King Kong Tips

- Always pick up guns. It may sound obvious, but if you keep swapping your weapons
to the newest fire-arm, you're unlikely to run out of ammo. If you're unsure about 
how many bullets you have left, just check your weapon and you'll be told about the
number of clips remaining in your pockets.

- Look for distractions. If you see insects buzzing around a corpse, or bats flying 
above your head, then chances are you can use them as bait or distractions to keep 
larger predators off your back. 

- Set fire to everything. Don't hold back - there's no fine for starting forest fires on 
Skull Island. If you can burn a bush, then you should because chances are you'll either
kill something with the fire, reveal the way forward, or expose some extra ammo or 

- Re-use weapons. Just because you killed something with a spear, doesn't mean you 
can't rip your weapon out of the corpse and kill something else with it.

- Never hang around and try to shoot the V-Rex. You can't kill it, so just run away 
from it. Leave the killing to Kong...

- As Kong, just keep mashing the buttons. Fights may seem like complex battles, but
at the end of the day, all you're doing is wearing your opponent down enough to get
them into a killable state. Be quick on the button when you've got V-Rexes pinned 
and you'll breeze through the Kong sections

- As Kong, don't worry about the little people. Men, raptors and birds are mostly there
to fill the environment you storm through, so don't spend ages trying to kill them all.
Just bash them aside and move on.