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              /  |/  /__  / /_____ _/ /  / ___// /_  ______ _   |__  /
             / /|_/ / _ \/ __/ __ `/ /   \__ \/ / / / / __ `/    /_ < 
            / /  / /  __/ /_/ /_/ / /   ___/ / / /_/ / /_/ /   ___/ / 
           /_/  /_/\___/\__/\__,_/_/   /____/_/\__,_/\__, /   /____/  


Table of Contents
4.Character profiles
     b.Heavy machine gun
     c.Super grenade
     e.Enemy Chaser
     f.Iron Lizard
     g.Rocket Launcher
     h.Flame Shot
     j.Laser Shot
     a.Metal Slug
     d.Camel Slug
     e.Elephant Slug
     f.Ostrich Slug
     g.Slug Flyer
     h.Slug Copter
     i.Rebel Armor
     j.Drill Slug
     c.Giant Crab
     d.Sea-diving Bomber
     f.Underwater Cruiser
          1.Sheild Commando
          2.Rocket Commando
          3.Paratrooper Cammando
     h.Bombarding truck
     i.Flying Shark
     j.Flying Misquitoe
          1.Fat Zombie
          2.Scientist Zombie
          3.Strong Zombie
     m.Water Mines
     n.Sunken Tank
     o.Wall Turret
     r.Laser Ball
     s.Plant Monster
          1.Red Arabian
     w.Big Larva
     a1.Mummy Dog
     a2.Poor mans tank
     b.Hyakutaro Ichimonji
9.Mission 1
     a.Sewer path
     b.Boat path
     c.Water path
10.Mission 2
     a.Ice Cave Path
     b.Base Path
11.Mission 3
     a.Direct Path
     b.Underground Waterway Path
     c.2nd Pipe Path
12.Mission 4
     a.Hill Path
          1.Left Path
          2.Right Path
     b.Underground Garden Path
     c.Underground Shrine Path
13.Mission 5/Final Mission
14.Extra Missions
     a.Fat Island
     b.Storming the Mothership
          1.Normal Commando Strategy
          2.Rocket Commando strategy
          3.Sheild Commando Strategy
     a.Mission 1
     b.Mission 2
     c.Mission 3
     d.Mission 4
     e.Mission 5
16.Item List
18.Version History
19.Contact Info
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Welcome to the world of Metal Slug! I think most of you have played a Metal
Slug game before, if you havent, shame on you! Metal Slug is the pinnical of 2D
side-scrolling shooters, they areant any games as zany of fun as Metal Slug,
and are also comparable. All out shooting madness and amazing difficulty, get
ready for a hell of a ride!
Metal Slug 3 is a port of an arcade game, so its controls are easy to pick up
and understand right off the bat. There is no diagonal aiming, so you will have
to move under a flying opponent to hit it. You can jump pretty high and this
also serves as a good way to dodge bullets. Also keep in mind that if you come
withing striking distance of an enemy, you will auto-matically use a melee
attack, same goes for slow moving projectiles.
L+A=Metal Slug attack(vehicle only)
4.Character profiles
Full name: Marchrius Dennis Rossi
Birthplace: Idaho, USA
Occupation: Major, PF Squad of the Government forces, Leader of the First Squad
Birthdate: April 13th 2005
Height: 180 cm (5'8")
Weight: 75kg (165 pounds)
Blood type: A
Hobby: Computer programming
Favorite food: Chinese noodles
Favortie thing: Pitting AI programs he programmed himself against others on the
Turn-off: People who line up at resturants
Turn-on: Time to absorb himself in his hobby
Special skills: Performing mental calculations at computer speed, missing the
right subway station, doing "drunken master" immatations
Favorite saying: "If you're not busy, read the source!"
Full name: Eri Kasamoto
Birthplace: Hiroshima, Japan
Occupation: Sergeant, Second-class, Sparrows Squad of Government Forces Intel
Birthdate: June 6th 2008
Height: 168 cm (5'5")
Weight: 50kg (110 pounds)
Blood type: B
Hobby: Swimming
Favorite drink: Spiritas
Favorite thing: Aimless walks
Turn-off: Riding vehicles she cant drive herself
Favorite keepsake: The casing from the first time she shot a person
Special skill: Picking locks, survival techniques
Favorite saying: "Everybody is an island"
Full name: Tarmicle Roving III
Birthplace: Hokkaido, Japan
Occupation: Captain, PF Squad of the government forces, assistant leader of
first squad
Birthdate: May 1st 2005
Height: 174 cm (5'6")
Weight: 68kg (150 pounds)
Blood type: AB
Hobby: Customizing motorcycles
Favorite food: Fermented beans on rice
Favorite thing: Solitary motorcycle tours
Turn-off: Superficial people
Turn-on: Time spent in the great outdoors
Special skill: Painting metal ,sleeping in the open(can sleep anywhere)
Favorite saying: "Whats your next move?"
Full name: Fioline Germi
Birthplace: Genova, Italy
Occupation: Senior Sergeant-Major, Sparrows Squad of the Governemnt forces 
intelligence agency
Birthdate: October 2nd 2008
Height: 158 cm (5'1")
Weight: 43kg (95 pounds)
Blood type: O
Hobby: Cooking, sewing
Favorite food: Ice Tea(Queen Mary)
Favorite thing: Baking cake
Turn-off: hot drinks, hot bath
Favorite keepsake: Her pet bear and childhood companion, Peppino(stuffed bear)
Special skill: Chiropractics and acupuncture, general housework, social dancing
Favorite saying:"I'm OK. Its cool"
You start the game with this gun and it has unlimited ammo. Old reliable, but
the gun is pretty weak, only use it if you run out of any other ammo, because
unless you are only up against crabs, you will have some trouble with the
enemies. It takes 3 shots to kill a crab, and it continues upward with better
     b.Heavy machine gun
One of the first weapons you get when you start the game, you start with 200
ammo, which isnt much, but lasts a fairly long time. It takes 1 volley of 
bullets to kill your standard crab.
     c.Super grenade
One of the best weapons the game has to offer. When you shoot it acts as a
rocket launcher, and will kill most enemies in 1 or 2 shots. The blast also
extends upwards upon explosion which means you can take out a flying and ground
enemy with 1 well placed shot, you start with 20 ammo.
Dropshot is just like it sounds, it will drop mini bombs upon your opponents.
Although not very useful on land, the dropshot is immensely helpful under the
water. You start off with 40 ammo.
     e.Enemy chaser
A tres useful gun, this is basiclly a homing missle, meaning if you are facing
the enemies direction, you can fire at random and chances are it will hit 
something. You start with 30 ammo.
     f.Iron Lizard
First off, you start with only 30 ammo, conserve, its a good gun. It will shoot
small bots that will start slow and then rush at your opponent full speed and
blow the living **** out of them.
     g.Rocket Launcher
Not much different from the super grenade, except it is weaker. You will get
the rocket launcher on many more instances though, keep in mind you can take
out multiple enmies in one shot if you place it correctly. 
     h.Flame Shot
One of the most useful weapons in the entire game. This weapon will make toast
out of almost every enemy in the game with just 1 shot. It can also pass 
through a target and hit targets behind it.
The shotgun is tres powerful. At close ranges this will make mincemeat of 
entire armadas of troops. It can pass through targets to hit other ones also.
The only letdown is the limited range, but what it lacks in range it makes up
in power.
     j.Laser Shot
The laser shot can be your best freind or worst enemy. In some situations it
can be great(like getting rid of some vehicles bothering you), but in other
instances it can be bad(like when you need to take out multiple sheild enemies)
either way it can be good if used correctly. It has a constant stream of energy
and is pretty powerful to boot. but dont try and break any sheild with it, 
stick to your grenades for that.
(Note: All vehicles can use the Metal Slug attack, when you press L and A, your
behicle will eject you and will kamikaze towards your enemey, doing incredible
     a.Metal Slug
One of the best vehicles in the game, it kicks ass. Like all the other vehicles
it has infinite ammo, and limited cannon. Its cannon is very powerful, and can
be used to get out of many situations. Overall, use the tank whenever you find
one, it is(IMO) the best vehicle in the game and if you can dodge grenades, you
are invincible.
The mech is one of the first vehicles you use in the game. It has 2 guns one on
each side. Its grenade attack lets off small iron lizard type things that will
blow up upon impact when it hits enemies.The 2 lasers are pretty weak though.
The submarine can be a tricky vehicle, most enimies are hard to hit with its
funky controls. Your hull can sustain about 3 or 4 hits before you are forced
out of it. Its gun is not too powerful either, but most enemies you face under
water can be taken down with a few shots anyway.
     d.Camel Slug
The fastest vehicle in the game, but it has many downsides. With a very power-
ful vulcan, this thing can kick ass. But, when you are riding on it, you are a
HUGE target to the enemy. This is a very big downfall and makes this vehicle
very hard to master. Use at your own risk.
     e.Elephant Slug
The elephant slug is very slow. He is only found once in the game(level 2, ice
cave) but he is a very cool vehicle. His vulcan is 360 degrees which is a good
plus. His real advantage though is his trunk, he uses it as its grenade
attack. Also, you can get the chili pepper power up to make his trunk a flame
     f.Ostrich Slug
The ostrich slug is tres fast. It also jumps like crazy, this thing can leap
entire screens. But, the ostrich has a huge disadvantage, it doesnt like to 
turn. It takes forever to turn the damn thing, you could already be dead by the
time you eevn have the chance to high tail it out of there. Also, since it is 
an animal, you only have to be shot once to die, no extra health here.
     g.Slug Flyer
Due to its limited vulacan axel, the slug flyer can be a good or bad thing. Its
big plus is the missiles, which do a lot of damage. But, if you are struck from
behind, you cant do jack **** about it.
     h.Slug Copter
The slug copter is very venurable to bad controls, although in your air mission
the only other option is the flyer. The copter has 360 degree vulcans, which
makes it better than the flyer, but the bombs suck. They can take out infantry
with ease, but you dont need to waste bombs on infantry. you see, the bombs
drop, they dont go forward, so if your target isnt right below you, you are out
of luck.
     i.Rebel Armor
Rebel armors are not part of the slug family*gasp*! You will find them a number
of times thoughout your missions. They are pretty darn useful also, however
you do use your own ammo so be consurvitive. They have a double jump feature
so put it to good use. Also, it has its own missiles, and they are pretty
power packing also.
     j.Drill Slug
This is my favortie vehicle because of its power and vercitility. It has a 360
vulcan gun, which makes it so you dont get screwed from behind. Its cannon
attack is very very powerful, the drill will fly out and destory anything in
its path. Also, you dont really jump, you elevate, and you can stay that way
for as long as you want, so you can avoid everyone below(although the only
time you get the vehicle, you have some guys attacking you from the top).
Crabs are the most basic enemies in the game, they will mostly run towards you
and just shoot bubbles. Easy as pie, keep on shooting, the bubbles are so slow
that you will auto-matically pop them with your knife if you are in danger of
being hit. 3 shots with a handgun will bring 'em down.
These are the most simple of simple, they take 1 shot to kill and can only
attack as kamikazie warriors, but they will not intentionally, only your poor
driving skills can make these foes any threat whatsoever. 1 hit kills.
     c.Giant Crab
These can be tough to take down, they have a few attacks also. One attack will
throw about 20 bubbles at you, just shoot(hopefully you have a good gun, a pis-
tol to these guys are close to nothing) thwm out of the air. Another attack 
will have them doing a rapid claw attack, jump away to avoid being killed.
     d.Sea-diving bombers
These guys show up only underwater, you can usually swim past them, they are
easy to kill, the only attack they can pull off is hitting you and blowing up,
avoid contact with them and you'll be fine.
These will take about 5 hits each, the only attack they have is shooting 2
missiles at you, you can also shoot these down.
     f.Underwater Cruisers
These are hard to kill, if you only have a handgun they are nearly impossible.
You will start off under them most of the time. The attack they have are
sending out balls of energy that will fly down at you in patterns. Once they
start going down, swim to the side and continue shooting, rinse and repeat.
These are just regular humans. 1 melee attack will kill them and about 2-3
shots will also take them down. Watch for their grenades though.
          1.Sheild Commandos
The sheild commandos are more thier to protect the commandos behind it than it
is to attack you. Keep in mind they will fire upon you if they see an opening
though. The 2 most effective ways of dealing with these are, throwing a grenade
over him, or jumping over and melee him. Either way works.
          2.Rocket Commandos
Th rocket commando can be a serious foe if he has the right vantage point or
protection. They have slow moving balls, but it will eventually hit you, if
you see any of these guys, take them out first!
     h.Bombarding trucks
These things act as a road block. They shoot bomb upwards which will fly down
on you, shoot the bombs outta the sky and kill the truck, they have a lot of 
health so get ready to doge multiple waves if you dont have a power up.
     i.Flying Sharks
These are mini sharks that are just a mere annoyance, usually they pop out of
somewhere unexpected and fly at you at full force, only 1 hit will kill them
with any gun, plus, most bullets go through and hit the ones behind them(they
almost always come in waves).
     j.Flying Misquitoes
A fairly easy enemy, most of the time you encounter them you have a power up.
Make sure they dont get to low, they will grab you.
Zombies can be fairly tough. They are mollasas slow and have the most 
predictable attack in the game, but the results of thier attack can also be to
your advantage. Once you are hit, you will turn into a zombie, you will not be
able to use power ups and you will also be dead slow(pun intended).
          1.Fat Zombie
The fat zombies tend to be slower than any other zombie. They are spawned by
just being there, or a fat man being infested. Thier shots are very predictable
(they open up thier chest and fire upon you) an they dont shoot very far either
          2.Scientist Zombie
The scientist zombies tend to be very, very weak. They are easily
distinguishable, they were lab coats. They have a very slow fire rate and can
always be killed before thier first shots.
          3.Strong Zombie
Strong zombies can be a huge threat. They thrown about 5 "barfs" at a time and
they thrown it far. They are also strong, hard to kill, if you see them run and
The sasquatch is a beast! First off, it only appears in the 2 ice cavern parts
of the game(only in Mission 2 and Mission 5). It will first use an attack that
is meant to freeze you, it will blow a frost breath at you. This is fairly
easy to dodge. If you dont however, you will be turned into a snowman, once 
this has been done, rotate to joystick and press X rapidly to get out, if you
dont get out in time, the sasquate that froze you will come up and smack you
with a bone.
     m.Water Mines
The water mines can be tres annoying. They appear out of sunken tanks and
basiclly lock onto you and go blow up. They take 2-3 shots to kill so they
areant that bad, but make sure to watch out for them, they are the kind of
enemy that only exsist for cheap hits.
     n.Sunken Tank
These only appear in Mission 3. They fly down and let out water mines. Make
sure you kill these before they let out too many water mines, cause those are
the threats, not these.
     o.Wall Turret
Again, these only appear in Mission 3. They will be attached to the walls
blocking your way to certain paths. They will launch about 3 missiles at a time
at you, they only go in a straight path, so dodge up or down and get back to
shooting it.
The mini-cruisers are.....well, mini underwater cruisers. They can take about 2
hits of grenades(which I strongly suggest using). They will launch 3 or so
fireballs to the side which will go up or down. Easily dodgeable. 
Cameras appear in Mission 3. They stay in the same location, but are constantly
moving thier sights. They will move slowly left to right, and if they see you
they will fire 2 shots at you. Just aim up when you are in thier blind spots
and kill them.
     r.Laser Ball
Laser balls can only be damaged on thier front sides. kepp this in mind, if
they detect you they will fire a laser at you. Just gte in front of it and
make sure you destroy it before it can fire its lasers.
     s.Plant Monster
Plant monsters appear in level 4. They start pretty small,but dont think they
areant a threat. If you get to close to them they will eat you.....so stay
pretty far away. If you shoot thier heads off they will just explode into goo.
If you dont shoot thier heads off, they will turn white and release a spore.
The spores can seemingly appear from nowhere. They are small white bulbs that
will float from the top of the screen, if they hit you they will "platatize"
you. They only take 1 shot to kill, but they come en masse. Also, if they hit
the ground, they will create plants.
Arabians are almost exactly like commandos, cept they are dressed differently
and they use much larger melee weapons. Its the red ones you want to look out
          1.Red Arabian
The red arabians are quite a bit annoying. they will only use melee weapons
(which make them easy to kill) but when you kill them they will hold up a stick
of dynamite. They make a small explosion, so dont go near thier dead bodies.
Larva are small, but deadly, theier only attack is to kill themselves, just
dont be standing over them when they do so.
     w.Big Larva
You will encounter these in Mission 4. You should have the Drill Slug, so just
use cannons on them. Their only attacks is to fire strong bubbles at you.
These are also small and foun in Mission 4. One shot should do it, dot get hit
they are the cheap shot enemies.
They will fly over you and try to bomb you. Their bombs can be destroyed easily
so dont think you're screwed when they drop them. The plane itself is also
easily destroyed.
Mummies are a lot like zombies, they are actually very weak though, so dont be
afraid. Thier attacks have very limited range and you can usually just jump
over them, if you get hit you wil be mumified, basically, zombiefied but 
without the kickass grenade attack.
     a1.Mummy Dog
These guys are even weaker than the mummies, their attack have a far greater
range though. Jump and kill, then duck and shoot, basic strategy for mummies.
     a2.Poor mans tank
This is found in the underground shrine path of Mission 4. It looks like there
are a few guys standing under tank armor, its quite funny. Use your grenades
against them to make easy work.
8. Accesories/Helpers
This has to be the best helper in the game. This things is so damn hilarious. 
Ok, first off, if you see a small rattling cage, make sure you can acsess it.
Once you are near it destory the cage and then make contact with the monkey. It
seems this little fellow is packing some heat, an uzi to be exact. He will 
follow you around in his diaper until you die, helping you kill off enemies.
     b.Hyakutaro Ichimonji
If you are lucky enough to run into him, he will help you greatly. It seems 
that he is an undercover "hostage". Once you free him he will go all DBZ and
start shooting beams from his hands at enemies. He is like a non-lazy monkey!
The sattilite is foud in Mission 5. It will start killing everything on screen.
It does have limited ammo though, but it will help you out of a tough spot,
when you get it, it will take care of all the annoying red eyes.
9.Mission 1
You start the mission being airdropped into the water, go aead and you find
that you are on a beach, and you will also find your first enemies, a few crabs
feasting on a fish, 4 of them, kill them and continue right. You soon come upon
a fortress in your way, kill the crabs that emerge(there should be about 5) and
then detroy the obstruction. Some points crabs will fly out, try to catch them.
There will be a ledge after the building with 2 crabs and a civilian on it, 
kill the crabs and untie the civ. to get your first power gun, the Heavy 
Machine Gun. You will come across what looks like a beached ship. The door will
come flying down and you will be bombarded by crabs, 2 times during the fight
2 crabs will jump down from the top, watch for them. Head forward and get the
civ. he will give you some grenades, then touch the supply lady for the super
grenade gun.


If you choose not to go through the water path continue up the stairs. Kill the
6 crabs up here and save the civ. for some assorted fruit... continue! Once you
continue you will encounter your first lfying opponents, the giant misquitoes.
You will sonn be swarmed by this things, about 5 of them plus about 3 crabs.
Kill them and save the civ and continue forward.


     a.Sewer path
If you take the sewer path, jump over the gap and go forward, you will run into
an elevator that will lead you to the sewers. Right as you enter flying sharks
will pop out of a barrel, kill the barrel and walk over the dead sharks. You 
will encouter 6 crabs before a giant one appears. Use your heavy machine gun to
kill it. You will encouter 3 more crabs and another giant crab. Make sure to
open the cage and get the monkey w/ an uzi before getting the enemy chaser gun
from the giant crab you just killed. On this screen you will be ambushed by 2
giant crabs, do the best you can, but if you die, it really doesnt matter. Kill
the giants and continue right(and say goodbye to your monkey freind:(, ).
     b.Boat Path
First off, drop down on the boat and save the civ. The boat will drift forward.
Get to the edge and wait for the commandos to come out of thier boat, kill them
on sight. FYI, dropping in the water=instant death:( Eventually you will be 
able to damage the boat, do so until it cpasizes and the jump on to get the
heavy machine gun and shoot it until it sinks. Save the civs. in the trees and
get ready, the trucks are nearby. SCRAMBLE!!!! Make sure the bombs dont hit you
and be extra careful, the commandos will throw grenades also, hopefully you 
have some sort of power up, therwise it will be hard, you can also become a fat
character by killing the first truck and getting the power-up. Once you get 
past the 2 trucks keep on drifting. Make sure the flying sharks that pop out of
the water dont hit you, you are akmost there! Your boat will hit the wall, 
revealing the tank, get ready for a boass battle!
     c.Water path
On the water path you will auto-matically get the submarine. Although hard to
control, it is pretty good, start off by saving the hostages in the boxes and
killing the jellyfish. Continue down. AHHHH! Giant ells! Dont get in thier way
they wont hurt you, it seems they are just snacking on the giant jellyfish.
Some small jellyfish will pop out after a giant eel smacks the wall, kill them.
Save the 2 hostages and take care of the jellyfish, and then approach the door
"Linda". Linda will pop out and eat a jellyfish, again pass her while killing
the small jellies. Continue on past Jenny and Barbie until you come across some
boxes. Get the civs. the dropshot and the ammo and ocntinue down while the
ocean changes tint. Here you will encounter 2 giant crabs, watch for thier
bubbles of doom and just shoot them till they die, then go right, its not THAT
hard now is it? On the next screen make sure not to get hit by the spiky balls.
Collect the ammo whie shooting/dodging the balls until you are forced to go up.
The suicide divers areant a threat, pass them. Kill the 15 or so submarines
and watch out, the water gest cluttered and the torpedos get hard to see. Go on
up. Heres the hard part, if you still have your sub this is a cinche, but the
underwater cruisers are a force to be reckoned with if you are swimming, dodge
fire as well as possible, thats all I can say. When you are almost there, you
will encouter the mini-boss, 1 powerful underwater cruiser that fires 3x more
fire than normal ones do, its a ton slower though. Use the same strategy on 
this one as you did with the last. Save the civ and go up, you are at the boss
now, with a mech....
Depending on which route you took, you will either have a mech or a tank.
     a.Level Armor Strategy
This fight is pretty hard with a mech, the first shots always seem to hit you.
Anyways, make sure you use your bombs as quickly as possible, depelete them 
before resoting to your lasers. To dadge the fireballs, run towards the crab
when he shoots it, and jump back out afterwards. Once you do enough damage the
turtle will explode, only to start using its big guns! It starts figring huge
missiles that will come straight down on you, these are easy to dodge, just
keep as far right as possible. If your mech blows up, the strategy is simple,
run, turn around and get off a few shots and book it before he fires anything
at you. Make sure to stay right when he backs up though, he will charge you.
     b.Metal Slug strategy
Simple as pie, stay to the right, when he shoots up his fireballs, go towards
him a few feet, wait, and then take your position back, you need not worry
about dodging the huge missiles. Unload all of your cannon fire at him and then
shoot him with you lasers until he dies, you dont need to worry about dodging

Once the turtle is destroyed he will sink into the ocean. Congrats, you beat
level 1.
Alternate startegy contributed by xX-G-MaN-Xx

Grab the slug. Do this quickly to avoid being drowned by the submerged crab
popping up. Use all of your cannons first. When you are out, keep holding right
on the controller and keep on shooting! He has a few attacks, and at least one
of them might hit you. He will shoot fireballs at the beginning, but after you
see the crab flinch back, and it looks like you hit him hard, he's ready for
his cannon turret attack. He will begin to shoot large cannon shells that will
reign down onto your metal slug one by one. This attack is easily dodged, and
nobody should really have that much trouble on this boss.
Mission 1 Complete!
10.Mission 2
You start by being airdropped into a dark feild. Some sceintists will flee
from something, but you dont know what. GO forward and you will find out. 
ZOMBIES!!!! There will be 3 of them, kill them and head forward. Take care of
the 2 other zombies by ducking and shooting. A man will be siting on a box,
destroy the box and another zombie will pop up. He will infest the man, turning
him into a zombie also. Kill the original one, then take care of the one who
tries to sneak up behind you, then take care of the infested man. Run foward,
stay behind the small ledge, make it so you can fire over the ledge at the 3
zombies there. Once you kill them go foward, yet again some people will be 
infested. Kill the infestor and then kill any who were infested before moving
on. You will go into a hill, continue up the hill killing the zombies, to do so
easily, duck and cut them as you go up. Once you are at the top, free the 
monkey. Then drop down and start killing, there will be about 4 of the zombies.
Go get the enemy chaser one of them drops and start down the hill. Kill the 4
helicopters and hope that your monkey can hold off some of the zombies. Once
they are done, kill the 2 more helis that come in while holding off any zombies
or commandos that enter your ring. One of the copters will drop a flame shot,
get that and go down the hill. Kill the 4 zombies.

[BRANCHING PATH ALERT!!!! If you continue right, you will go the base route,
if you go left through the wall, you will go to the ice cave route]

     A.Ice Cave Path
Go left and destroy the ice that is in your way. Once inside, free al of the
civs stuck in ice. Destroy the ice under the fridge while holding off the 
sasquatches. Go forward and you will run across many obstacles, just keep
destorying and killing the sasquateches, use grenades if you need to. Near the
end of the cave you will run into a huge obstacle. Kill the 4 sasquateches on
the top floor while grenading the 4 sasquatches who will storm the bottom. 
After this, go and free the elepahnt from ice, and make a return trip out of 
the cave. Zombies are now in the cave, make sure you never get in range of the 
zombies on top, take them out first they are the biggest threat. Make quick
use of the bottom zombies. If you are lucky you will get the trunk fire bombs
for your elephant. When the hard zombies start to swarm you, kill the ones on
bottom with your trunk fire and the ones on top with your vulcans. Keep doing
this, it is an almost unfailiable strategy. Anyways, once you get to the end of
the cave your elephant will be ancased in ice again, so run out right.
     B.Base Path
You will start by going down a hill. Tanks will come and try to stop you, but,
they are no match for you. Use your grenades(or if you are a zombie, barf on
them to get rid of them. There should be about 3. You will run into some
barracks type things once you are down the hill, destroyy them, but look out
for any zombies or commandos that might pop out. Once you finish off some 
zombies at the end, this is where the 2 paths collide.

You will be on a dirt path, which will eventually lead you to the boss. 
Depending on which path you took, you should run into about 5 zombies. You will
than run into some kamikaze zombies, wath out for them, they will lunge at you
and blow up. Once you are at ground level, you will see a huge metiorite. I
suggest that for the coming boss fight, you turn inyo a zombie, do this by
being zombified by the last possible guy.
Boss- Aleins and Alien Machine
For this fight, you will have no vehicles at your disposal, so you have to be
concervitive. If you are a zombie, wait until the 6 aliens pop out, then 
bombard then with every bomb you have. You should take out a huge chunk of them
in 2 or so grenades. The only attacks the aliens have is launching fireballs at
you. When they are at full force these are nigh impossible to dodge. WHATEVER
YOU DO, DO NOT GO INTO THE CORNERS!!!! They lead you to belive the corners are
safe, but you will die if you go into them. Once they are dead, a machine shall
rise from the meteor. Aim up and start killing that sucker. It only has 1
attack, in which it will throw tablets at you. You can see where they are going
by looking at the laser that comes down before it. To make the tablets go down
faster, shoot them. Once you do enough dmage, the tablets will come down twice
as fast, so watch out. My strategy is to: A)Shoot up, B)Watch for laser, C)
Wait until the thing is coming down and then shoot the other tablet down and 
jump to safety. Every once and a while a civ will drop from the sky giving you
a heavy machine gun, be thankful and use it to its fullest extent. Not a very
hard boss. Once the dome explodes he is beaten. Congrats, now on to mission 3!
Alternate boss strategy provided by xX-G-MaN-Xx

Ah, great....The six dumb aliens...These guys shouldn't be much problem as long
as you SAVE GRENADES throughout the level. You can get rid of these guys with
10 or more grenades without much difficulty. If you don't have grenades, this 
boss fight will be harder than it should. One alien can be killed by 1-2
grenades. Simply go to the right and throw all of your grenades, and since the
y are revolving in a circle, you should take out about 4-5 of them. Now kill
the other ones with your gun, but make sure that when they start revolving
quicker, they are going to shoot fast travelling green lasers. When their
eyes start glowing, they will also fire these quick lasers. After all six
of the aliens have been killed, a large thing that looks like a crystal ball
will appear. All you have to do it shoot it. Beware, because it has only one,
but a very deadly attack. You will see an aimer appear on you that will follow
you, shortly after this, a large stone will fall into that area. I suggest,
that once you see this laser, run to a corner, that way the stone will be out
of your way until it slowly submerges into the dirt. After a little shooting,
this boss should explode... Not that hard, eh?
Mission 2 Complete!
11.Mission 3
You start the mission by running into a small house type thing and getting out-
fitted with your scuba gear. you run foward and hop into the ocean, this is
where the real mission starts. You start by dealing with 1 sea-diving bomber.
Take care of him and then go for the sunken tank. You should have an enemy 
chaser by now. Go forward ad take care of the 3 bombers and the next sunken 
tank. You will have to deal with yet another wave of them before you hit the
first wall. Once you are the first wall you have also reached the first cross-

[BRANCHING PATH ALERT!!! If you want to go the direct of 2nd pipe path, destroy
the wall and continue. If you want to go through the Underground Waterway Path,
go through the big pipe at the bottom of the screen]

If you decided to go the Underground Waterway path, skip this part. You will
start by destroying a nearby mini-sub, grab its heavy machine gun power up and
continue. You will have to deal with 1 sunken tank and 2 more mini-subs(should
not be very hard, you have a machine gun). After you do this, many tanks will 
fall from the sky, go to the far left to dodge these. Again, you will have to
contend with 2 mini-subs and a sunken tank. Save the civ that appears from the 
sunken tank for points. You will hit another wall, and be at crossroads again.

[BRANCHING PATH ALERT!!! If you want to go the direct path, destroy the wall
and continue, if you want to go the 2nd pipe path go through the pipe that
comes down on the wall]

     a.Direct Path
Start off by destroying the wall(and the sunken tank behind you if need be).
Again, tanks will fly down upon you and again you can dodge them by simply
going to the far left. You will now have to get through some mini-cruisers. 
Use grenades(if you dont have them.....try your best to dodge the multiple 
fireballs). There will be 5 of them in a row. You will now be at a huge pipe.
3 mini-subs will appear giving you some points some bombs and an enemy chaser.
Kill them and get ready a mini-cruiser will appear from the pipe. There will 
be 2 more subs before you go through the pipe to where this path and the 
underground waterway path meet.
     b.Underground Waterway Path
Start by going into the nearby pipe at the bottom of the ocean near the first
wall. You will be in a underground cave, go forward and get into 1 or the 2
subs parked at the caves end. You will submerge into a underground river of
some sort. Deal with the first mini-sub and continue. You will meet 2 more 
mini-subs before a mini-cruiser appears. Use 4 torpedos to sink it(dont worry,
you will get many more torpedos). Kill off the 3 mini-subs and the sunken tank
that get in your way, 1 of the minis will drop some gas if you need it. Once
done, continue on. You will face another wave of 3 mini-subs and a sunken tank
before yet another mini-cruiser appears. Again, use torpedos. Watch out for 
the sub that appears behind it. You will come into a more spacious part of
the cave, 4 enemy subs will try and take you donw, fire upon the suckers and
start towards the big pipe. 2 subs will come from the pipe and 1 from the 
bottom. A cruiser will then appear, followed by a mini-cruiser. Make the big
one your first priority, launch everything you got at it, then take down the
mini before going through the pipe. You will now be at the place where this 
the direct path meet.
     c.2nd pipe Path
You will be above the ground! Start by killing the 6 commandos and then kill
the rocket commando up top. Take down the bomb armor, jump over its bombs and 
unload everything you got on it. Jump on top of it and kill the 3 or so guys
up on the platform and then save the civs. Chuck a grenade down and kill the
motar commando. Jump down and jump the gap. You will now have to deal with a 
sheild commando, wait for the moment he lifts his sheild and then shoot him.
Wait for a good time and then jump the gap, you will now have to avoid missile
things while jumping the gaps. There will be a commando hiding behind a sand 
bag wall, throw a grenade in-between the missiles to kill him, then jump the
gap. this next gap is tricky, there is a motar commando and a rocket commando.
Try to jump and shoot(from where you are standing) to hit the rocket man,
then jump over and stab the motar man. Kill the next 4 commandos and save the 2
civs. Unload every grenade you have on the tank, you should be able to kill it
before the impending grenades become a threat. Jump away as fast as you can,
get far away from the site and pick off the commandos left back there. You 
will find an Ostrich Slug next. Jump the gaps with ease(doesnt that ostrich 
rock?). Aim up and kill the motorcycle and rocket man before focusing on the
bottom. Then kill the bottom men. Jump the gaps again, kill the paratrooping
rocket commandos and go forward. Jump over the sheild commandoand stomp 'em!
Destory the building and you will save a rich hostage. His goons will give you
a souped up laser, it kicks ass. Kill the rocket commando and the attack
chopper, you will continue directly to the boss. 

You will start off in some shallow water. Go up the ramp. You will have to deal
with about 3 cameras and a laser ball before jumping the boxs. Once over the
box, kill the other camera and the next laser ball. Then hop on the platform
and go upwards! First off, save the civs, the kill the laser ball on top if
need be. Jump and shoot(same time) to kill the 3 cameras in your sight. Chuck
a grenade down to free the hostages and kill the laser ball, then go down the
steps. You will have to deal with yet another ball down the steps, then free
the 2 civs and kill the cameras. Continue left and under the passageway to
catch the elevator. Once upstairs, run right and lob a grenade over the small
box to kill the 2 commandos, continue right and up the elvator. Once up, go
left. Chuck 2 grenades, they will kill all of the left side guys. Then about
face and kill the 2 sheild commandos on the right. Aim up and kill off any
commandos up top, then go up the next elevator. 3 rocket commandos will storm
the bottom, ry and take them out first, but take care of and ground level 
guys who are a threat. Once done, 3 rocket commandos will storm the top. Run
around and shoot up, you will kill any commando with your melee if they get to
close, so dont really worry about them. Once everyone is dead, go up yet 
another elevator. Shoot wildly, you should be able to kill the 2 rocket coms.
waiting for you before they can get a shot off. Then turn around and kill the
3 or 4 other commandos(you may not be able to do this in one swoop, dodge thier
bullets and shoot if need be). Go up the elevator again, run forward shooting
to kill the 4 or so commandos in front(or you can use a grenade, which will
make easy work of them). Keep running and gunning ahead until you meet the
first rebel armor. Shoot its man and get on in. Hop over the new sheild guy 
and sluaghter the bastards:) Continue right. Kill the next few men, then the 2
next rebel armors(should be a breeze). Kill the 2 men on top of the vehicle
and jump up there. Save the civ for a shotgun, then hop over the sheild com.
and kill the 2 rocket men, then proceed in killing the pesky sheild commando.
You will run into 3 more rebel armors before the boss, use your shotgun to
make quick work of them.
Boss- Giant Robot
You will be in a room filled with lava. Jump on the robot(via his treds) and
start firing! Make sure you hit his head, it is the only place you can hit him
for damage. He has a few main attacks, 1 is that he will open up his left arm
(it looks like his right arm to you) and fire missiles, these can be easily
dodged. 2, his eyes will get all electric and he will ppoint his head towards
one side of the room, RUN TO THE OPPOSITE SIDE, he is about fire a sweep laser.
Once he does this(you also know he will do it because his right hand(your left)
will extend) he will make a huge hole in the ground, get back on his legs 
before he creates the hole and you should be good. Now, once you damage him
enough, he will do his attacks a ton faster, with a few twists. His rockets
will be tres more pletiful, dodge and shoot them out of the air, jump of the
treds if need be. Also, instead of his arm extending for the laser, he will
grab a huge missile out of his chest, use the same strategy, but make sure you
also dodge the fireballs that appear after he destorys the ground. Lastly, he
will do lasers oppositly sometimes. Just make sure you run to the end of the
screen opposite of where he points his head. Once he is dead he will explode,
congrats, you beat mission 3!
Alternate boss strategy provided by xX-G-MaN-Xx

This boss is a fun one...Just only if you have grenades and/or a slug + a heavy
machine gun with lots of ammo. Simply jump onto the robot's treads. The robot
will begin to shoot missiles out of its hand. Move a little to the left of the
hand and start shooting up at the head of the robot. His head is the only
vulnerable point on his body and if you are in the right place, you will
automatically destroy 75% of the rockets he shoots. The flashing rockets drop
items. Eventually his eyes will start to glow, when this happens, move the
opposite end of the screen of the way he is looking...He will do a sweep with
lasers. After he does this, get back on the treads QUICKLY, becuase he may
destroy the ground which will kill you due to the hot lava below. Every once in
a while he will extend a hand with a missile in it. If it is low enough, jump
on it and throw your grenades at his head, then get back onto the treads. He 
also may slam a missle into the ground, so be careful. After enough hits, this
boss will go down. He is probably harder than Boss 4, so you have something 
good to expect.
Mission 3 Complete!
12.Mission 4
Ah, the infamous sand mission. It happens in a lot of Metal Slug games, and I 
have always found them fun. Anywho, start by killing the 2 commandos talking,
then hop on the camel slug. Run forward, you will run into a truck, destory it
(and destory and commandos in your path), if need be dismount your camel to
avoid fire. Then jump on the truck and save the civ, then continue right. First
off, kill the 2 rocket commandos paratrooping down, then kill the rifleman. 
Keep going right. Here comes a tricky part, you run into yet another truck, but
this time is has way more health, plus some helicopters will bug you. Stay to
the far left and take out the first helicopter, if need be, kill the constant 
swarm of commandos near the truck, 2 more helis will appear, use the same strat
as before, but this time be more conservitive and take out the commandos more
often. Once done with the helis shoot out the truck, 2 civs will appear, save 
them and continue.[Note: right over the truck there is a bunker, stand on it
and destroy it to aquire Ichimonji]. Ichimonji comes in very useful. The plane
bombers start to come in, take out the planes(and missiles if they drop them)
and then take care of the 3 commandos in front. Continue on. You will have to 
deal with 2 tanks, I strongly suggest you completely skip them, jump over them
and keep running and gunning, this will save a ton of trobule(not to mention a 
life or two) if you want to fight use your grenades and stay away from the
commandos. Continue right. You will come to a screen end, suddenly you will
come across 2 tanks, 1 on each side. Destroy the one in front and then jump
over the one behind to also destroy it. After this wave, kill the 2 helicopters
above you, but make you always keep an eye on those damn commandos. After you
deafeat the 2 tanks and helis you will continue right. Spores will start
swarming in the backround and you start to see dead plants, then you run into
the level split.

[BRRANCHING PATH ALERT!!! If you want to go either the Underground Shine Path
or the Underground Garden Path, go into the building. If you want to go the
Hill Path, go up the ramp]

     a.Hill Path
Take the ramp up and dismount your camel. You will be on a hill, go up(like the
sign says). The dead plants will start to explode, revealing spores, make sure
you dont come in contact with them. Go right and you will se commandos
fleeing. Blow the 2 danger barrels to get rid of the plants on the right, then
about face and chuck grenades to kill the right plants. Also, get the flame 
shot from the second barrel and save the civ. Go up and to the right, save the
civ, constant waves of plants will come. Just keep using the flame shot. Once
are are of high enough altitude it will prompt you to go left, do so. Save the
civ to get an enemy chaser and clear a path through the spores upwards. Then,
kill the 2 plants and get the heavy machine gun from the other civ. Jump over 
the barrier. You will be attacked by about 4 or 5 misquitoes. Use your heavy
machine gun to take care of them, if you dont have one, wait till they swoop
down, jump, and stab. Continue right. You will be at some big stone structure.
Kill the plant and hop the barrier. Continue the hopping and save the civ. Then
use your new machine gun to thwart off the plants. You will soon reach a sewer
entrance. Use the lever to the right to open the sewer and hop in. You will go
down a shaft, and be prompted to go right of left.
          1.Left Path
Well, if you go left you will run into bats, run past and go down the pipe at
the end of the path. You will drop down to 2 civs and supplys. Detroy the boxs
for points and save the civs for a shotgun. Mummies will pop out, kill them 
with your new shotgun and go to the door. Once open lots of flies will swarm 
out, easily killed. Continue. You will be in a room where the ceiling is
collapsing, run forward ASAP and kill all the zombies in your path. Go under 
clearings, if you get mummied, just keep going! The last mummy will give you
a human potion. Once out of the room go to the right of the next one, you will
start elevating. 10 or so mummies will come down, jump around like crazy 
shooting. Then once the dogs come, do the same(except duck and shoot). You will
go up another level, do the same thing again....and again on the 3rd level(it
is fairly easy, and there will be a lot of human potions). Finally you will
be at the top, free the civs and go right, you will pick up a "cell". You will
then throw it in a machine. Then plants will come, keep killing them and taking 
thier cells, than throw them in until the door opens, you will now be at the
          2.Right Path
You will run into some bats until you reach the end of the path. You will then
drop down the pipe. You will start to fall down because of sand, jump up the
sand avoiding the flies, then kill the mummy up top. Go through the door, you
will be in a room where the ceiling is falling. Run right and just plow your 
way through. Jump if you need to avoid attacks. Once you are out, you will be 
on an elevator, you will start going up. many mummies will drop from nowhere.
Kill them all, plus the mummy dogs. My strategy is to jump, cut, duck, shoot,
it should get you through. Mummies will drop again, duck to avoid fire and 
melee thier asses. Save the 2 civs to get a flame shot, which should make the
mummy dogs easy as pie, you will continue upward. You will face another wave of
mummys and mummy dogs, just use the flame shot. You will then see a door with 
light coming from it, save the 4 civs and go through. You will pick up a 
battery and throw it into a strange machine[Note: The battery will say "NEO" on
it, a little inside humor for SNK]. Then plants will ambush you, kill them and
take thier batteries, then throw them into the machine until the door opens,
then go through. You will now be at the boss.
Okay, if you didnt go the hill path, you will go into a small building, inside 
there will be about 3 chests, destroy them. Then go down the stairs to the 
right. You will be in some underground wine storage place, kill the 2 plants
that appear, then save the civ. If you plan to go the garden path, jump the
barrels and use the switch, if not you can skip the switch.

[BRANCHING PATH ALERT!!! If you want to go the underground garden path, hit
the switch and drop into the pipe, if not, skip the switch]
     b.Underground Garden Path
You will be put into some sort of overgrown garden. Go forward and melee the 
larva. Just keep going, then jump over the platform. You will then run into
crabs, if you feel like it, hit the switch for a civ, but it is very 
dangerous to do so. Continue right, take care of the 4 crabs that surround you.
When you go under the ledge, get to the clearing and immediatly shoot up, if
you can take all the larva out at once you will be rewarded with points. You 
will stay under for a bit, you will have another chance at the larva point 
trick also. Keep on going, killing as needed. Once you are through the tunnel
you will run into a civs who gives you a shotgun and some crabs. Keep going 
(whoa...color change) and kill all the crabs in your path. You will see a civ,
he has some grenades, continue. You will be confronted with a big crab, blow 
his ass outta the water and continue:) Jump over the platform and get in the 
drill slug. Some huge larva will confront you, use your cannons to kill him off
quick, use the same strategy on the next few. Dont forget, if you are in 
trouble, jump, you will lift up. Another color change will happen, take care
of some flies and then the snails will come. Keep killing on through them.
Once you are near the end part of the cave, holes will appear above you, shoot
up them for items, one of them will hold the poo, this is the only known place
to find this item, so dont skip over it! You will face some buildings, take
them down with your cannon fire. The rest is easy stuff. Just use the same
strategies for 1 more minute and you will be at the boss. Dont forget to save
all the hostages also, one gives you a laser. Now, you will be at the boss.
     c.Underground Shrine Path
Do not bother with the switch, just go over the boxs. Kill the plant sitting on
the box, then jump on over. You first have to deal with 5 plants while going up
some stairs. go rescue he hostage tied up. He will give you a heavy machine gun
grab it and run, tons upon tons of spores will fly down, jump over the barrels
and go into the portal thing. You will be in some shrine type place, run
forward through the big door. Go over the small hill and you will run into your
first arabians, kill the first 5 or 6 with your machine gun, make sure you
dont get killed by the red ones bomb. The tunnel will get very shorter, keep
going and kill all in front of you, also, watch for any who try to come up from
behind, jump down the ledge, kill the red guy and save the civ. He will give
you some bombs, use them on the next enemy, the poor mans tank. Then keep on
going right. You will then drop down into a small path with barracades. Throw
your grenades ASAP. The red guys will come, and you might get trapped inside.
At the end of the path, jump up the stairs and kill the bomb thrower. Then go 
forward. Kill the 5 or so red guys who drop down, then save the hostages. You
will now face infinite dropping red guys(or at least until you beat the....)
poors mans tank! Throw grenades and continue. Grab the flame shot the tank will
drop and continue. Drop down the ledge and destory all the boxs(and humans) in
front of you, you will probobly become fat. Go forward. Planes will keep on 
coming from above, they are attached to the track and will soon hit the wall,
wait for an opening and then move from cover to cover until you reach the small
house. Jump over the house and look for cover on the other side. Wait for an
opening and then save the civ to the right of the long gap. The house near the
civ will have guys swarm out, kill them and jump over the house. Now your cover
gets way smaller. Be extra careful moving from cover to cover, and dont let any
guys get a cheap shot in. Also, make sure you duck under the cover or you will
still be velnerable to hits. Run forward, you will be ambushed by 2 tanks(do
not worry, there are no more planes to deal with). Destroy the far right one
with grenades, then pick up its laser gun and unload on the left tank. Then,
about 15 red guys will drop from nowhere, jump around like crazy go nuts
shooting and pray to god you dont blow up, hopefully you will escape to the
right with your laser gun, because you are now at the boss.
Boss- Giant Statue God
Looks daunting does it not? Do not worry, he is one of the easier bosses of the
game. his attacks are all easy to read, and easier to dodge. He has 4 main
attacks, first, his jewel will start to have yellow spikes rotate around it,
these yellow diamonds will fly down on you at random. They have no pattern, so
dont try to find one, just stand under it and run to the right or left if you 
look like you are in danger. His second attack is very similar, his diamonds
will now be red, these do have a pattern, they are semi-heat seeking. The boss
will fire about 5 red diamonds at where you last were, when he shoots, jump
away, its pretty easy. Next, he will use an attack that makes spirit dragons,
they will come out of his "cups" on either side of him, they will make a
couple of circles, then fly at you. The best way to dodge these is to stand in
place, then when they speed up(they do this right before the kamikaze) jump
away as fast as you can. His final attack is tres easy. He will go into a 
corner and his bottom will glow purple, if you see him do this RUN TO THE 
OPPOSITE SIDE, NOT TOWARDS HIM, stay on the opposite edge and he should just
miss you. Now, this boss will show his damage through color, when he starts to
get noticably red he will speed up. His red and yellow attacks will speed way
up, which is the biggest threat. His dragon attack will launch 2 more than 
usual(though they dont get any faster) and he doesnt even do the purple sweep
attack anymore. Oh, and the most important thing, the only way to harm him it
to shoot his jewel in the center of him:)
Alternate strategy contributed by xX-G-MaN-Xx
This boss is easier than the boss of Mission 3! He has a few attacks, but some
of them can get you into quite a frenzy. He can only be hit in the center of
the top section of his body. It looks like an eye. The attacks are easy to
dodge, however, if you know how to deal with them. A sign of the following
attack is the boss moves to one side of the screen....QUICKLY, move to the
opposite side of the screen becuase he will shoot a large lazer across the
screen. Other attacks include a dragon projectile in which a dragon shoots out
and glides around until finally it pounces on you. There can be up to 3
dragons. After a little shooting, this boss is cake. The best weapon to beat
him with is the laser beam.
13.Mission 5
14.Extra Missions
The extra missions will be unlocked once you beat the 5th Mission. It wont tell
you, they will just be unlocked.
     a.Fat Island
This game is primarily 2 player. In the game, you will have to make yourself
weigh 200 kg, you do this by eating as much food as possible. In the 2 player
game, you have to kill the soldiers to get your food, in the single player, it
will both appear and come from soldiers. But, if you get hit you lose a lot of
your kg, which could mean you lose, so avoid the grenades. Keep in mind this is
only a mini-game, you get nothing for completion(you really cant even complete
it, other than a short 5 minute training counts). Anyways, here is the map of
the mini-game.

*                                                                             *
-----------------------------                    ------------------------------

--------------                                                   -------------- 
*                                                                             *


Thats what the basic map looks like, things will come out of every place with a
* by it.
     b.Storming the Mothership
Storming the Mothership is one hard mother. You play as an average morden 
commando. You can choose to be a rocket commando, sheild commando or a normal
commando. The setting, the mothership from Mission 5. Its just the mothership
with some parts taken out, so if need level guidance, turn to my Mission 5
          1.Normal Commando Strategy
This is not the guy you want to go with, the normal commando is hard as hell to
get anywhere with. Its attack is to throw grenades, while this comes in use
when you are against enemies above you, it sucks for ground level and distance
throwing. The grenades do have power though(as much as your grenades in arcade
mode) and you have an infinite amount of them. You can really do some damage if
you are going against robots(2 grenades will take them down). Once you get to
the alien tanks, jump and throw for damage also. 
          2.Rocket Commando Strategy
The rocket commandos have the power of the grenaders, and the range of a gun.
You can take out many groups of enemies safe from afar, so dont get to close to
any enemies. A good way to get rid of the small eye aliens is to hold down and 
shoot(you must hold down). The rocket commandos have no melee attack.
          3.Sheild Commando Strategy
This is my personal favorite. They have a good gun and range, plus thier sheild
comes in very useful. You can block any shot with the sheild, so dont be afraid
to use it. Also, they have a melee attack, which makes those damn eyes an ass-
load easier.
     a.Mission 1
-At the beginning of the level, shoot the water until you hear it make a 
different sound, run back to get a lot of points from the fish.
-The secnd rocket you see, whoot the top of it to get either a bone or a key.
-Jump past the portal to the sewers and jump and shoot downwards, fruit will
start to fall to the left.
-When you destroy the boat(first one you meet on the boat path, get on the top
level while the commandos try to pump the water, shoot up at the hole for many
     b.Mission 2
     c.Mission 3
     d.Mission 4
     e.Mission 5
16.Item List
[Note: I am going top to bottom starting with the left column]
a.Key: 1000
b.Crab: 1000
c.Treasure Box: 1000-50000
d.Bone: 100
e.Yellow Jewel: 100-30000
f.Blue Jewel: 100-30000
g.Red Jewel: 100-30000
h.Frog: 500-50000
i.Letter: 300
j.Coin: 10-64000
k.Canned food: 1000
l.Poo: 10
m.CEO Breifcase: 500
n.Snake: 500
o.Bird's Nest: 1000-50000
p.Medal: 10-500
q.Sheild: 10
r.Doll: 500-50000
s.Teddy Bear: 5000
u.Fish: 500
v.Mushroom: 1000
w.Bannanas: 100
x.1 Bannana: 10
y.Watermelon: 300
z.Apple: 100
a1.Bread: 200
a2.Meat Dumpling: 300
a3.Carrot: 100
a4.Japanese Radish: 300
a5.Chinese Cabbage: 300
a6.Mango: 100
a7.Fruit Basket: 1000
a8.Roast Turkey: 1000
a9.Cat: 100-50000
b1.Chicken: 500
b2.Egg: 10
b3.Pig: 1000
18.Version History
8.00- Finished the bonus missions, characters, vehicles and guns sections. I am
90% complete with the Mission Walthroughs and enemies section, I also have 1
more item in the item list I have yet to find(PLEASE CONTACT ME IF YOU HAVE
FOUND THAT EVIL ITEM!). I havent started the FAQ section yet because...I havent
been asked any questions!
19.Contact Info
If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please contact me. If you can
catch me on AIM, my name is RedAlertZero. You can also e-mail me, my e-mail
adress is RedAlertZero@hotmail.com.
-First off, SNK for this wonderful arcade perfect game. Bonus points for going
through putting all of the bonus stuff in thier, and for releasing it on Xbox!
-Sony, for denying release of this game on PS2, which means an Xbox release,
stupid Sony.
-CJayC, he has had to put up with so much crap since the site re-design, yet
he still has time to maintian the great site AND create an FAQ here and there.
-My family, now I finally have a stable permanant computer in my room, so I can
FAQ more than ever.
-All the Xbox Live users who are pushing me to get an better and better score.
-THE READERS! Thanks for looking at my faq, I hope you enjoyed it, and I also
hope it helped you a lot!