want your main racing machine confiscated by the cops before
you take on your Black List rival!

- Choose your races carefully. You'll need to complete a certain number of races 
before you can take on Black List rivals, so go for the easier ones to get to the 
required number quicker. Drag races, Checkpoint races, and Speed Camera races are
the easiest to win, and they're often the shortest too.

- Beware of Catch-up. No matter how much quicker you are than your opponents, 
they will catch you up because the game wants each race to be more exciting and 
'down to the wire'. To help keep them behind you, learn the shortcuts, make sure you
have a full nitrous bar for the last 5% of each race, and don't be afraid to block your
opponents. Viciously.

- Always attempt the Speed Camera milestone challenges. They're quick, easy, and 
they increase your bounty once they're beaten.

- Don't keep driving during Cool down. When you've escaped the cops in Bounty mode,
get a safe distance from your pursuers and pull over into a shady side street or car 
park. If you keep zooming around to try and put as much distance between you and 
the cops you just lost, you'll be picked up by another squad car and the chase will