Chapter 1 - Office Building


1- First room on the right when you enter the building.

2- After the first crime scene, head up the stairs and enter the room on the left. The bird is on the windowsill.

3- After the suspect takes your gun, move the desk to continue. In the room on your left there is a bird next to the health pack.

4- Ethan smells this bird, and shows you how to use your equipment to find it. You can't miss it.

5- When Dickerson throws you the fire-axe, you'll find a bird on the windowsill of that room.

6- This bird is on a large wooden plank on the floor of the construction area.


1- After the first encounter with an enemy, go up the stairs take a left then a right. The metal is in a room with pink insulation exposed.

2- After defeating the enemy who throws the chair through the wall you'll go into a slow-mo mode while you walk down a corridor. 
The metal is at the end of that corridor.

3- On a column in the very last room of the level.


Bronze Detective TV - Once you've got the fire-axe, backtrack a few rooms and there's an axe-only door. The TV is inside.

Chapter 2 - The Central Metro station


1- After you open the first door with the crowbar, walk through to the small room at the end and find the bird.

2- Your Gas spectrometer will find this for you (but it's next to the ATM in the subway hall).

3- Listen for flies buzzing near another ATM machine after you have a scrap with the arguing thugs.

4- Find it on the floor straight ahead of you, after you leave the elevator.

5- On the floor in the men's toilet of the upper floor.

6- On the balcony overlooking the main hall of the subway station.


1- Behind the filing cabinet in room 209.

2- In the underground area, when you're looking for a fire-axe, you'll find the metal in between the two large pipes.

3- Once you have the flashback of the suspect moving the filing cabinet look left and the metal will be found in the small room you see.


TV - In a room on the right after you get the finger print off the elevator button.

Chapter 3 - Platforms of the Metro Station


1- There's a bird on the ATM to your right as you enter this level.

2- Chase the suspect to the gate, then look behind you. There's a thug sat on a bench. Kill him and find the bird.

3- You'll come into a room with two large, black filing cabinets in it. Move them and find the bird, which will have flies buzzing round it.

4- On top of the TV in the room you access the second time you bust down the door with a fire-axe.

5- Next to the downward-moving escalator. Make sure you pick this up before you approach the escalator!

6- At the bottom of the stairs after the escalator fight. You can't miss it.


1- Under the cash register in the ticket booth (the room near where you first use a fire-axe).

2- After the fight at the bottom of the escalator you'll find this metal next to the wooden bench.

3- On the subway wall next to the waiting train.

Chapter 4 - Subway tunnels


1- You'll find this one using your Gas spectrometer at the start of the level.

2- After talking about the train routes, kick out the fan and fall into the next area. 
The bird is by the door on your right.

3- Your Gas spectrometer will find this bird in the area before you reach the subway train generators.

4- After killing the two big fireman enemies look for a ladder and head up to the balcony. 
The bird is hidden at the end of this.

5- When you're attacked by the girl in the cupboard, head down the stairs and grab the bird on the first floor.

6- After the room where you have to turn valves to stop the fire you'll find this bird on the table next to the evidence.


1- There's one next to some red barrels in the room where you first fight the crawling enemies.

2- After you travel down the long subway tunnel, two thirds of the way through the level, you'll find the bird at 
the end of the tunnel attached to a wood barricade.

3- When you're leaving the level you'll climb a ladder and fight a girl. Head to the left after this 
and you'll find the metal in between two cardboard boxes.


TV - Drop down from the ceiling and fight of the three crawling enemies. You'll find the metal hidden behind some moveable wood. 
If you can't see it at first, remember to look for the eyes.

Chapter 5 - Bart's Department store


1- It's next to the green package with the red ribbon, which you'll come across at the start of the level.

2- After finding the first metal piece, look to the cabinet with the mannequin and gift inside. Smash the window and grab the bird.

3- Inside the display case in the room upstairs from bird number two.

4- On a shelf in the small room in between the flooded area and the exit which leads back into the store.

5- Listen out for a voice to whisper 'Hey' when you enter a room near a gate being held open by a mannequin. The dead bird is in here.

6- In one of the changing rooms where you find the fresh victim.


1- After you see the man get shot through the glass window, examine the column outside, and you'll find the metal piece.

2- After following the trail of blood you'll be forced to find another path to the Basement of the store. 
The metal is next to the payphones you see on the way.

3- In the far left corner of the flooded area in Bart's basement.

Chapter 6 - Burnback Alley


1- In front of you at the start of the level.

2- Also in front of you at the start of the level. Handy.

3- Hidden behind a sheet of wood to the left of the first two birds.

4- When the man with the shotgun has burst through the wall and attacked you, move into the area 
he came from where you'll find two filing cabinets. The bird is behind these.

5- After you leap through the window, you'll see the bird in the corner.

6- Just before you jump down into the courtyard area you'll find the bird lying 
on some cardboard on your left.


1- Look to the left of the TV and you'll find this piece.

2- When Rosa calls you to warn of "violent outbreaks" the metal should be on the wall to your left.

3- Jump down into the yard and immediately head right. The metal is behind a bin.


Silver Detective Badge - At the start head down the hall on the left and you'll find it in the first room.

Chapter 7 - Metro Central Library


1- On the desk in the main lobby area of the library (the first room you walk into after the start).

2- Once Rosa has been kidnapped, head through the double doors and examine the book carts. The bird is on the second of these.

3- Kill the guy who chops through the door with an axe then head through the next room into another office area. You'll be shot at, 
so kill the guy and check out the filing cabinets. The bird is hidden behind the small set.

4- Once you enter the Rare Books room you can use your Gas spectrometer to find the bird.

5- When you're forced to move the ladder and climb onto the bookcase to get into the area where Rosa has been abandoned, 
you'll find the bird on top of the case, so grab it before jumping down.

6- When the man jumps through the ceiling he'll land on a table. The bird is on this table and is tough to miss.


1- Once you've collected the blood from in front of the server room head down the hallway until you find a stack of books. 
Move it and grab the metal behind.

2- While you're following Rosa into the basement you'll walk past some barred rooms with book pallets stacked in front 
of them. Move the pallets when you see the eyes to grab the metal.

3- After you've fought the enemies wielding shotguns and pistols at the end of the level, look to the left where you see a 
reading room. Move the desks aside to get the last piece of metal.


TV - When you start the level you'll see a barred room to your right. The TV is there, but you'll 
need a crowbar to get in, so come back when you've got one.

Chapter 8 - St Joseph's Secondary School


1- At the start walk forward until you find the third door on the right. The bird is in this room.

2- Head into the men's toilets and listen out for the sound of flies to direct you towards the bird.

3- Once you jump down from the half-damaged staircase you'll come to a dead end, where you'll be attacked. 
The bird is hidden in the dark area here.

4- Next to the TV in this level.

5- After your flashback featuring the victim, head into the room with the boarded up windows, 
where you'll hear the bird calling and flapping.

6- Once you've been through the bloody showers, you'll see a table with the last bird on it.


1- After you've collected the first bird move into the next room and you'll 
see the eyes drawn above one of the desks. The metal is there.

2- In the gym, when the basketball hoop smashes the floor, you jump down and find yourself 
in an area containing a desk. The metal is behind this desk.

3- This one is behind a fence, sealed by a lock that can only be broken by a sledgehammer. It's in the last locker 
room you come across before entering the shower area.


TV - Climb onto the stage in the gym and go behind the curtain. Go down the stairs and you'll find the TV.

Chapter 9 - Apple Seed Orchid


1- Turn left at the start and you'll find the bird on the table in the next room.

2- In the fridge, which is located (surprisingly) in the kitchen.

3- When you head into the basement look in front of the large mirror and you'll find this bird.

4- Head upstairs and walk into the room with the flipped over bath. 
Lift up the tub and you'll find the bird underneath.

5- On the bed in the small bedroom on the upper floor of the house.

6- Head into the attic and head right, where you'll find the bird on the floor.


1- From the start, head down the hallway in front of you and you'll find 
the metal in the last room on your left.

2- There's another piece underneath the basement staircase.

3- In the same room as Bird Four. Look in the closet and you'll find it.


Gold Detective Badge - In the basement you'll find a rusty oven. Move it and you'll find the TV sat behind it.

Chapter 10 - Processing Center

1- At the start, grab the flaming 2x4 and the barricade will collapse, 
leaving you a space to crawl through. The bird is just on the other side.

2- Look for a blue horse trailer, after fighting your first large enemy. 
This can be moved to reveal the second bird.

3- Look for a red tractor. There is a bird lying on the bonnet.

4- When you enter the small outhouse on the hill to move the crates that are 
blocking your path, look behind the bins nearby to find this bird.

5- There's a long white conservatory, which you enter from the side. 
The bird is on the table when you first enter the area.

6- Stabbed into the door of the main barn. You have to pick this bird 
up to carry on, so don't worry about missing it.


1- After you escape the barn you'll have to walk though a gap in the 
fence to get into the next area. In this area there's a white building 
with eyes drawn on it, where you find your metal piece.

2- Half way through the level you'll be ambushed by a group of crawling 
enemies. The second piece is in this area, attached to a white post.

3- After you've defeated the second X look-a-like wielding those 
pain-in-the-arse sticks, you'll see a white building in front of 
you. The metal is on the wall.

[More Madness?]

Other ways to pick up points are to use only melee weapons (melee mayhem awards), 
to use every weapon in the game, to replay the last level and get both endings, 
and to investigate every piece of evidence in the game. All these are extras, 
and you can replay levels to find the bits and pieces you missed.