The Blue Stinger FAQ

(written by HieroGraphix Game Journal Staff) **Last update:  March 30, 1999**

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Blue Stinger takes place in the year 2018 on a remote island off the coast of 
the Yucatan Peninsula.  Eighteen years before an earthquake erupts in the area 
sending most of the land underwater while causing a small island off the coast 
to rise.  This island is thought to be connected with the death of the dinosaurs 
65 million years ago.  A large corporation named Kimra builds a base on the 
island and hires some of the best scientists in the world to uncover its 
secrets.  But their research would uncover more than they bargained for.

In 2018 a small object crashes into the installation killing almost all of the 
islands inhabitants or infecting them with some sort of virus which transforms 
them into monsters.  Our hero, Eliot G. Ballade is taking a relaxing cruise with 
his pal Tim on the outskirts of the island when the object plunges into the 
surface.  During the incident, a strange ball of light leaves the island and 
takes the shape of a bottled "angel" Tim was working on called Nephilim.  Where 
she comes from and why she's there is a mystery.  Eliot recovers as she's taking 
form and is a bit freaked out, but his musings are interrupted when the ship is 
attacked by some bug like creatures.  No one knows the fate of Tim, but the 
worse can be assumed.  Eliot manages to escape with his life and ends up on one 
of the piers of the base.  Nephilim brings him back to consciousness but gives 
him a number of disturbing visions in the process.  This is where you start the 

There are two playable characters:

Eliot G. Ballade: A bit of a romantic, and generally a nice guy overall.  He's 
an agent in ESER (Especial Sea Rescue), but at the beginning of the adventure 
he's on vacation.  He's the most versatile character.  His ability to have both 
short and long range abilities is extremely helpful.  He has a wide range of 
weapons in both categories each varying in efficiency.  But if worse comes to 
worse, he can attack with his bare hands.  On top of being able to have both 
short and long range capabilities, Eliot is also the faster character, but his 
life bar is a bit shorter than Dogs.  This can be fixed with the use of Steak 
Plates which permanently raise your life bar.

Dogs Bower: Dogs is a foul mouthed, yet seemingly well connected ship captain.  
There seems to be some connection between Janean King and him, yet we're not 
sure at the moment.  He's quick tempered, yet packs some seriously deadly heat.  
He's not as versatile as Eliot, and that's one major drawback, even though he 
has the ability to block if you hold down the X button.  That doesn't do you 
much good if you need to be dishing out damage.  He takes a bit more strategy to 
use than Eliot.  His hand-to-hand ability can be gained through the use of 
shirts but they have to be equipped and they can't be equipped while he's 
carrying a weapon.  Though, he does seem to take a bit less damage overall, and 
at the beginning he has a larger life bar.


Eliot's Weapons:

(LONG) *handgun:  A pretty standard weapon.  I does low damage, but has a good 
range.  Ammunition can be purchased just about anywhere and is cheap ($50).

*shotgun:  Can be purchased for $1550 in a number of places and actually found 
in a storeroom in the backside of the Hello Market.  It's a decent weapon.  Does 
good damage, and has a moderate range.  It's most effective against large 
creatures who can absorb quite a bit of the spread or against a room full of 
creatures.  Against solitary targets, it's virtually worthless as only a few of 
your shots will actually strike them.  Also, the time between shots is slower.  
Another drawback is that the ammo is relatively expensive ($120)

*napalm gun:  A good starting weapon for offing pesky boss monsters.  You can 
find one rather early in the game so you won't have to spend the $5000 to 
acquire it.  It's slow firing, and its reloading time can get you killed.  As 
for the large weapons it does the lowest amount of damage and it's ammo is 
pretty cheap ($200).  Though, you have to beware because it's flames can cause 
you damage just like it does the enemy.  It's definitely a FAR weapon (fire and 

*bazooka:  An expensive, yet potent weapon.  Nothing takes down a foe like a 
bazooka.  It's a slow firing weapon, yet its damage more than makes up for it.  
Another plus is that its ammo is pretty cheap at $320.  You can't beat that.  
Though just like the napalm gun its flames will cause you harm.  Another FAR 

(SHORT) *bare hands:  Not really a good way to go.  It requires you to be too 
close to the enemy, and with their long reach, they'll just eat you for 
breakfast.  The damage is low, but if you get the jab, jab, uppercut, powerkick 
combo to work you can get a decent bit of damage out of it.  Best to just find a 
better melee weapon.

*emergency axe:  A nice up close weapon that does moderate damage.  It has good 
range and is relatively cheap ($300).  Its drawback is that it's slow.

*stun rod:  A nice weapon overall.  It does a little more damage than the axe, 
but it's much faster.  Though, its speed is at the cost of its range.  You'll 
have to be a bit closer for you to be effective.  The effect of using it is 
pretty awesome also.  But it'll cost you a pretty penny at $3300.

*raysword:  An overall good weapon, yet expensive ($7000).  It does high damage 
and looks nice when in action.  It would be the best weapon except that it's 
slower than the stun rod and it's range is about the same.  If you can master 
the use of this weapon, you can wipe the floor with just about anything.

Dogs' Weapons:

*big bowgun:  Not a bad weapon starting out, but it has a lot of strikes against 
it including its uselessness  when something is up close.  Also, its rate of 
fires leaves something to be desired, but all things considered, it does more 
damage than Eliot's handgun.  Luckily, its ammo can be purchased anywhere and 
only costs $60.

*karate t-shirt:  Not a good thing to have as it is extremely slow and doesn't 
do that much damage.  But if you don't have anything else and a monster is close 
enough to be out of bowgun range, then this isn't a bad way to go.

*gatling gun:  Definitely a good weapon to have around.  Its range is superb and 
has the advantage of keeping boss guys off your butt as they're dealing with the 
many rounds you're handing them on a platter.  You can fire continuously by 
holding down the R or Y buttons.  The great thing is that its ammo is dirt cheap 
($200), and of all weapons lasts the longest.  But you can't buy it everywhere 
so when you're on a campaign, you might want to be a bit conservative.  The 
price may scare you a bit ($7000), but it's well worth the money.  The 
disadvantage is that you can't target one specific monster with it, so it's best 
to use it if you have a room full of guys or you're fighting a large boss 
monster...much like the shotgun for Eliot.  You can get one free by defeating 
the truck monster in the large open area to the north in the Run Road section.

*rail gun:  The rail gun is another nice weapon in that it can slam an enemy to 
the floor in just one shot.  The cost isn't too bad at $4000, and it's ammo is 
reasonably priced ($200).  There doesn't seem to be any real disadvantages, as 
it even loads fairly quick.  Though, for small guys it works extremely well, but 
you might want to think of something heavier for a boss monster.

*sumo t-shirt:  Actually, this isn't a bad item.  If you can get a bit of rhythm 
going, you can keep the enemy at bay.  For the cost ($750) it's not a bad thing 
to use if you're stuck in close quarters.  The only real problem is that it 
doesn't do as much damage as you think it does.

********** WARNING:  This FAQ contains solutions to various sections in the 
game.  If you have no desire to know such information, please refrain for 
reading any further. **********

Q:  Where do I find the first ID card? A:  It's pretty simple.  When you start 
the game and enter the first hallway, there will be a flashing light on the 
second body.  Just stand over the light and press the A button.

Q:  I found a bank card but I don't know where to use it.  What do I do with it? 
A:  Across the street from Rat's Place, you'll see Bank Of Kimra.  If you go 
inside there will be a number of teller machines.  If you walk up to one of them 
and press the A button you'll be asked if you want to use a card.  It'll start 
with the first card and as you keep saying "no" (iie) it will cycle through them 
until you don't have another on the list.  Eliot's bankcard will always be 
first.  Whatever order you see them in your item list is the order in which 
you'll be asked if you want to access them.

After you say "yes" (hai), you'll be asked to enter the pin number for the card.  
This can get a bit tricky, but to save you some trouble the answers are posted 

Eliot's Card: (3532) - $20 Kimra Card: (1008) - $4000 Yucatan Card: (1861) - 
$5700 Bermud Card: (1394) - $6000

If you enter the number correctly, you'll be given the money from that account.  
It's a good way to boost your cash flow.

Q:  How do I get into the fishing building? A: First, you have to work your way 
to Rat's Place.  Once inside, you go down to the cellar and push the wine 
machine in the very back.  Once moved, it will reveal a small hole in the wall 
and a flashing light.  Stand over the light and press the A button.  You'll get 
the fisher's key.  Be warned.  Once you enter the fishing establishment, there 
will be a number of little fish creatures waiting for you.  They'll kill you 
quickly if you're not prepared.  Make sure you get the piranha kill inside, 
otherwise you'll have problems with them at a later date.

Q:  How do I get into the Omega Club? A:  You can't get into the club until you 
can find the right key.  The key is located on the 3rd floor of the Power Plant.  
There's a raysword located at the back of the club.

Q:  What's the password that Janean is asking for after I return from Rat's 
Place? A:  If you look on the driver's license you pick up from the cellar of 
Rat's place, you see his birthdate.  Just use this number, but remember to put a 
zero before the 5.  So it should be like this:  (0513).

Q:  How do I save the life of the Market worker? A:  This one gets complicated.  
You have 40 minutes to save his life which is plenty of time, thankfully.  But 
also you don't have to rescue him.  You'll need to get to the top floor anyway 
to talk to Roland, so it's just an added bonus.  The main thing you need to do 
is go up to the second floor of the market.  This means collecting the Pen Pen 
stamps.  There are four in all.  The first one in on the first floor in the 
first section of the market.  It's pretty easy to find.  The rest are tucked 
away in the areas closed by the emergency doors.  You're going to have to get 
these doors to open in order to get the key to the rental room where the last 
one is located.  If you look on the doors you'll see a number.  They are 0050, 
0030.  To open the doors you go back to the stockyard.  If you go to the end of 
this area you'll come to a room with a lot of crates piled up.  On the back wall 
is a panel.  If you push the boxes against the back wall and climb up you'll be 
asked to enter the codes to open the emergency doors.  Do this quickly.  Beware, 
though.  There are a couple of the flying monsters in the back room and they'll 
kick your butt if you're not careful.

When you open the gates, you just have to do the grunt work of getting the 
stamps.  Just follow the maps and you'll be okay.  Make sure you get the gunroom 
key from the stockyards so that you can get into the weapons room.  Picking up 
an axe for $300 is a good idea, and if you're feeling really freaky, getting a 
shotgun wouldn't be a bad idea either.

The second floor is going to introduce you to your first real boss fight.  The 
monster on this floor will greet you as soon as you step off the elevator.  
Having a close range weapon would be ideal for giving you some distance.  Make 
sure you save before you make that trip to the 2nd floor for the first time.

After you get past the beast, walk into the "savings room".  On the right side 
of the room you'll see a couple of vending machines.   One of them will have 
Doxin.  It costs $380 so make sure you have enough.  Then take the doxin back 
down to the guy in the stockyard office and he'll give you a key.  If you didn't 
buy a shotgun, you'll have one after this.

Q:  How do I unlock the gate in the stockyards?  There are a lot of things back 
there. A:  If you rescue the guy in the stockyard office, he'll give you a key.  
Use it here.  There's a shotgun and quite a bit of different ammo behind the 

Q:  How do I get into the room with the laser bars blocking it on the 2nd floor 
of the market? A:  You can only get in if you have $3000 on you.  Once inside, 
you can purchase ammo for some of the more exotic weapons including the rail gun 
and bazooka.  There are also some vending machines for purchasing these weapons 
also.  They're expensive, so make sure you have some extra cash laying around.

Q:  I jump in the water with the fish and I keep getting killed.  Is there a way 
to get through the area without getting killed? A:  Yes.  I would assume you're 
talking about the area next to the arcade.  There are two ways to do it.  If you 
have patience, you can just stand on the edge of the ramp and either shoot them 
or hack on them with a close range weapon with Eliot.  This it time consuming, 
because they're hard to kill.  The smart way would be to get into the fishing 
house and pick up the piranha kill (P-KILL).  Once you have it, Eliot or Dogs 
will throw it into the water, thus killing all of the piranha forever.

Q:  Where can I find the valves to open on the huge reactor next to the cliff?  
I've been to the top, but all I see are three smoke stack things. A:  Once you 
get to the top, just beat up on the smoke stacks.  They'll catch fire.  Then go 
back to the terminal at the bottom of the structure.  Afterwards, be prepared to 
do some running.

Q:  I went to Rat's Place and picked up the ID card, but when I went back to the 
Brain Area, Janean tells me that I still don't have it.  I'm not sure what to do 
next. A:  This part is tricky and stumped us also, but if you go back to the 
place where you got the Driver's License in the cellar in Rat's Place, and 
search again you'll find Chris' actual ID card.  So, there are two cards you get 
from that place.  After you do that, go back and talk to Janean.

Q:  How do I save the guy on the elevator?  I don't think 2 minutes is enough 
time. A:  Actually 2 minutes is more than enough time to save him.  You just 
have to move quick.  After the alarm goes off, you have to make way to shaft A.  
In the shaft there are a number  of tentacle monsters sticking out of the 
ground.  A couple of them you can run past, but the ones near the center of the 
room must be taken care of because you can't run past them.  After you make it 
too the top, off to the right is a ladder.  Climb the ladder and enter the door.  
When you enter this room, rush to the computer and shut down the braking system.

********** NOTES: **********

-Once you beat the game, you'll be allowed to save your game.  When you start 
back up, you'll begin the game from the very beginning, but you'll be able to 
keep all of your money.  We're not sure about all of the differences at this