Mario Hoops 3-on-3
		    Version 1.0

Table of Contents

1.About the Author
2.Default Characters
-Bowser Jr.
-Diddy Kong
-Donkey Kong

3. Unlockable Characters
-Dixie Kong
-Fly Guy
-Black Mage
-White Mage

4.Special Shots
5.How To Unlock
6.Character Types

Welcome one and all to my FAQ!
I am Jhorner1102 and this is my character FAQ!
This is my first FAQ so it may not be the best
YouÂ’ve ever read.

Default Characters

Mario is, well, heÂ’s Mario! HeÂ’s a superstar no
Matter what anyone says. HeÂ’s been here since
The beginning and he always will be here.

Luigi is a simple plumber and brother to Mario.
HeÂ’s pretty much just like Mario, except with
More green.

Peach is pretty much the shroom queen. SheÂ’s
Pretty, dainty, and always has Mario to count

Daisy is the sister of Peach and the total
Opposite. While Peach is dainty and cute, Daisy
Is tough and tomboyish.

Yoshi is a prehistoric dinosaur from some
Of the first Mario games. HeÂ’s a classic
Hero and heÂ’s adored by many people.

Wario is one big blob of villain.
HeÂ’s evil and chubby, and has the power
To match. He is also MarioÂ’s dad.

Waluigi is a big lean dunking machine.
Waluigi is seriously tall and has defense
To go with it. I believe he is also WarioÂ’s
Son like Mario and Luigi.

Bowser Jr.
Jr. is obviously BowserÂ’s son and first
Appeared in Super Mario Sunshine as
The impersonator of Mario. He uses
His graffiti and speed to crush his

Diddy Kong
Diddy is a hyper, guitar-playing,
Monkey maniac who starred in many
DK games such as Donkey Kong 64.
His jets are as strong as his speed.

Donkey Kong
DK is one big ape with BIG power.
While slow, heÂ’s helped Mario on
More than a few occasions. HeÂ’s a
Pretty big defensive monkey.
Unlockable Characters

Birdo is a completely odd and odd
Looking, too. I donÂ’t know much about her
And not many people do. Oh well.

Bowser is THE huge villain of Mario.
Like Mario, heÂ’s been here since the start,
And heÂ’ll be staying forever. HeÂ’s a
Fire-breathing evil dragon.

Dixie Kong
IÂ’m not completely sure who Dixie Kong
Is. She didnÂ’t appear in DK 64, but IÂ’m
Guessing that sheÂ’s Tiny KongÂ’s cousin.
She has awesome speed but bad defense.

Paratroopa is like a mutated red shell.
HeÂ’s got tricky wings and a hard shell
And will give you a tough game.

Boo is an apparition from Super Mario
64. He is stealthy and technical and can
Scare you out of your wits.

Fly Guy
FG is a flying technical wizard with
An inhuman brain is packed behind
That mask.

Black Mage
BM looks a lot lie Vivi and has the same
Magic and strength of the little guy.
But heÂ’s not, still rocks, though.

White Mage
WM is like a combo of Garnet from FF9,
And Yuna from FF10. She can drive
You into submission without breaking
A sweat.

Ninja is an all-around speed ninja
With a powerful special shot. Spirit
And speed are this guyÂ’s strengths.

Moogle is a tricky little guy. He is so
Cute and cuddly, youÂ’ll always want him
On your team.

Cactuar is a really odd mutated cactus.
He is speedy, powerful, everything!
He is extremely hard to get but easy to
Special Shots

Mario- Fire Shot
MarioÂ’s Fire can burn even the harshest cold, 
And stop the most raging fire. His Shot Shape
Is an M.

Luigi- Green Fire Shot
Luigi can crush anyone who tries to block it.
His Special Shape is an L.

Peach- Heart Shot
Peach has a “heartfelt” special with awesome
Dunking. Her Special Shape is a triangle.

Daisy- Flower Shot
DaisyÂ’s special shot packs a punch for sure.
Her Special Shape is a triangle.

Yoshi- Flutter Dunk
YoshiÂ’s lightweight body can flutter straight to
The hoop for an awesome dunk. His Special
Shape is an M.

Wario- Move-it Dunk
WarioÂ’s Special is a powerhouse of a special.
The name says it all for this one. His Special
Shape is a W.

Waluigi- Twist Dunk
WaluigiÂ’s dunk is just as powerful as WarioÂ’s.
His tall body makes him able to jump over
Others. His Special Shape is W.

Bowser Jr.- Graffiti Shot
Jr.Â’s shot combines gunk and ball in one.
Disgusting, yet powerful. His Special
Shape is B.
Diddy Kong-Jet Shot
DiddyÂ’s jets allow him to hover over smaller
Opponents like Moogle. HeÂ’ll shoot it right into
The hoop. His Special Shape is an M.

Donkey Kong- Konga Dunk
DKÂ’s dunk is strong and full of power.
His Special Shape is an M.

Birdo- Egg Shot
BirdoÂ’s special shoots the ball
Through the air as if it was an egg.
His Special Shape is a triangle.

Bowser- Bomber Dunk
Bowser will have a blast with this.
He might cause a little havoc, though.
His Special Shape is a B.

Dixie Kong- Cannon Shot
DixieÂ’s special can shoot right
Through your mind. YouÂ’re gonna
Need some Advil for this girl.
Her Special Shape is a triangle.

Paratroopa- Wing Shot
Paratroopa will use his tricky
Little wings to go straight into
The hoop. His Special Shape is
An N.

Boo- Thriller Dunk
Boo has a bomb using this dunk.
You might not though. His Special
Shape is a B.

Fly Guy- Thunder Dunk
We will, we will, shock you!
Just kidding! But it packs a punch.
His Special Shape is an S.

Black Mage- Meteor Shot
BM has a killer special. He has one
Of the two best in the game. His 
Special shape is a star, which is
Hard to use.

White Mage- Holy Shot
All youÂ’ll see is a light and youÂ’re
Done for. HerÂ’s is the other best
Special in the game. Her special
Shape is also a Star.

Ninja- Leaf Veil
He attacks with Ninsutsu,
A ninja-type magic to shoot.
His special shape is an N.

Moogle- Moogle Dance
A dance of determination and
Power to go into the hoop every time.
His special shape is an M.

Cactuar- 1000 Needles
He blasts with 1000 Needles to
His opponents. His special is amazing.
His special shape is an S.
How to Unlock

Beat the Hard Mushroom Cup with a Bronze prize.
Beat the Star Cup with a Bronze Prize
Dixie Kong
Finish the Flower Cup with a Bronze Prize
Beat the Mushroom Cup with a Bronze Prize
Finish Hard Flower Cup with a Bronze Prize
Fly Guy
Finish Hard Star Cup with a Bronze Prize
Black Mage
Beat the Rainbow Cup with a Gold Prize
White Mage
Beat the Rainbow Cup with a Silver Prize
Beat the Rainbow Cup with a Bronze Prize
Finish Star Cup with a Silver Prize
Get over 800 points in the Star Cup on normal to unlock the Desert Stage. Go to the stage and you will see a cactus, if you're over top of him, he will run away. Win the current match to unlock him.
Character Types

Balanced. No strengths, no weaknesses

Quick but bad defense.

Good at Shooting, not sure whatÂ’s bad about it.

Good at defense but very slow.

Good Trick moves but slow shooting.
Well, thatÂ’s my Character FAQ. I hope you
Enjoyed it. IÂ’m making more FAQÂ’s so check back
Often. IÂ’ll say any new FAQÂ’s I made.