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Note: This FAQ must be printed in monospace format, otherwise it will come out ugly as hell and not lined up.. 1234567890 .......... ===========Disclaimer Mumbo-Jumbo So EGM Don't Steal My Crap Again=========== | | | This guide is intended for free circulation through all internet related | | resources including web pages, newsgroups, email, IRC, FTP and any other | | forums that exist. You many distribute or print this guide at your own | | leisure providing you do not alter the content in any way or receive | | monetary compensation for it. Tekken4, the Tekken series, and their | | characters are copyright Namco. The strategies and other non-official | | information regarding Tekken and/or your mama are copyright Hans Poorvin. | | Do not steal the information contained in this guide or attempt to | | reword it or I'll bust y0 ass with a 9-Iron. | | | ===========We Now Continue to Your Regularly Scheduled Movelist============== -_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_- ================================== | WHAT'S NEW IN REVISION UPDATES | ================================== v1.23 Updated Heihachi, Jin, Hwoarang, Paul, and Nina. ----- v1.22 Updated Heihachi, Combot, and Julia. ----- -_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_ *-*-*-BUTTON CONVENTIONS-*-*-* __________________ | BUTTON LAYOUT | ------------------ | | 1 - Left Punch | ___ ___ | 2 - Right Punch | / \ / \ | 3 - Left Kick | | 1 | | 2 | | 4 - Right Kick | \___/ \___/ | | | | ___ ___ | It's very important to | / \ / \ | become familiar with the | | 3 | | 4 | | numeric conventions of the | \___/ \___/ | buttons. | | | | ------------------ *-*-*-MOVEMENT CONVENTIONS-*-*-* f - tap forward once d/f - tap down/forward once b - tap backwards once d/b - tap down/back once d - tap down once u/f - tap up/forward once u - tap up once u/b - tap up/back once F - Hold stick forward D/F - Hold stick down/forward B - Hold stick back D/B - Hold stick down/back D - Hold stick down U/F - Hold stick up/forward U - Hold stick up U/B - Hold stick up/back N - Neutral joystick position (Joystick is not touched) SS - Short Sidestep (u,N or d,N) QCF - Quarter circle forward (Circle stick from down to forward) QCB - Quarter circle back (Circle stick from down to back) HCF - Half circle forward (Circle stick from back to down to forward) HCB - Half circle back (Circle stick from forward to down to back) *-*-*-LINKING & SPECIAL CONVENTIONS-*-*-* + - Moves must be done together , - Moves must be done right after the other ~ - Moves must be done IMMEDIATELY after the other _ - Or (When used between two moves, they are interchangeable) > - Move following the > has the option of being slightly delayed : - MOVE FOLLOWING THE = HAS TO BE PRECISION TIMED TO EXECUTE # - Hold movement before the '#' until the end of string or until N (Neutral) FC - Do move during full crouched position WS - While standing up (Returning the stick to neutral from a crouch) RN - While running (f,F#) BK - Back facing the opponent FD/FT - Lying on the ground Face Down / Feet Towards opponent FD/FA - " " Face Down / Feet Away from opponent FU/FT - " " Face Up / Feet Towards opponent FU/FA - " " Face Up / Feet Away from opponent CH - Major Counterhit (Hitting your opponent during their move execution) Clean - Clean Hit (Hitting your opponent from very close range) [] - Brackets surrounding an item indicate an optional output () - Parenthesis indicates moves grouped together {} - Curved brackets indicate buttons needed to break a throw . - Pause 1/3 a second between button presses (Tenstring timings only) -_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_ NEW TEKKEN4 MOVES ----------------- If a character has a new move that they did not have in Tekken3 or Tekken Tag, or if the command for that move has changed, I wrote that move in CAPITAL LETTERS! -_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_ TIME RELEASE CHARACTERS ----------------------- When a T4 machine is turned on for the first time, only the 10 default characters are selectable. The arcade board has an internal clock built in, so every so oft, a new character becomes time released and playable. At first, the time release character will only be selectable through the Random Select square, where you have the opportunity to select the character on a random chance. Character Time Release Schedule --------- --------------------- Jin Kazama 2 Weeks Active Violet (Lee after Week 9) 3 Weeks Active Nina Williams 4 Weeks Active Lei Wulong 5 Weeks Active Bryan Fury 6 Weeks Active Julia Chang 7 Weeks Active Kuma/Panda 8 Weeks Active Heihachi Mishima 9 Weeks Active Combot 10 Weeks Active -_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_ General Moves for Everyone =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- N Stand Still *Neutral Standing Guard* f_(F#) Step Forward_(Walk Forward) b_(B#) Step Backward_(Walk Backward) *Active Standing Guard* f,f Dash Forwards b,b Dash Backwards D/B CROUCH DOWN D/F# CROUCHING ADVANCE D# FULL CROUCH (FC) *Neutral Low Guard* D/F# Crouching Advance d/f Low Parry *When Attacked by a Low/Special-Mid Hit* (u,N)_(d,N) Short Axis Shifting Sidestep (SS) U#_D# SIDESTEP WALK (1+3)_(b+1+3) POSITION CHANGE - SWITCH {1} f+1+3 POSITION CHANGE - OFFENSIVE SHOVE {1} (u_d)+1+3 POSITION CHANGE - RIGHT OR LEFT SHOVE {1} (2,1,2,1,2)_(1,2,1,2,1) Mounted Punches *All but Yoshi* 2 Tackle Dodge *During Tackle Impact* 1+2 Tackle Flip Reversal *During Tackle Fall - Chains into Mounted Punches* 1 Right Punch Block, Kickoff *During Mounted Punch* 2 Left Punch Block, Kickoff *During Mounted Punch* u/f Low Hop U/F High Jump N+3 Landing Mid Gutkick *Stuns* N,3 Landing Low Kick +(1_3_4) Jumping Attack u/f+2 Quick Pounce (1_2_3_4) WALL TECHROLL *When Getting Smashed Into A Wall* (f,f,f)_(f,F) Run B Stop Running 1+2 Flying Cross Chop 3 Flying Side Kick *All but Paul, Yoshi, and King* 4 Sliding Leg Sweep *All but Yoshi and King* N Shoulder, Stomp or Tackle depending on run distance Knockdown Recovery Moves (When On Ground FU/FT) =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= (1_2_3_4) Tech Roll *Hit as SOON as you hit the ground* f Roll Forwards 3 Rising Low Kick 4 Rising Mid Kick 1+2 Flying Cross Chop b Roll Backwards 3 Rising Low Kick 4 Rising Mid Kick f+1+2 Flying Cross Chop 1_(d+1) Roll Out_(Roll In) N Stand Up D# Stay Lying Down 3 Rising Low Kick 4 Rising Mid Kick f Roll Forwards 3 Rising Low Kick 4 Rising Mid Kick 1+2 Flying Cross Chop b Roll Backwards 3 Rising Low Kick 4 Rising Mid Kick 1+2 Flying Cross Chop 3 Rising Low Kick 4 Rising Mid Kick d+4 Ankle Kick f+1+2 Roll Forward, Flying Cross Chop b+(4~3)_(3~4) Fast Rising Kickup b+3+4 Rising Kickup f Handspring Kickup *As soon as you hit the ground* B Tumble Knockback Recovery *After getting hit by a heavy tumbling attack* After a Rising Kickup, Yoshi and Paul automatically go into a Flying Cross Chop. King recovers in BK position after a Rising Kickup. Recovery moves are chained together as such: 1,b,3 - Roll out, roll backwards, rising low sweep. -_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_ The Characters =-=-=-=-=-=-=- ============== | BRYAN FURY | ============== GRAPPLING TECHNIQUES (Front) 2+4 DROPPING THROAT BREAKER {2} F+2+4 Falling Brain Blaster {2} FC,d/f,d/f+1+2 Chains of Misery {1+2} (Left) (2+4)_(F+2+4) Free Fall {1} (Right) (2+4)_(F+2+4) Knee Blast {2} (Back) (2+4)_(F+2+4) Hummer Throw SPECIAL TECHNIQUES 1,2,1 Triple Punches 2 Mid Hook 4 Low Kick 1,2,3 2 Punches, Lowkick b+1>2>1,2,1,2,1,2,1,2,4 MOMENTUM DEATH b,b+1 DOWNWARD SMASH *Juggles* D/F#+1[>1][>1][>1]~2 Piston Punch[es], Straightpunch SS+1 Devil's Claw SS+1~2 Phantom's Claw *Stuns on CH* QCF_WS+1 Lifting Uppercut *Juggles* 1,4,3,3 Southern Cross 1,4>2 Atomic Combo (>1)_(~f+1) (Backhand)_(Fakeout Punch) ~u_d Sidestep Feint >2 Mach Punch >4 Spinkick 4 Sidekick (FC_d_N)+1+2 Double Snake Fang f+1+2 Spinning Elbow QCF_WS+1+2 Small Uppercut b+2 Backhand *Stuns on CH* (>1)_(~f+1) (Backhand)_(Fakeout Punch) ~u_d Sidestep Feint >2 Mach Punch >4 Spinkick 4 Sidekick d/f+2 Straightpunch d_(d/b)+2 Stomach Hook QCB,2 Backdash Smash *Juggles* QCF_WS+2 Gutpunch b_f+2 Slam Throw *If Gutpunch Connects - Juggles* SS+2 Side Hummer f+2,1,4 STOMACH COMBO f,f+2 Mach Punch 3,3 Midkick, Highkick f,f+3 Slash Kick f,f+3 *Hold Down 3* DELAYED POWER SLASH KICK 3,2,1,4_2 Gatling Combo_Gatling Punches b+3,4 Stopping Kick, Knee b+3,2,1 Stopping Kick, 2 Punches 2 Mid Hook 4 Low Kick QCF_WS+3 Rising Knee *Stuns On CH* 4 Crushing Knee d/f+3 Snake Edge *Floats on Clean Hit* FC+3 CROUCHED ANKLE KICK (u_u/f)+3 Rolling Driver d/f+4 Spinkick d+3+4 Side Low Kick QCF_WS+3+4 Quick Spinkick f+4,3,4 Triple Kicks b+4 PUSHING KNEE (u_u/f)+4 Overhead Boot *Juggles* u/f~N+4 Hopkick *Juggles* f,f+4 Downward Arc Kick b,b+4 Flipping Ankle Drop b,b~u/b TWISTING JUMPKICK *Against Wall* 1+3+4 Knee Taunt 1+4#, Release FURY TAUNT f+2,1,4 STOMACH COMBO 2,1,4,2 FURY COMBO b+1+2~2 High/Mid Punch Parry, Retaliation Punch b+1+4 Super Backfist *Unblockable* f+1+4 Fast Super Backfist *Unblockable* b+ Tenstring b+ Eightstring b+ Eightstring SAMPLE COMBOS u/f+4, d+2, f+4,3,4 d/f+3, WS+3, 1, f,f+2 b,b+1, d+2, 1,2, f,f+2 CH b+2,1, b+2,1,4 QCF+1, f+2, f+4,3,4 ===================== | CHRISTIE MONTEIRO | ===================== GRAPPLING TECHNIQUES (Front) 2+4 LEG TWIST TAKEDOWN {2} F+2+4 NECK SPINNING DDT {2} d/f+1+2 SWINGING PENDULUM FLIP HCF+1+2 Rodeo Spin {1+2} (Left) (2+4)_(F+2+4) WINDING TWISTFLIP {1} (Right) (2+4)_(F+2+4) SADDLEMOUNT FRANKENSTEINER {2} (Back) (2+4)_(F+2+4) Over the Top Legtoss SPECIAL TECHNIQUES 1,2 1-2 Punches 4,3 Backflip Kickout, (RLX) 4~4 Leaping Boot, (RLX) 1,3 JAB, TOETAP, (HND) D (RLX) WS+1,3 RISING FIST, HERAN BAGO *Juggles* 1+2,3 Handslaps, ToeTap, (HND) 1+2~3 Handslaps, Kickup *Juggles* b+1+2 Straight Jab (f+1+2)_(FC,d/f+1+2) (HND) Position d/b+1+2 DOUBLE ARMSTRIKE FC+1+2 Cabecada ~1 Cancel ~1+2 Cabecada Needle (u/b_u_u/f)+1+2 Vasuuna SS+1+4 Low Banda Sweep SS+2 Cruncher *Bounces on CH* (WS+2)_(QCF+2) SLIDING UPPERCUT *Juggles on CH* d/f+2 Elbow Uppercut f+2,1,4 Triple Flurry b+2 Asfixiante 3~3 Heran Bago *Juggles* 3~4 Thomas Flare, (RLX) B (HND) 4,1+2 Low Flairsweep, Cabecada ~1 Cancel ~1+2 Cabecada Needle 4,[4] Low Flairsweep[s] B (HND) f+3 Arrow Kick, (HND) b+3 Quick Knee >f SNAPKICK EXTENSION u/f+3 ARMADA DE COSTES ~3 Kickup *Juggles* 3 Lowsweep 3+4 Low Kickout, (RLX) QCF+3 CRESCENT CANNON *Juggles* SS+3 Heran Bago, (RLX) ~B_~D Heran Bago Cancel, (HND)_(RLX) B (HND) 3+4 Boot Up *Juggles - Heran Bago Must Contact* SS+u+3 Armada de Costes ~3 Kickup *Juggles* 3 Lowsweep 3+4 Low Kickout, (RLX) d/f+3 Toetap, (HND) D (RLX) d/b+3 Rasteria B (HND) 3 Midkick, (RLX) 4 Leg Whip ~3 Bush Whacker ~4 Shin Cutter ~B (HND) 4 Cross Cutter ~B (HND) 1+2 Cabecada ~1 Cancel ~1+2 Cabecada Needle f,f+3 Lungekick B_D (HND)_(RLX) 3+4 Macaco B (HND) b+3+4 INSIDE CRESCENT d/f+3+4 Mirage *Juggles* (u_u/f)+3+4 Jumping Jack ~D_~B (RLX) FC+3+4 Flapjack B_D (HDN)_(RLX) SS+3+4,3+4,3+4,u/f+3+4 Aerial Kicks, Jumping Jack B_D (RLX) d+3+4 (RLX) POSITION d+3~4 QUICKSWEEP d/b+4,4,4,4... M. L. de Compasso *b+4 After Any Kick for (HND)* FC,d/b+4 Haule WS+4 Circle Kick 4~3 Satellite Moon 3~b (HND) 3 Mid Slipkick, (RLX) 4,2,4 Moon Combo, Armada *Can Chain Armada Moves* b+4 Armada 3 Rasteria Pause,4.. Armada.. *Infinite Chain* B (HND) ~3 Chibata 3 Heran Bago, (RLX) ~B_~D Heran Bago Cancel, (HND)_(RLX) B (HND) 4 Low Kick B (HND) 1+2 Cabecada ~1 Cancel ~1+2 Cabecada Needle 4 Low Kick B (HND) 4 Backflip D (RLX) 3+4 Backflip f+4 Monkey Trick B (HND) 3+4 Thomas Flare *Can Chain Thomas Flare Moves* (u_u/f)+4 Roundhouse f,f+4 Backflip 3 Foot Kickout, (RLX) ~4 Dropkick, (RLX) SS+4 Lowsweep B (HND) 3 Tripping Sweep 3+4 Flapjack B_D (HND)_(RLX) SS+4~3 Leaping Massacre B (HND) b,b~u/b RUNUP BACKFLIP, (BK) *Against Wall* d/b+3+4 Spinning Cyclone *Unblockable - b,b to Cancel* 4~3.. Tenstring Handstand Position - (HND) - (f+1+2)_(FC,d/f+1+2) ------------------------------------------------- N_b Stand Up (u,N)_(d,N) Handstand Lean 1,3 Spin-In Punch, Rasteria Pause,4.. Armada.. *Infinite Chain* B (HND) ~3 Chibata 3 Heran Bago, (RLX) ~B_~D Heran Bago Cancel, (HND)_(RLX) B (HND) 4 Low Kick B (HND) 1+2 Cabecada ~1 Cancel ~1+2 Cabecada Needle 4 Low Kick B (HND) 2,4 Spin In Punch, Low Sweep B (HND) 3 Low Sweep F+1+2 Roll Forward, (HND) 3 Scoot Kick, (RLX) 3~4 Thomas Flare, (RLX) B (HND) 4,1+2 Low Flairsweep, Cabecada ~1 Cancel ~1+2 Cabecada Needle 4,[4] Low Flairsweep[s] B (HND) b+3 Heran Bago, (RLX) ~B_~D Heran Bago Cancel, (HND)_(RLX) B (HND) (d_u)~(3_4),N Drop In Kick, (HND) (D_U)+(3_4) Drop In Kick, (RLX) d>3+4 Low Rider, Boot Up *Juggles*, (HND) 4 Helicopter, (HND) 3+4 Thomas Flare *Can Chain Thomas Flare Moves* Relaxed Position - (RLX) - d+3+4 -------------------------------- f_b Forward_Backward Roll 1+2 Flying Cross Chop 1 LEFT PUNCH 3 ARROW KICK, (HSP) 4 ARMADA *Can Chain Armada Moves* 2 RIGHT PUNCH 3 DELAYED ARROW KICK, (HND) 4 MONKEY TRICK B (HND) 3+4 Thomas Flare *Can Chain Thomas Flare Moves* f+1+2 Forward Roll, Flying Cross Chop 3,4 Lowsweep, Midkick 3~4 Kickup *Juggles* 3+4 Back Handspring B (HND) Cancel b+3+4 Rising Kickup, BK 4,3+4 Stinger, Haule ~B_~3 Haule Cancel, (HND) 4~3 Low Flair Kickup, (HND) 3+4 Thomas Flare *Can Chain Thomas Flare Moves* SAMPLE COMBOS QCF+3, 1,2,4~4 HND D,3+4, 2,4,3 RLX 3~4, 1,2,4~4 d/f+3+4, QCF+3 3~4, RLX 2, 1,2,4~4 ========== | COMBOT | ========== SPECIAL NOTES Combot randomly takes on the complete moveset of any one fighter for an entire match. You can discover the identity of this randomly chosen fighter by watching the stance and posture of Combot. ==================== | HEIHACHI MISHIMA | ==================== GRAPPLING TECHNIQUES (Front) 2+4 Powerbomb {2} f+2+4 Neck Breaker {2} f,f+1+2 Stonehead {1+2} f,f+1+4 Headbutt *Works on Heihachi, Jin, Lei, Bryan, Kuma, Paul and Kazuya* {1+2} (Left) (2+4)_(f+2+4) One Hand Slam {1} (Right) (2+4)_(f+2+4) Tile Splitter Guillotine {2} (Back) (2+4)_(f+2+4) Atomic Drop SPECIAL TECHNIQUES 1,1>2 Shining Fists 1>2 2 Punches 2 Backfist (1+2)_(2~1) Chi Palm ~(u_d) Fakeout (1+2)_(2~1) Delayed Chi Palm 4 Midkick f+1>b+2 Punch, Gutpunch 1 Thunder Godfist 4 Slice Kick b+1 Stun Splitter d+1 Tile Splitter d/f+1,2 Twin Pistons *Juggles* f,N,d,d/f+1 Thunder Godfist f,N,d~d/f+1 DIAMOND THUNDER GODFIST *Red Spark* f,N,d/f+1 OMEN THUNDER GODFIST *Blue Spark* (1+2)_(2~1) Chi Palm b+1+2 DOUBLE TIGER FISTS b+1+2 *Hold Down 1+2* POWER TIGER FISTS 2,2 Punch, Backfist f+2 Backfist ~1+2 Chi Palm Cancel b+2 Spinning Gutpunch QCF+2 Deathpalm WS+2 Dark Thrust *Stuns on CH* f,f+2 Demon Godfist *Juggles* f,N,d,d/f+2 Wind Godfist *Juggles on CH* f,N,d~d/f+2 Electric Wind Godfist *Juggles on CH* f,N,d,d/f+2 *Hold Down 2* LIGHTNING WIND GODFIST *Juggles* f,N,d,d/f,N+3 Slice Kick f,N,d,D/F#+3 Low Slice Kick f,N,d,d/f,f,u/f+3 Hop, Delayed Slice Kick f,N,d,d/f,f,u/f,d+3 Hop, Low Slice Kick f+3 THRUST FRONTKICK f,f+3 Left Axe Kick *Floats* u/f+3,4 Screw Blade Hunting Hawk b,b,N+3+4 Shadow Foot Sidestep 4 Standing Heihachi Boot *Stuns on CH* f+4 Right Axe Kick u/f+4,4 High-Low Jumping Spin Kicks u+4 Vertical Boot *Juggles* WS_QCF_(f,N,d,d/f)+4>4 Axe Kicks [u/f+]4~3 Flipstomp d+4 Demon Stomp *Hits Grounded Opponent* f,N,d,D/F#+4,[4],[4] Hell Sweep[s] N+1 Thunder Godfist N+4,4 Axe Kicks f,N,d,D/F#+4:[4]:[4] RECOVERY HELL SWEEP[S] *Guardstun Recovers Fast* :N+1 THUNDER GODFIST :N+4,4 AXE KICKS b+2+4 EVIL CHI *Causes Block Damage* *Auto-Reversal - Hurts Heihachi* d+1+4 Demon Tile Splitter *Unblockable* 2+3+4 Lighting Taunt d/f+3:22..4.4..1..2..1..2..1 Tenstring d/f+3:22..4.4..1..4..1..2..(1_4) Tenstring f,F.....2122.3.4.4..1..2.1 Tenstring SAMPLE COMBOS CH f,N,d,d/f+2, 1,2, d/f+1,2 CH WS+2, 1, 1,2,2 d/f+1,2, 1, 1, f,N,d,d/f+2 f,N,d,d/f+2 *Hold 2*, 1, f,N,d,d/f+4,4,1 u+4, 1, 1, 1, QCF+2 ============ | HWOARANG | ============ GRAPPLING TECHNIQUES (Front) 2+4 Falcon Dive Kick {2} F+2+4 Windmill Neck Kick {2} f,f+2 Rolldown Jawbreaker {2} f+2+3 Cannonball {1+2} QCB+3 Trapped Heel Explosion {1} d,d/b+1+3 Hip Toss {1+2} (Left) (2+4)_(F+2+4) 5-Kick Massacre {1} (Right) (2+4)_(F+2+4) Holding Neck Snap {2} (Back) (2+4)_(F+2+4) Jumping Leg Press SPECIAL TECHNIQUES Both Right Foot Forward-(RFF) and Left Foot Forward-(LFF) --------------------------------------------------------- 1+2 Switch BK / Face Forward 3+4 Switch (RFF) / (LFF) f,N,d,d/f Crouch Dash 2 Psuedo-Wind Godfist *Juggles on CH* 3 (LFL) 3~3 Thrust Sidekick 4 Wing Blade *Juggles* f,N,d~d/f+4 ELECTRIC WING BLADE *Juggles* d/f+1+2 Body Blow d/f+2 Uppercut *Juggles on CH* WS+2 Rising Uppercut *Juggles on CH* u+3 Flamingo Kick, (LFL) WS+3 Windmill Kick d/f+3>4 Twin Midkicks d+3,4 Kneekick, Highkick, (RFL) u/f+3,4,3 Hunting Hawk WS+4,[~4] Toe Kick, [Axe Kick, (RFF)] d+4,4 Low Kick, Lifting Leg Kick *Juggles* u/f+4 Leaping Highkick b,b~u/b TWISTING JUMPING ROUNDHOUSE *Against Wall* Left Foot Forward-(LFF) Only ---------------------------- 1,1,3>3 Twin Jabs, Lowkick, Highkick 1,2,f+(3_4) JAB, RIGHT PUNCH, (SIDEKICK_JUMPING ROUNDHOUSE) 2,f+(3_4) RIGHT PUNCH, (SIDEKICK_JUMPING ROUNDHOUSE) [1,]2,3 HIGH PUNCH[ES], (LFL) [1,]2,4 HIGH PUNCH[ES], (RFL) f+1+2 SHORT AXE HANDLE *Stuns on CH* b+2 BOLT CUTTER f+2 Backfist, (RFF) ~F (LFF) u/f+2 LEAPING HEADSHOT 3,3,[d+3] High, Mid, [Low] Kicks 4 Highkick, (RFL) ~F (LFF) 4 Midkick, (RFF) 3,3,3 Machine Gun Kicks >3 Liftkick *Juggles* >4 Highkick, (RFL) ~F (LFF) 4 Midkick, (RFF) 3~4 Flying Eagle f+3 (LFL) f+3~3 Thrust Sidekick f,f+3 Spiral Kick, (RFF) b+3 LIFTING LEG KICK *Juggles* 4,3 Axe Murderer, (RFF) ~F (LFF) 4,4 Hot Feet 4 Toe Jam (RFL) 3 Blizzard Kick 4 Hot Feet, (RFF) BK 4 Lifting Leg Kick *Juggles* d/b+4,4 FOOT SWEEP, HIGH CRESCENT KICK u/b+4 CHICKEN KICK f+4 Face Kick, (RFL) >4 Sidekick, (RFF) f,N+4 Right Flamingo Feint f,f+4 Running Sidekick *Turns Opponent BK When Hit* b+4 High Facekick *Turns Side on CH*, (RFF) Right Foot Forward-(RFF) Only ----------------------------- F_B_(u/b,N) (LFF) (d/f,N)_(d/b,N) (LFF) *Recovers Crouching* 1,1 Face Punches, (LFF) 2,1,1 Triple Punches, (LFF) 2,3 Punch-Kick Combo, (LFF) 2,b+4 Jab, Spinkick, (RFL) 2,4 Jab, Chainsaw, (LFF) F (RFL) 3 Chainsaw Kick >4 High Hook, (LFF) 3 Teaser Trip 3 Wild Roundhouse, (LFF) BK 3 Lifting Leg Kick *Juggles* 3~4 Power Roundhouse f+3 [~B] Hook Kick, (LFL) B BK Position 4 Teaser Trip, (LFF) f,f+3 Leaping Left Roundhouse b+3 High Kick, (LFF) 4 Chainsaw Kick ~F (RFL) 3 Overhead Axekick >4 High Hook, (LFF) f+4 (RFL) ~4 Lifting Leg Kick *Juggles* f,f+4 Piroette Kick, (LFF) ~3 Screw Kick d/f+4 Side Kick b+4 Right Sidestep Roundhouse Left Flamingo Stance - (LFL) ---------------------------- N (LFF) f_b Flamingo Shuffle u_d Flamingo Sidestep 1 Left Jab, (LFF) 1+4 Power Blast *Unblockable - b,b to Cancel* 2 Backfist, (RFF) 3,3 Machine Gun Kicks (LFF) >3 Machine Gun Lift *Juggles*, (LFF) 4 [,F] Changeup Combo, (RFL) F (LFF) >4 Changeup Mid (RFF) 3,3,4>4 Changeup Combo #2, (RFF) f+3 DUAL FLASH KICKS b+3 Left Sidestep Roundhouse, (LFF) (d_d/b)+3,4 FOOT SWEEP, HIGH CRESCENT KICK, (LFF) 3+4 (RFL) 4 Spin Kick, (RFL) b+4 Right Heel Lance *Juggles*, (RFF) (d_d/b)+4 Teaser Trip, (LFF) 2.2.3.. Tenstring Right Flamingo Stance -(RFL) ---------------------------- N (RFF) f_b Flamingo Shuffle u_d Flamingo Sidestep 1 Backfist, (LFF) 2 Right Jab, (RFF) 3 Spin Kick, (LFL) b+3 Left Heel Lance *Juggles*, (LFF) (d_d/b)+3 Teaser Trip, (LFF) 3+4 (LFL) 4 Side Kick *Stuns on CH*, (RFF) f+4 DUAL FLASH KICKS b+4 Right Sidestep Roundhouse, (LFF) d+4 Ankle Kick 1.2.3.. Tenstring SAMPLE COMBOS f,N,d,d/f+4, u/f+3,4,3 b+3, d+3,4, f+4 LFL b+4, 4,4 CH d+4,4, 1, 1,2,4 RFL b+3, 4,{4},4,4 ============== | JIN KAZAMA | ============== GRAPPLING TECHNIQUES (Front) (2+4)_(F+2+4) Arm Break Shoulder Toss {2} u/f+1+2 SHOULDERLOCK WHIPTOSS QCB+1+3 Wrist Takedown {1} (Left) (2+4)_(F+2+4) Shoulder Flip {1} (Right) (2+4)_(F+2+4) Arm Break, Shoulder Toss {2} (Back) (2+4)_(F+2+4) BEAR HUG SLAM SPECIAL TECHNIQUES 1,2 1-2 Punches 3 Axekick >4 ROUNDHOUSE KICK d+1 CORPSE THRUST b+1 QUICK ELBOW f,N,d,d/f+1 THUNDER HOOKFIST d/f+1 Side Punch >4 HIGH ROUNDHOUSE 4~4 ROUNDHOUSE FEINT, LOWKICK 1,3,2,1,4 KAZAMA FURY d+1+2 DAEMON SOUL 1,3~3,3 PUNCH, SNAPKICK, BACK ROUNDHOUSE d+1+2 DAEMON SOUL WS+1,2 RISING PUNCH, OVERHAND LEFT 1+2 STRAIGHT PUNCHES d+1+2 DAEMON SOUL 2,1 PUNCH, GUTPUNCH 4 SIDEKICK 4~4 SIDEKICK FEINT, LOWKICK 2,4 PUNCH, ROUNDHOUSE KICK WS+2 Rising Uppercut *Juggles* d/f+2 Short Uppercut *Juggles on CH* f,N,d,d/f+2 WIND HOOKFIST f,N,d~d/f+2 ELECTRIC WIND HOOKFIST b+2,3 BACKHAND, SIDEKICK d+1+2 DAEMON SOUL f+2 RIGHT ELBOW f,f+2 Demon Paw b,f+2>1 Laser Rush >2 Laser Scraper >d+2 Laser Cannon *Juggles* >d+2 *Hold Down 2* HELL CANNON *Unblockable - Juggles* :Release 2 SHORT HELL CANNON *Unblockable - Juggles* d+3,3 LOWKICK, MIDKICK WS+3 HIGH RISING ROUNDHOUSE b+3,4 OUTSIDE FACE CRESCENT, LOWKICK f+3,3~3 SNAP MIDKICK, MIDKICK, SIDEKICK d+1+2 DAEMON SOUL f,f+3 Axekick 1,3,2,1,4 KAZAMA FURY d+1+2 DAEMON SOUL 1,3~3,3 PUNCH, SNAPKICK, BACK ROUNDHOUSE d+1+2 DAEMON SOUL f,N,d,d/f,f,u/f+3 Crouch Dash Slash Kick d+3+4 Can-Can Kicks *Juggles* d+4 LONG SWEEP f+4 MID SNAPKICK d+1+2 DAEMON SOUL d/f+4 POWER SIDE ROUNDHOUSE d+1+2 DAEMON SOUL d/b+4 SHIN KICK f,f+4 SLOW AXEKICK (WS+4)_(f,N,d,d/f,f+4) Axekick f,N,d,d/f+4 HELL TRIP ~3 TWISTING DEMON SCISSORS (u_u/f)+4 HOPPING SNAPKICK u/f,N+4 JUMPING SPINKICK [u/f]+4~3 TWISTING DEMON SCISSORS b,b~u/b TWISTING JUMPKICK *Against Wall* u/b+1+2 POWER BODYHOOK *Unblockable - b,b to Cancel* 1+3+4 DAEMON SOUL TAUNT b+1+2 DAEMON SOUL *Causes Block Damage* ~f,f,b+2+4 DAEMON STEP HIGH/MID REVERSAL b+1+2 *Hold 1+2*, d,u,b,f SOUL OMEN f,N,d,d/f+2 DEVIL WIND HOOKFIST f,N,d,D/F+4 DEVIL HELL TRIP 1,2,3 1-2 PUNCHES, AXE KICK 1,3,2,1,4 KAZAMA FURY f+1,3~3,3 PUNCH, SNAPKICK, BACK ROUNDHOUSE d+1+2 DAEMON SOUL b+2+4 MID/HIGH PARRY SAMPLE COMBOS d+3+4, 1, 1,2,4 WS+2, b,f+2>1,2 CH d/f+2, 1, 1, 1, f,f+2 f,f+3,1, 1,2,4 d+3+4, 1,2, 1+2 =============== | JULIA CHANG | =============== GRAPPLING TECHNIQUES (Front) 2+4 SIDE BUSTER {2} F+2+4 Death Valley Bomb {2} b+2+4 SLINGSHOT *Must Throw into Wall for Damage* {2} FC,d/b,d,d/b+1+2 Cross Arm Suplex {1+2} d/f+1+2 Armlock Suplex {2} d,D/B+1+3 Front Suplex {1} QCB,f+2 Mad Axes {1+2} (Left) (2+4)_(F+2+4) Running Bulldog {1} (Right) (2+4)_(F+2+4) Spinning Frankensteiner {2} (Back) (2+4)_(F+2+4) Spinning Air Neckbreaker SPECIAL TECHNIQUES 1~1 Catapult Starter 1 Catapult *Juggles* 2 LUNGING PALM ATTACK *Stuns on CH* 4,3 Low Sweep, Bowleg d/f+1 Modified Catapult Starter 1 Catapult *Juggles* 4,3 Low Sweep, Bowleg 1,2 1-2 Punches 3 Lowkick 4 Highkick CH 1,2,1 Punch, Death Push, Sky Uppercut *Juggles* (RN)_(d,d/f)+1>2 Lightning Bolt *Stuns on CH* f+1 Rushing Uppercut *Juggles* f+1~2 Lunging Palm Attack *Stuns on CH* f+1+2 Sky Uppercut *Juggles on CH* 1+2 SHORT TWIN ARROW b+1+2 TWIN ARROW *Stuns* f,f+1>4 Dashing Left Elbow, Skyscraper Kick f,f,N+1,4 Speed Left Elbow, Skyscraper Kick 1+4,3 Club Fist, Sweep, Bowleg SS+2 Parting Fist d/f+2 Death Push 1 SKY UPPERCUT *Juggles* 3 Lowkick 4 Highkick (b+2)_(2~b) Punch, Spin Behind *Spin Only if Punch Connects* 1+2 Back Push (WS+2)_(3~2) Slice Uppercut (>2)_(Hold Down 2) HAMMER ELBOW 1,1 Catapult Combo 1,4,3 Club Fist, Low Sweep, Bow Leg 4 Sweep N+4 Highkick d+4 Lowkick 1 Uppercut *Juggles* f,f+2 DASHING LUNGEPUNCH (d+2,3)_(2+3),1 Death Push, Punt Kick, Dash Uppercut *Juggles* (RN)_(FC,d/f)+2 Dashing Elbow *Stuns on CH* b+3,4 LIQUID SWEEPS SS+3,4 DOUBLE JUMP TWISTKICKS *Juggles* 3+4 Sidestep Spin 4,4 Highkick, Sweepkick N+4 Highkick d+4 Lowkick 1 Uppercut *Juggles* u/f+3+4 Earthquake Stomp 4,4 Kick, Spinsweep N+4 Highkick d+4 Lowkick 1 Uppercut *Juggles* b+4 Heaven Shatter Kick *Stuns on CH* d+4 Spinsweep N+4 Highkick d+4 Lowkick 1 Uppercut *Juggles* CH 4 Knockdown Highkick *Juggles* WS+4 Skyscraper Kick FC,d/f+4,3 Low Sweep, Bow Leg u/f+4 Jumping Boot *Juggles* d/f+4>2>(b,f+1) Mountain Crusher b,b~u/b JUMPING OVERHEAD BOMB *Against Wall* 2+3+4 Wave Taunt f+1+4 Heaven Cannon *Unblockable - Juggles* B CANNON CANCEL Tenstring Tenstring Tenstring SAMPLE COMBOS CH 1~1,1, f,f+1, f,f+1, f,f+1, d,d/f+1,2 f+1, 4, f,f+1,4 u/f+4, 1, f,f+1, 1, f,f+1,4 CH b+4, 3~2,2 b+2+4 (Wall Throw), 1~1,1 ================== | KAZUYA MISHIMA | ================== GRAPPLING TECHNIQUES (Front) 2+4 Hip Toss {2} F+2+4 Bitch Kicks {2} f,f+1+2 Stonehead {1+2} (Left) (2+4)_(F+2+4) Steel Pedal Drop {1} (Right) (2+4)_(F+2+4) Skull Smash {2} (Back) (2+4)_(F+2+4) Reverse Neck Throw SPECIAL TECHNIQUES 1,1>2 Shining Fists [1],2,2 Demon Slayer 1,2>4 1-2 Punches, Low Slipkick b+1 SHORT OVERHEAD ELBOW d/f+1 Gut Slugger f+2 DEMON THRUST WS+1,2 Twin Pistons *Juggles* f,N,d,d/f+1,(3_4) Thunder Godfist, (Midkick_Hellsweep) f,N Kazuya Mist Step d/f+1 Thunder Godfist 3_4 Midkick_Hellsweep d/f+2 Wind Godfist *Juggles on CH* d~d/f+2 ELECTRIC WIND GODFIST *Juggles on CH* 3 LEAPING SLASH KICK 4,4 Hell Sweeps f+1+2 Glory Demon Fist *Stuns* f+2 DEMON THRUST SS+1+2 CORPSE SLASH PUNCH d_FC+1+2 Ultimate Tackle d/f+2 Demon Gutpunch *Stuns on CH* b+2 OVERHEAD DONKEY PUNCH b,b+2 SPINNING BACKFIST *Stuns on CH* f+2 Demon Thrust WS+2 Kazuya Gutpunch *Stuns on CH* f,N,d,d/f+2 Wind Godfist *Juggles on CH* f,N,d~d/f+2 Electric Wind Godfist *Juggles on CH* b+3,1,4,1 BLAZING DEMON *Stuns* 3,1 ADVANCING KICK, LEAD JAB f,f+3 Split Axe Kick f,N,d,d/f+3 LEAPING SLASH KICK f+4 Axe Kick b+4 SNAP KICK d+4 THUNDER GRIND FOOT *Opponent Must be Grounded* d/f+4>4 Axe Kicks WS_(f,N,d,d/f)+4,4 Axe Kicks [u/f+]4~3 Demon Scissors Flipstomp u_u/f+4,4,4,4 Jumping Kick, 2 Hell Sweeps, Roundhouse u/f,N+4 Delayed Hopkick *Juggles* d/b+4 Low Slipkick f,N,d,D/F+4,4 Hell Sweeps b,b~u/b TWISTING JUMPKICK *Against Wall* b+1+4 Lightning Godfist *Unblockable* B+1+4 Lightning Hell Godfist *Unblockable* f,f,N+2122.3.4.4..1..2.1 Tenstring f,f,N+2122.3.4.4..3..2.1 Tenstring f,f+N+2144.2.4.3..2.1 Ninestring SAMPLE COMBOS CH f,N,d~d/f+2, 1, 1,2, f,N,d,d/f+2 CH WS+1,2, b+3,1, d/f+2 u/f,N+4, 1,2, d/f+4,4 CH WS+2, d/f+2, 3,1, d/f+1,f+2 CH f,N,d/f+2, 1, 1, d/f+1,f+2 ======== | KING | ======== GRAPPLING TECHNIQUES (Front) 2+4 Brainbuster Suplex {2} F+2+4 Swinging DDT {2} (2+4)_(F+2+4)~B TOMB DROP {2} d/f+2+3 Coconut Crush {2} d/b,f+2 Tombstone Piledriver {2} f,HCF+1 Giant Swing {1} *Quick Recover - 1/2 damage* QCB+1+2 Wishbone Powerbomb {1+2} FC,d/b~d/b+1+2 ROCK BOTTOM {1+2} d/b+1+2 Figure-4 Leglock {1+2 Escape, 3+4 Reversal} SS+2+4 Sidestepping Elbow Lock Multistarter-(F) {1+2} QCF+1 Jaguar Driver {1 Break, 3+4 Escape} 1+2 Flying Press {3+4} 1+2,3,4,1+2 Boston Crab *At Apex of Driver* b+1+2 Irish Whip {2} 3+4 Whip Down {3+4} 2+4 Quickslam {2} 1+3 Spin and Let Go {1} 1+2 Turn and Let Go {1+2} RN+2+4 RUNNING CLIMB KNEESTRIKE d+2+4 Low Throw Powerbomb {1+2} *Opponent Must Duck* d/f,d/f+2+4 Elbow Lock Multistarter-(F) {2} *Opponent Duck* f,N,D/F+2+3 Standing Achilles Hold {2} 1+2,3,1,1+3 Scorpion Death Lock {2} 1,2,3,1+2 STF {1 Escape, 1+2 Reversal} 1+2,1,3,1+2 Indian Death Lock {1+2 Escape, 3+4 Reversal} 1,3,4,1+2,3+4 Romero's Special f,N,D/F+1+4 Reverse Arm Hyperextension {1} 1+2,1+2 Double Arm Snap {1} 1+2,4,2+4 Russian Leg Sweep {2} 4,3,4,3+4,1+2 Arm Crucifix 2,1,1+2+3 Chicken Wing Face Lock {1+2} 2,1,3,1+2+4,1+2+4 Reverse Guillotine Choke {1} 1+3,3+4,2+4,1+2,1+2+3 Rolling Death Cradle {2} Ground Throws ------------- Face Up/Feet Towards d/b+2+4 Mini Swing {2} D/B+2+4 Figure-4 Leglock {1+2} D/F+2+4 CROTCH DIVE {2} Face Down/Feet Towards d/b+2+4 Half Boston Crab {1} Face Up/Feet Away d/b+2+4 Crucifixion {1+2} Face Down/Feet Away d/b+2+4 Chicken Wing {1+2} Face Up/Side d/b+2+4 Flip Over (Left) {1} d/b+2+4 Flip Over (Right) {2} Face Down/Side d/b+2+4 Bow Break (Left) {1} d/b+2+4 Camel Clutch (Right) {2} Multithrow Link Table --------------------- A--B--C--D--E | | | `--J \ F-----G--D--E | | | `--J | `--H--I--E | `--J A. f,d/f+(1+3)_(2+4) Reverse Arm Clutch Multistarter {1_2} B. 2,1,1+2 Backdrop {1} C. 3+4,1+2 German Suplex {1} D. 1,2,3+4 Powerbomb {After Cannonball- 1} E. 2,1,3,4 Giant Swing {1, After Superfreak- 2} F. d/f+1+2 Double Elbow Lock Multistarter G. 2,2,1+2 Cannonball {After Backdrop- 2} H. 3+4,1+2,1+2+4 Manhattan Drop {2} I. 1,2,3+4,1+2 Superfreak J. 3,1,2,3+4,1+2+3+4 Wishbone Powerbomb {2, After Superfreak- 1} (Left) (2+4)_(F+2+4) Argentine Backbreaker {1} SS+2+4 Cannonball Multistarter-(G) {1} (Right) (2+4)_(F+2+4) Atomic Knee Buster {2} SS+2+4 Cannonball Multistarter-(G) {2} (Back) 2+4 Cobra Twist Abdominal Stretch F+2+4 Half Boston Crab b,f+1+2 Octopus Slam SS+2+4 Cannonball Multistarter-(G) (Tackle) (1,2,1)_(2,1,2) Mounted Punches 1+2,1+2 Armbar, Wristlock 3+4 Knee Cross Lock :1+2 Elbow Lock, Necksnap 1+2,1+2 Armbar, Wristlock 3+4 Knee Cross Lock :1+2 Elbow Lock, Necksnap SPECIAL TECHNIQUES 1,2 Double Punch String 2+4 REVERSE DDT d+2+4 LOW POWERBOMB *Catches Crouching Opponents* 1,2,1 Triple Punch String 2+4 FALLBACK ANKLE TRIP THROW d+2+4 LOW POWERBOMB *Catches Crouching Opponents* b+1 PARTING CHOP d+1~N+2 Mid Punch, Uppercut d/f+1>2 Elbow Smash, Side Swipe f,f+1 DIRTY SANCHEZ FC,d/f+1 Ankle Swipe *Floats* 1+2 Uppercut, (BK) 1 Backhand d+1+2 ELBOW DROP f+1+2 QUICK JAGUAR LARIAT f,f+1+2 Flying Cross Chop f,f,N+1+2 Offensive Push f,N,d,d/f+1+2 Knucklebomb *Juggles on CH* u/f+1+2 Jumping Knucklebomb WS+1+2 EUROPEAN UPPERCUT *Juggles* 2,1 Straight Right, Uppercut b+2 BLACK ARROW d/f+2 Side Swipe FC,d/f+2 Dynamite Uppercut *Juggles* SS+2 SNEAK UPPERCUT WS+2 Uppercut f,f+2 Smash Uppercut *Juggles on CH* f,f,N+2 Low Smash *Stuns on CH* *stun* 1+2 Jaguar Backbreaker {1+2} *stun* 1+2,u,d,N+3+4 Jumping Powerbomb {3+4} f+2+3 Black Shoulder f,f+2+3 Flying Body Splash (u/b_u_u/f)+2+4 Elbow Drop b+3 BACK THRUST KICK BK 3 Dust Kick :1+2 STUNNER THROW d/f+3 Mid Side Kick d/f+3~4 HIGH MIST TRAP *If Kick is Blocked* 3+4 MINI SPINNING HEADBOOT f+3+4 Delayed Drop Kick f,f+3+4 Drop Kick RN+3+4 Satellite Drop Kick d/f+3+4 Frankensteiner *Throw on Close Standing Hit* SS+3+4 Spinning Headboot (d+3+4)_(FC,d/f+4) Ali Kick (4,4)_(2) (Ali Kicks)_(Middle Smash) CH (d+3+4)_(FC,d/f+4) Counterhit Ali Kick 4,4,4,4 Counterhit Ali Kicks 4,4,2 Counterhit Ali Kicks, Middle Smash f+4 Jumping Roundhouse Kick f,f+4 CONVICT KICK *DDT Auto-Reverse Mid/High Attacks* b+4 Turnaround Kick, (BK) d/b+4 DROPPING SHIN KICK *If Misses, FD/FT* d/f+4 Ankle Kick f,N,d,d/f+4 BLACK RISING KNEE CH 4 Knockdown Highkick *Juggles* b,b~u/b JUMPING BODY SPLASH *Against Wall* b+2+4 Mid/High Kick Reversal F+1+2 *Hold down 1+2* JAGUAR LARIAT *Unblockable, Can be Ducked* BK 1+2 Jaguar Lariat *Unblockable, Can be Ducked* U/F+1+2 *Hold down 1+2* BURNING KNUCKLE BOMB *Unblockable* f,N,d,d/f+1+2 *Hold 1+2* BURNING KUUCKLE BOMB *Unblockable* 1+4 Twisting Moonsault Press *Unblockable* 121.1..24.4.4..1.(1_3) Tenstring 121.1.. Tenstring 121.1.. Tenstring (Note: All King's 10-strings can be done as 9-strings by starting second hit off with f+2. Ex. f+21:1::24:4:4::1:(1_3) SAMPLE COMBOS CH f,N,d,d/f+1+2, 4, d+3+4,2 u/f+4, 1, 1,2, b+3 FC,d/f+2, 1,2, d+3+4,2 WS+1+2, f+1+2 CH 4, d+3+4,2 ================ | KUMA / PANDA | ================ GRAPPLING TECHNIQUES (Front) 2+4 Bear Hug {2} F+2+4 Bear Bite {2} f,f+1+4 Stone Head {1+2} HCB,f+1+2 Circus Roll {1+2} (Left) (2+4)_(F+2+4) Choke Slam {1} (Right) (2+4)_(F+2+4) Rag Doll {2} (Back) (2+4)_(F+2+4) Chew Toy SPECIAL TECHNIQUES 1,1,1 Bear Hammer f+1~1,1 Bear Cannon *Juggles* WS+1 Grizzly Uppercut *Juggles* >2 Megaton Claw FC,d/f+1,2,1,1 Wild Claw Windmill, Backpaw FC+1,1,1,2, Low Bear Rush (D_D/F_F)+1 (L_M_H Ending) 1+2 Bear Knuckle >1+2 Double Uppercut F Prowling Bear Stance WS+1+2>1+2 Double Uppercut F Prowling Bear Stance f+1+2 Claw Scissors u/f+1+2 Belly Flop d/f+1+2 Grizzly Headbutt D/F+1+2,[D/F+1+2...] ROLL FORWARD, [ADDITIONAL ROLLS] 3+4 PROWLING BEAR STANCE f,f+2 Demon Bearfist *Juggles* 2,1,2 Jab, Elbow, Uppercut *Juggles* b,d/b,d,d/f+2 Megaton Claw D/F#+2,1,2,1 Uppercut Rush 1 *Juggles* D/F#+1,2,1,2 Uppercut Rush 2 *Juggles on CH* FC,D/F#+2,1,2 Uppercut Rush 3 *Juggles on CH* FC,d/f+2 Short Bear Rush (D_D/F_F)+1 (L_M_H Ending) FC,D/F#,1,2 Bear Rush (D_D/F_F)+1 (L_M_H Ending) b,f+2+3 Salmon Hunter b,f+2+3 *Hold Down 2+3* POWER SALMON HUNTER *Unblockable* u/f+4 Jumping Boot *Juggles* b+3+4 DOUBLE MULE KICK u/f+3+4 Hip Press *If Misses, Turns into Sit Down* d+3+4 Sit Down B Roll Backwards 3+4 PROWLING BEAR STANCE F Roll Forward 3+4 PROWLING BEAR STANCE D/F+1+2,[D/F+1+2...] ROLL FORWARD, [ADDITIONAL ROLLS] 3+4 PROWLING BEAR STANCE (1,2,1,2)_(2,1,2,1) Bloody Claws B Roll Backwards 3+4 PROWLING BEAR STANCE F Roll Forward 3+4 PROWLING BEAR STANCE D/F+1+2,[D/F+1+2...] ROLL FORWARD, [ADDITIONAL ROLLS] 3+4 PROWLING BEAR STANCE FU/FT d+1+2 Spring Hammerpunch (1,2,1,2)_(2,1,2,1) Bloody Claws B Roll Backwards 3+4 PROWLING BEAR STANCE F Roll Forward 3+4 PROWLING BEAR STANCE D/F+1+2,[D/F+1+2...] ROLL FORWARD, [ADDITIONAL ROLLS] 3+4 PROWLING BEAR STANCE CH 4 Knockdown Highkick *Juggles* d+4 Forward Dancing Bear *Opponent Must be Grounded* 1+3+4 Backwards Dancing Bear 3+4 Prowling Bear Stance (FD/FA)_(FD/FT) 3+4 Prowling Bear Stance b,b+2+3+4 Terrible Ghastly Fart *Death Unblockable* b+1+2 Terrible Claw *Unblockable* f,d/f,d,d/b,b,u/b,u,U/F Rolling Bear 3+4 Prowling Bear Stance Prowling Bear Stance - 3+4 -------------------------- F_B Crawl Forwards_Backwards f,f FORWARD BEAR ROLL 3+4 PROWLING BEAR STANCE D/F+1+2,[D/F+1+2...] ROLL FORWARD, [ADDITIONAL ROLLS] 3+4 PROWLING BEAR STANCE (u/f)_(u)_(u/b) BEAR LOW PARRY 1 Low Hunting Claw, Prowling Bear Stance 1,2 Low Hunting Claw, Bear Scratch, PROWLING BEAR STANCE 2 Bear Scratch, PROWLING BEAR STANCE 1+2 Paw Lift *Juggles* f+1+2 Chew Toy Throw {1+2} *Must be Very Close Hit* 3+4 Bear Tackle b+3+4 HUNTING HIP B Roll Backwards 3+4 PROWLING BEAR STANCE F Roll Forward 3+4 PROWLING BEAR STANCE D/F+1+2,[D/F+1+2...] ROLL FORWARD, [ADDITIONAL ROLLS] 3+4 PROWLING BEAR STANCE (1,2,1,2)_(2,1,2,1) Bloody Claws B Roll Backwards 3+4 PROWLING BEAR STANCE F Roll Forward 3+4 PROWLING BEAR STANCE D/F+1+2,[D/F+1+2...] ROLL FORWARD, [ADDITIONAL ROLLS] 3+4 PROWLING BEAR STANCE d+3+4 RESTING BEAR 3+4 PROWLING BEAR STANCE SAMPLE COMBOS CH f+1~1,1, f+1, 1+2 f,f+2, U/F,4, 1+2 CH d/f+1,2,1,2, WS+1 f,f+2, b,f+2+3 Prowling Bear 2, Prowling Bear 3+4 ================== | LAW (Marshall) | ================== GRAPPLING TECHNIQUES (Front) 2+4 Leg Grab Takedown {2} F+2+4 Twin Dragonstrike {2} f+2+3 Dragon Dive {1} d/f+1+2 Chastisement Punch {1+2} 1,2,1+2 Bulldog f,f+3+4 Dragon Knee *Juggles* {1} (Left) (2+4)_(F+2+4) Headlock, Headkick {1} (Right) (2+4)_(F+2+4) Dragon Crotch Punch {2} (Back) (2+4)_(F+2+4) Throat Punch {2} SPECIAL TECHNIQUES 1~1,1,1,1 5 Punch Combo 1~[1],[1],[1] Punch Rush 2 Rush Fist ~b,f DRAGON STANCE 3 RUSH KNEE FINISHER u/f+3 FAKE SOMERSAULT, SKYSCRAPER KICK *Juggles* ~b,f FAKE STEP STANCE 2,2 Rush Fists 2,F+2>2 Rush Fists ~b,f DRAGON STANCE QCF+1 Power Jab 2 STRAIGHT FIST ~b,f DRAGON STANCE ~4,3,4 SHAOLIN SPIN KICKS ~b,f FAKE STEP STANCE ~4,u+3 Roundhouse, Somersault *Juggles* ~b,f FAKE STEP STANCE BK 1 Backfist b+1>2>1 Dragon Storm *Juggles* f+1+2 Overhead Smash d+1+2 DRAGON STANCE *High/Mid Punch Parry* 2,2,1,2 DRAGON FIST RAGE F+2>2>2 Dragon Knuckle Combo ~b,f DRAGON STANCE f+2~1 1-Inch Punch b+2,3,4 Junkyard Combo *Juggles* ~b,f FAKE STEP STANCE (FC_d)+2,3 Ducking Jab, Flipkick *Juggles* d/b+2 Elbow, (BK) 4 Frogman ~D Lie Down FU/FA d/f+2 Lifting Uppercut *Juggles* WS+2 Power Uppercut *Juggles* SS+2 Gut Punch ~b,f DRAGON STANCE 1 Gut Strike ~b,f DRAGON STANCE 2 Third Strike ~b,f DRAGON STANCE >1 Backfist 3>4 Headkick, Flipkick *Juggles* d+3,4 Low Kick, Flipkick *Juggles* d/f+3 Lunge Kick f,f+3 FIERCE LUNGE KICK ~b,f FAKE STEP STANCE d+3,3,4 Lowkick, Highkick, Flipkick *Juggles* (u/f_u_u/b)+3,4 Hopkick, Flipkick *Juggles* (U/F_U_U/B)+3,4 FAKE SOMERSAULT, SKYSCRAPER KICK *Juggles* ~b,f FAKE STEP STANCE FC,d/f,d,d/f+3 Dragon Slide FC+3,4 Crouchkick, Flipkick *Juggles* WS+3 Twist Kick N FAKE STEP STANCE 4 Flipkick *Juggles* (3+4)_(U/F+4) Flip Kick *Juggles* 3 Double Flipkick *Juggles* d+3+4 Frogman ~D Lie Down FU/FT SS+3+4 Bicycle Kick CH 4 Knockdown Highkick *Juggles* FC,u/b_u_u/f+4 Low Flipkick *Juggles* 3 Double Flipkick *Juggles* FC,U/B_U_U/F+4 High Flipkick FC,U/B_U_U/F+3+4 Super Flipkick *Falls FU/FT* FC,(u/f_u_u/b),N,4 Backflip, Skyscraper Kick *Juggles* 4,(u_u/f)+3 Roundhouse, Flipkick *Juggles* ~b,f FAKE STEP STANCE 4,3, High Kick, Spin Kick ~b,f FAKE STEP STANCE 4 High Kick ~b,f FAKE STEP STANCE WS+4,3 Rising Kick, Flipkick *Juggles* d/b+4 Dragon's Tail d/f+4,3 Thrust Kick, Flipkick *Juggles* b,b~u/b TWISTING JUMPKICK *Against Wall* d/b+1+2 Dragon Fang *Unblockable* u,u CANCEL, DRAGON STANCE b+1+2 High/Medium Punch Parry *If Punch is Caught* 1 Tricky Trap *Turns Opponent Around* 2 Tricky Fist *Stuns* 3 Tricky Step-In Kick 4 Tricky Lowkick b+2+4 High/Mid Parry ~b,f DRAGON STANCE *Only if Parry Connects* d+2+4 Low Parry d/f+ Tenstring d/f+122.13.3.D+3.D+3.(3_4).4.4 Tenstring d/f+ Tenstring d/f+ Tenstring Dragon Stance - d+1+2 - *High/Mid Punch Parry* ---------------------------------------------- [1],f+1 KILLER BACKFIST[S] 2,2>1>2 DRAGON JUDGEMENT 2~1 ONE-INCH PUNCH 2+4 TRIPLE FACEKICK THROW 3 FIERCE LUNGE KICK ~b,f FAKE STEP STANCE 3+4,4 DOUBLE FLIPKICKS 4,3 JUNKYARD KICKS *Juggles* Fake Step Stance ---------------- [1],f+1 KILLER BACKFIST[s] 2~1 ONE-INCH PUNCH 2,2>1>2 DRAGON JUDGEMENT 2+4 3x FACEKICK THROW 3 FAKE STEP CANNON 4,3 JUNKYARD KICKS *Juggles* Taunting Stance - b+1+2 (Missed) -------------------------------- [1],f+1 KILLER BACKFIST[s] 2 Gut Punch ~b,f DRAGON STANCE 1 Gut Strike ~b,f DRAGON STANCE 2 Third Strike ~b,f DRAGON STANCE >1 Backfist 3 FAKE STEP CANNON 4,3 JUNKYARD KICKS *Juggles* SAMPLE COMBOS WS+2, 4, b+2,3,4 d/f+2, 1, 1,2,3 f,f+3+4, b+2, d+2,3 CH d+2,3, 1, d+2,3 U/F+4, FC,U/F+4 ======================== | LEE CHAOLAN (Violet) | ======================== SPECIAL NOTES Violet is an alternate costume outfit for Lee, selectable with Button 2 or 4 during the Character Select screen. GRAPPLING TECHNIQUES (Front) 2+4 NECK TWISTING TOSS {2} F+2+4 Neck Fracture {2} f,f+3+4 Knee Bash {1+2} (Left) (2+4)_(F+2+4) Harassment {1} (Right) (2+4)_(F+2+4) Stunner {2} (Back) (2+4)_(F+2+4) Bulldog SPECIAL TECHNIQUES 1,2 1-2 Jabs ~f,N MIST STEP 2 Violet Knuckle f+2>2 Violet Storm :3:3:3 ACID RAIN KICKS 4 VIOLET KICK ~3 (HITMAN) =4 PRECISION VIOLET KICK ~3 (HITMAN) b+1,1 Backfist Rush ~f,N JAB CANCEL, MIST STEP 2 Triple Fang 3+4 (HITMAN) b+1,N+1,2 Advanced Backfist Rush *Block stagger and Knockdown* ~f,N MIST STEP 2 Triple Fang 3+4 (HITMAN) SS+1+2 SCHWARTZ ROSE HOOK 2,2 Rave Punches F+2>2>2 Rave Combo d/f+2 Uppercut *Juggles on CH* SS+2 Rear Cross Punch ~f,N MIST STEP 3 Head Kick >3 VIOLET HAMMER (f_d/f)+3 STEP-IN KICK f+3:3:3 ACID RAIN KICKS b+3 Mist Wolf >3 Mist Wolf Combo ~3 Mist Feint =4 Mist Trap *If Kick is Blocked* ~4 (HITMAN) d+3,3 Lowkick, Head Kick >3 VIOLET HAMMER (f_d/f)+3 STEP-IN KICK u/f+3 Silver Sting d/b+3 Low Slice Kick d/f+3 Step-In Kick WS+3,3 Axe Kicks (d/f+3)_(D+3) Mid_Low Infinite Starter 3,3,3,3... Infinite Kicks u+3,3,3... Infinte Kicks Mid d+3,3,3... Infinite Kicks Low f,f+3 Heel Drop SS Right+3 Lee Screw ~4 (HITMAN) FC,d/f,d,d/f+3 Dragon Slide u/f+3+4 SILVER STING f,f,N+3+4 Falling Dragon Slide (f,f,N+3,4)_(RN+3+4,4) Shredder >4 High Shredder >d/f+4 Mid Shredder >d+4 Low Shredder b,b,N+3+4 Handspring Backflip, (Hitman) 4,3,3 VIOLET SPIN HAMMER 4,3,4 Shaolin Spinkicks 4,4,4 Machine Gun Kicks 4,u+3 Roundhouse, Somersault f+4 Snap Kick b+4 Silver Heel *Juggles* ~3 (Hitman) b,b+4 Cutter ~3 (Hitman) u/f+4 VIOLET KNEE *Juggles* U/F+4 Hopkick *Juggles* WS+4 Rising Kick ~3 (HITMAN) SS Left+4 Lee Screw ~3 (HITMAN) FC,(u/b_u_u/f) Somersault Fakeout FC,(u/b_u_u/f)+4 Low Flipkick *Juggles* ~3 (HITMAN) FC,(U/B_U_U/F)+4 High Flipkick FC,(U/B_U_U/F)+3+4 Rainbow Flipkick d,d/b+4 Blazing Kick *Juggles* D#+4>4>4>4 Low Turdkicks, Midkick ~3 (Hitman) d+4 Lowkick >N+4,3,3 VIOLET SPIN HAMMER >N+4,3,4 Shaolin Spin Kicks >N+4,4,4 Machine Gun Kicks ~N+4~3 SILVER CYCLONE *Unblockable* >N+4,u+3 Roundhouse, Flipkick *Juggles* FC,d/f+4 Silver Tail f,N Mist Step 3,4 SOVIET KICKS *Juggles* b,N REVERSE MIST 4 CODE RED LOW b,b~u/b RUNUP BACKFLIP, (BK) *Against Wall* d+3+4 Silver Cyclone *Unblockable* d/b+1+2, [u,u] Silver Fang, [Cancel] *Unblockable* d/f+ Tenstring Hitman Stance - 3+4 ------------------- u_d Sidestep F# FORWARD ADVANCE b Hitman Cancel 1,1,1,1.. Jabbing Fists, [Hitman] 1~3 Trapping Kick Feint 1,4 JAB, VIOLET KICK ~3 (HITMAN) 2 Spinning Uppercut *Juggles* 3 Trapping Kick 4 Snake Edge *Floats* SAMPLE COMBOS CH d/f+2, 1, 1,2,4 f,N+3,4, 1,2~N, 1,2~N, 1,F+2,{2},2 u/f+4, 1,2, b+1,1,2 Hitman 2, u/f+3+4 d,d/b+4, U/F,4, f+4 ============== | LEI WULONG | ============== GRAPPLING TECHNIQUES (Front) 2+4 Sleeper Hold {2} F+2+4 Flying Sky Kick {2} f,f+1+2 Thai Trip {1+2} u/f+1+2 Falling Elbow Trip {1+2} (Left) (1+3)_(2+4)_(2+5) Sailboat Stretch {1} (Right) (1+3)_(2+4)_(2+5) Closing Fan {2} (Back) (1+3)_(2+4)_(2+5) HELICOPTER KICKUP SPECIAL TECHNIQUES Standard Stance --------------- 1,1 DOUBLE SNAKE JABS F (SNAKE STANCE) 1,2 1-2 PUNCHES b+1 Swaying Drunken Punch f (Drunken Stance) SS+1 Snake Punch f (Tiger Stance) u_d (Dragon Stance) f,N+1 1 Rushing Punch u_d (Snake Stance) f,N+1>2 2 Rushing Punches u_d (Dragon Stance) f,N+1>2>1 3 Rushing Punches u_d (Panther Stance) f,N+1>2>1>2 4 Rushing Punches u_d (Tiger Stance) 3 Sweeping Kick >4 Midkick u_d (Crane Stance) 1+2 Turning Punch, (BK) 2 Spiral Uppercut *Juggles* b+1+2 Headbutt f+1+2 Double Snake Punch f (Crane Stance) u_d (Panther Stance) d/f+2 Lifting Uppercut *Juggles* (u/f_u/b)+2 Elbow Drop, (FU/FA) SS+2,2 Drunken Punches f (Drunken Stance) f,N+2,1,2 Guard Melting Punches *Must Block 1st Punch, Juggles* 1 Guard Melting Punch, (BK) f,N+2>1>2 Break Punches *Must Whiff or Hit 1st Punch* 3_4 Low Kick, Mid Kick u_d (Crane Stance) 3,3 Crescent, Low Sweepkick, (BK) 3~4,[U#] Jumping Crescent Kick[s], (BK) d (FU/FT) f+3~4,[U#] Axis Shift Jumping Crescent Kick[s], (BK) d (FU/FT) f,N+3 Lightning Crescent 4 Stunkick *Stuns* d+4 Lowkick u/f+3 CRANE HOPKICK, (CRANE STANCE) *Juggles* u/f+3+4 LEAPING TWISTKICK, (BK) 4 2ND TWISTKICK SS+3+4,[3+4],[3+4] Turning Backflip[s], (BK) b+4 BACKFLIP f (CRANE STANCE) 4~4,3 Rolling Kicks, (FU/FT) 3 Lifting Kick *Juggles*, (FD/FT) 4~3 Cartwheel Kick, (FD/FT) d/b+4 Rave Sweep *Floats* 4 Rave Spin d_u (Snake Stance) u/f+4 Jumping Boot *Juggles* CH 4 Knockdown Highkick *Juggles* f+4,2,1>2,3 Crescent Kick, 3 Punches, Low Kick f+4,2,1>2>4 Crescent Kick, 3 Punches, Mid Kick u_d (Crane Stance) f,N+4~1,2 Rush Combo 2 SNAKE MIDPUNCH F (DRAGON STANCE) 2 SNAKE LOWPUNCH F (PANTHER STANCE) 4~4,3 ROLLING KICKS, (FU/FT) 3 LIFTING KICK *Juggles*, (FD/FT) 3 Lightning Crescent 4 Stunkick *Stuns* d+4 Lowkick b,b~u/b RUNUP BACKFLIP, (BK) *Against Wall* b+3+4 (BK) d+1+2 (FD/FA) d+3+4 (FU/FA) b+1+4 (Eagle Stance) f+3+4 (Drunken Stance) f+2+3 (Snake Stance) (SS+1+4)_(SS+2+3) (Snake Stance) f+3+4 Mid/High Punch Drunken Parry b+121.3+4..2.. TENSTRING b+121.3+4..2.. TENSTRING b+121.3+4.3+4.3+4..1..1..2 NINESTRING Backturned Position - (BK) - (b+3+4) ------------------------------------ 1 High Backfist (BK) FC_d+1 Low Backfist, (BK) 2 Turning Uppercut *Juggles* (u/b_u/f)+2 Elbow Drop, (FU/FA) 3+4,[3+4],[3+4] Backflip[s], (BK) FC_d+4 Rave Sweep *Floats* 4 Rave Spin d_u (Snake Stance) u/f+4 Turn Around Liftkick *Juggles* Face Down/Feet Away Position - (FD/FA) - (d+1+2) ------------------------------------------------ u Stand Up 1 (FU/FA) 3_4 Sweep (f_b),(3_4) Roll Forward_Back, Sweep_Rising Midkick 4~3 Slide Face Up/Feet Away Position - (FU/FA) - (d+3+4) ---------------------------------------------- u Stand Up f_b Roll Forwards_Backwards 3 Rave Sweep *Floats* ~4 Rave Spin d+1 (FD/FA) 3 Rave Sweep *Floats* ~4 Rave Spin 3+4 Kangaroo Kick *Juggles* 4 Rising Midkick Face Down/Feet Towards Position - (FD/FT) - (4~3) ------------------------------------------------- u Stand Up f_b Roll Forwards_Backwards 3 Rave Sweep *Floats* 4 Rave Spin 4 Rising Midkick 1 (FU/FT) 3 Sweep 3~4 Sweep, (FU/FA) 3~4,4 Rave Spin 4 Rising Mid Kick 4~3 Mid Cartwheel Face Up/Feet Towards Position - (FU/FT) - (Get Knocked Down) ------------------------------------------------------------ u Stand Up D+1 (FD/FT) f_b Roll Forward_Backwards 3 Low Sweep 4 Rising Midkick 3_4 Sweep_Rising Midkick 3+4 Spring Up *Damages on Counter* Eagle Stance - (b+1+4) ---------------------- 3>3>3>3... Hawk Claw Kicks, [Eagle Stance] 4 Phoenix Kick *Unblockable* b+4,[U#] Jumping Crescent Kick[s] d (FU/FT) Drunken Stance - (f+3+4) ------------------------ 1 Drunken Fist F (Drunk Stance) 1+2 Drunken Swill *Recovers Health*, (Drunken Stance) 2,2 Drunken Punches F (Drunk Stance) 3+4 Falling Anklekick Snake Stance - (f+2+3)_(f,N+1~d) -------------------------------- 1,1,1,1,1,1 Stabbing Punches 1+3 Dragon Stance to Drunken Throw {1} 1+2 Drunken Swill *Recovers Health* F (Snake Stance) 2 Snake Midpunch *Stuns on CH* F (Dragon Stance) 2 Snake Midpunch F (Dragon Stance) 2 Snake Lowpunch F (Panther Stance) 4~4,3 Rolling Kicks, (FU/FT) 3 Lifting Kick *Juggles*, (FD/FT) 4 Low Jab Kick, (Snake Stance) 3 Lifting Kick, (FD/FT) u,N Face Right-Dragon Stance,Face Left-Panther Stance d,N Face Right-Panther Stance,Face Left-Dragon Stance Dragon Stance - (f+2+3,u)_(f,N+1,2~d) ------------------------------------- 1 Drunken Throw {1} 1+2 Drunken Swill, (Drunken Stance) 1+2 Double Arm Strike F (Tiger Stance) 2 Uppercut *Juggles on CH* F (Tiger Stance) 3,3 High Crescent, Low Sweepkick 4,1,2,3,4_d+4 5-Hit Combo u,N Face Right-Tiger Stance, Face Left-Snake Stance d,N Face Right-Snake Stance, Face Left-Tiger Stance Panther Stance - (f+2+3,d)_(f,N+1,2,1~d) ---------------------------------------- 1~2 Low/High Punch Combo 2 Uppercut *Juggles/GMP if Blocked* 2,1,2 GuardMelt Punches *Must Block 1st Punch, Juggles* 1 Guard Melting Punch, (BK) 3 Low Sweep b (Eagle Stance) 4,2,1>2 Crescent Kick, 3 Punches 3 Lowkick >4 Midkick F Low Parry u,N Face Right-Snake Stance, Face Left-Crane Stance d,N Face Right-Crane Stance, Face Left-Snake Stance Crane Stance - (f+2+3,d,d)_(f,N+1,2,1,2,4~d) -------------------------------------------- N CRANE DEFENSE *Auto-Hops Over Low Kick Attacks* 1 Crane Bill *Lei turns BK if Blocked* 2 Backfist, BK *Connected Hit Turns Opponent BK* 4 Hop Forward Low Kick 3>4>2>3 2 Kicks, Punch, Kick *Juggles* u,N Face Right-Panther Stance, Face Left-Snake Stance d,N Face Right-Snake Stance, Face Left-Panther Stance Tiger Stance - (f+2+3,u,u)_(f,N+1,2,1,2~d) ------------------------------------------ 1 Overhead Swipe *Bounces On CH* 2 TIGER CLAW 3,1>2>1>2 Kick, Punch Combo >3 Lowkick >4 Highkick 4 Fast Sweep *Floats* F High/Mid Parry u,N Face Right-Snake Stance, Face Left-Dragon Stance d,N Face Right-Dragon Stance, Face Left-Snake Stance SAMPLE COMBOS FU/FA 3+4, u/f+4, 1, f,N+1,2,{1},2 u/f+4, f,N+4~1,2,3 d/f+2, 1, f,N+1,2,{1},2,4 d/b+4~d, 4, 1,1,1,1,1,1 u/f+3, 1 ================== | MARDUK (Craig) | ================== GRAPPLING TECHNIQUES (Front) 2+4 Nutbreaker {2} F+2+4 Crucifix Powerbomb {2} QCF+1 Belly-to-Belly Suplex 1+2 Mount Position QCF+2 Powerslam 1+2 Mount Position f,f+1+2 Windmill Toss, Rubber Bounce *Juggles* QCB+1+2 Back Breaker {1+2} d/b,d/b+1+2 Jackhammer d+2+4 Low Powerbomb *Catches Ducking Opponents* {1+2} (Left) (2+4)_(F+2+4) Falling Reverse Bodydrop {1} (Right) (2+4)_(F+2+4) Gorilla Press {2} (Back) 2+4 Backflip Pancake F+2+4 Suplex SPECIAL TECHNIQUES 1,2 1-2 Punches >f+1 Crossing Elbow 3,1+2 Midkick, Delayed Headbutt 3+4 Vale Tudo Stance 1,d+2 Jab, Gutpunch b+1 Earthquake Fist d+1 Low Elbow d/f+1 Uppercut Lift *Juggles* WS+1 Quick Face Hit 1+2 Hammer Fists f+1+2 Cyclone Knuckles d/f+1+2 Headbutt d/b+1+2 Spinning Exploder Axe *Juggles* FC+1+2 Rising Headbutt [2],d+1+2 [Punch], Lifting Tackle *Juggles* b+2 Whirlwind Fist d+2 Ranged Low Jab SS+2 Windmill Backhand d+2,4 Alligator f+2,1,2,1 Beserker d/f+2 Gutpunch f,f+2 Elbow Sting WS+2 Tornado Chop (d_d/b)+3 Shin Kick f,f+3 Power Dropkick d/f+3,1+2 Front Kick, Headbutt 3+4 Vale Tudo Stance f+3+4 Alligator Tackle d+3+4 Sidestep, Vale Tudo Stance u/f+3+4 Flipstomp d/b+3+4 Falling Ankle Kick *Trip Takedown on CH* b+4 Long Boot d+4 Ali Kick d/f+4 Mid Boot u/f+4 Diagonal Kick (FC,d/f+4)_(D/F,4) Ogre Sweep WS+4 Gutkick b,b~u/b Jumping Diagonal Kick *Against Wall* b+1+2 High Reversal, Mount Position b+3+4 Mid Reversal, Mount Position b+2+3 Craig Cannon *Unblockable - b to Cancel* Vale Tudo Stance - 3+4 ---------------------- u_d Sidestep d/f_d/b Full Crouch Position 1 Quick Face Hit (WS+1) 1+2 Double Leg Takedown *Spear From Far Distance* (u_d)+1+2 Sidestep, Takedown *Spear From Far Distance* 2 Tornado Chop (WS+2) f+2 Power Straight 2+4 Bodyslam Throw 3 Rising Roundhouse (WS+3) 3+4 Stance Cancel 4 Gutkick (WS+4) Mount Position - Front ---------------------- 3+4 Dismount 1_2_(1+3)_(2+4) Mounted Punch 3+4 Dismount 1_2_(1+3)_(2+4) Mounted Punch 3+4 Dismount 1_2_(1+3)_(2+4) Mounted Punch 3+4 Dismount 1_(1+3) Left Punch, Triple Headbutts (1~2)_(2~1) Final Punch Fakeout 2_(2+4) Right Punch, Armbar Mount Position - Back --------------------- 3+4 Dismount 1_2 Mounted Punch 3+4 Dismount 1_2 Mounted Punch 3+4 Dismount 1_2 Mounted Punch 3+4 Dismount 1 Left Punch, Triple Headbutts (1~2)_(2~1) Final Punch Fakeout 2 Right Punch, Rear Choke *Mounted Punch Escapes* 1 - Blocked with 2, Kick Marduk off with 2+4* 2 - Blocked with 1, Kick Marduk off with 1+3* 1+3 - Kick Marduk off with 2, Marduk will Leg Break if you escape with 2+4* 2+4 - Kick Marduk off with 1, Marduk will Leg Break if you escape with 1+3* SAMPLE COMBOS f,f+1+2, b+4 d/b+1+2, 1, 1,2,f+1 d/f+1, 1, 1, 1+2 d/b+1+2, 1, 1, 1, b+4 d/f+1, 1, 2,d+1+2 ================= | NINA WILLIAMS | ================= GRAPPLING TECHNIQUES (Front) 2+4 Lifting Toss {2} 1,2,1 Falling Elbow 2,1,3 Arm Lock f+2+4 Arm Turn {2} 2+4~B REVOLVING ELBOW STRIKE {2} (d/b+2+4)_(2+4~D) HAMMER LOCK, GUILLOTINE CHOKE {2} d/f,d/f+1 Embracing Elbow Strike {1+2} u/f+1+2 Overhead Toss {1+2} QCF>1+2 Palm Grab {2} 3,4,3,1+2 Neck Cutter Arm Bar {1+2} 2,3,4,2,2 Enbracing Knee/Neck Snap {2} 1,3+4,1,2,1+2 Falling Neck Snap {1} 1,2,4,3,1+2+3 Turtleshell Flip {1+2} 1,3,2,1 Standing Reverse Arm Lock {1} 3,1,4,1+2,1+2 Rear Gatelatch Falconwing Squeeze {1+2} 2,1,3,4,1+2 Falling Reverse Arm Lock {1} QCB,1+4 Knee Bash 1,3,2,1 Standing Reverse Arm Lock {1} 3,1,4,1+2,1+2 Rear Gatelatch Falconwing Squeeze {1+2} 2,1,3,4,1+2 Falling Reverse Arm Lock {1} 2,1,1+2,1+2+3 Octopus Special {2} 1,3+4,1,2,1+2 Falling Neck Snap {1} 1,2,4,3,1+2+3 Turtleshell Flip {1+2} QCF>3+4 Crab Claw {1} 3+4,3,4,1+2 Rolling Arm Bar {1+2} 3+4,4,2,1+2 Achilles Tendon Lock {2} 3,1,4,2+4 Knee Cross Lock {1} 1,3,2+4,3+4,1+2 Rolling Achilles Tendon Lock {1+2} Note: The throws after the Achilles Tendon Lock can also be done after the Bone Cutter (RN+3) or (u/f+3+4) connects on a Clean Hit. The throws after the Embracing Knee/Neck Snap can also be done after a sucessful Just Frame (precision timed) 1+2 after a Spider Knee. The throws after the Palm Grab can also be done after Nina b+2+4 Attack Reverses an opponent's Left Punch (1). (Left) (2+4)_(f+2+4) Groin Hyperextension {1} (Right) (2+4)_(f+2+4) Whipping Toss {2} (Back) (2+4)_(f+2+4) Jumping Overhead 3-Limb Break (Tackle) [1,2,1,]_[2,1,2,] 1+2 [Mounted Punches,] Armbar [1,2,1,]_[2,1,2,] 3+4 [Mounted Punches,] Knee Cross Lock SPECIAL TECHNIQUES 1_(d/f+1)_(WS+1) \ (BK 1)_(BK 2)>2 / 1-2 PUNCHES >f+1+2 Double Palm 1>2>f+1+2 2 Punches, Double Palm >1>4 Punch, Lowkick >3 SPIDER KNEE *Juggles on CH* =1+2 Embracing Knee/Neck Snap Multithrow Starter >4 Roundhouse b+1 Killing Blade *Crumples* f,f+1 Turning Slap *Opponent Shows Side When Hit* SS+1 Snake Shot ~F Forward Crouchdash 1+2 Palm Grab Multithrow Starter d/b,d/b+2+3 Sleeping Breath *Unblockable* 3 Roshambo Kick *Stuns on CH* 3+4 Craw Claw Multithrow Starter 4 Flipstomp *Techroll to Avoid Damage to Nina* ~B Backward Crouchdash 1+4 Knee Bash Multithrow Starter 2 Double Shot 1+4 OVERHAND SLAP, IVORY CUTTER (d+1~N+4)_(FC_d+2,4) S-Mid Jab, Frontkick d_FC+1,2,4 TWIN S-MID JABS, FRONTKICK d,d/f+1 JUMPING SPIN ELBOW FC,d/b+1 Helping Hand f_(f,f)_WS+1+2 Double Palm d/f+1+2 Cross Blade *Stuns on CH* SS+1+2 Spinning Double Palm b+2,2 Bitchslaps {Females can Reverse with 2} f,f+2 Panther Claw 2 Jab f+1+2 Double Palm >1>4 Twin Jab, Lowkick >3 SPIDER KNEE *Juggles on CH* =1+2 Embracing Knee/Neck Snap Multithrow Starter >4 Roundhouse d,d/f+2 Step In, Upward Slap *Juggles* d/b+2 Forearm Chop *Stuns On Clean Hit* d/f+2 Lifting Uppercut *Juggles* SS+2 Palm Uppercut *Juggles on CH* 3,3 Highkick, Lowkick 2 Uppercut *Juggles* f+2 DELAYED UPPERCUT *Juggles* 4 Highkick d+4 Lowkick 3>4 Twin Highkick FC_d+3 Low Kick 2 Uppercut *Juggles* N+4 Highkick d+4 Lowkick WS+3 SPIDER KNEE *Juggles on CH* =1+2 Embracing Knee/Neck Snap Multithrow Starter b,f+3 SPIDER KNEE *Stuns on CH* =1+2 Embracing Knee/Neck Snap Multithrow Starter RN+3 Bone Cutter *Clean Hit - Achilles Tendon Lock* (f,f)_QCF+3 Roeshambo Kick *Stuns on CH* d/f+3 Sidekick >1 Jab ~U_D Sidestep ~2 Palm Uppercut *Juggles on CH* >2>f+1+2 Punch, Double Palm >2 Jab ~U_D Sidestep ~2 Palm Uppercut *Juggles on CH* >1>4 Jab,Lowkick >3 DIVINE CANNON *Juggles* d+3,3 HIGHKICK, LOWKICK 2 Uppercut *Juggles* 4 Highkick d+4 Lowkick D+3 LOWKICK 2 Uppercut *Juggles* 4 Highkick 4 Roundhouse >3>3>4 Sidekicks, Highkick 4 Roundhouse (u/f)_u_(u/b)+3 Nicolella Hopkick u/f,N,d+3 Hopping Lowkick 2 Uppercut *Juggles* 3 Sidekick d+3 Lowkick 4 Roundhouse (d/b+3+4)_(d,d/b+3) Divine Cannon *Juggles* d+3+4 Foot Stomp *Opponent Must Be Grounded* u/f+3+4 BONE CUTTER *CH Links to Achilles Tendon Lock* 4,3 Highkick, Lowkick 2 Uppercut *Juggles* 4 Highkick d+4 Lowkick SS+4 Sidestep Sweep FC,d/f+4 Dragon's Tail u/f+4,3,4 Leaping Hunting Kicks d/b+4 Falling Ankle Kick (FD/FA) 3 Divine Cannon *Juggles* CH f+4 Knockdown Highkick *Juggles* (d+4>1)_(FC+4,1) S-Mid Kick, Spinchop ~U_D Sidestep Cancel ~2 Palm Uppercut *Juggles on CH* b+4 STINGER FRONTKICK (f,f)_QCF+4 Flipstomp *Techroll to Avoid Damage to Nina* b,b~u/b RUNUP BACKFLIP, (BK) *Against Wall* b+2+4 Mid/High Reversal *Reversing a Left Punch Chains into the Palm Grab Multithrow Starter* d/b+1+2 Hunting Swan *Unblockable - u,u to Cancel* HCF,D/B+2+3 Sleeping Breath *Unblockable* 1_(d/f+1)_(BK 1)_(BK 2)_(WS+1)>2>1> Tenstring 1_(d/f+1)_(BK 1)_(BK 2)_(WS+1)>2>1> Tenstring 1_(d/f+1)_(BK 1)_(BK 2)_(WS+1)>2>1>2..4.3.. Tenstring SAMPLE COMBOS CH d/b+4,3, u/f+4, 1+4 d/f+2, 1, d/f+3,1,2,f+1+2 CH f+4, f+1+2 d/b+3+4, d/f+1, d/f+3,2,3 CH d+3,2, 1,2, 1,2, f+1+2 ================ | PAUL PHOENIX | ================ GRAPPLING TECHNIQUES (Front) 2+4 Shoulder Popper {2} F+2+4 Shoulder Throw {2} 2+4~b BLOODY PALM {2} d/f+1+2 Striking Shiho-Nage {1+2} f,f+1+2 Shoulder Ram {1+2} b+1+4 Stomach Throw {2} (Left) (2+4)_(F+2+4) Dragon Screw {1} (Right) (2+4)_(F+2+4) Tripping Hip Toss {2} (Back) (2+4)_(F+2+4) Reverse Neck Throw {2} (Tackle) [1,2,1,]_[2,1,2,] 1+2 [Mounted Punches,] Armbar (2,D+1,1),(N+4~1~1+2) Ultimate Punishment {1} SPECIAL TECHNIQUES 1,2 1-2 Jabs 1,4 Punch, Lowkick d+1,2 Tile Splitter, Deathfist b,f+1 T-ELBOW QCF+1 Elbow Rush *Juggles on CH* SS+1 Hammer Smash d+1 Tile Splitter 2 Deathfist 4,2 Falling Leaf :1 SPREAD BACKHAND :1+2 SPARKING SPREAD BACKHAND f+1+2 Overhead Smash d+1+2 IRON MOUNTAIN (FC_d/b)+1+2 Ultimate Tackle f+1+4 Sidestepping Shoulder Ram 2,3_(d+3) Punch, Kick_(Lowkick) f+2,3 Quick P-K Combo d+2 Stone Splitter *Opponent Must be Grounded* d/f+2 Lift Uppercut *Juggles* f,f+2 Dashing Elbow 1 LUNGEFIST :1 HOLY DRAGON CLAW 2 LIFTING LEG PUNCH *Floats* WS+2 Thunder Liftpalm *Juggles* QCF+2 Deathfist QCB Backdash 1 Bounce Tile Splitter *Bounces on CH* 2 Smoking Palm Strike 3,2>1 Low Sweep, Elbow, Deathfist 3,2>2 Lifting Leg Punch *Floats* (FC,d/f+2)_(D/F,2) ELBOW >1 Lungefist >2 Lifting Leg Punch *Floats* SS+3 Ankle Kickout u/f+3,4 2 Jumping Kicks f,f+3,4 2 Jumping Kicks *Juggles* >4 Highkick >(f+4)_(d+4) Midkick_Lowkick d/f+4 MID STOMACH KICK u/f+4 Jumping Boot *Juggles* SS+4 Low Anklekick f,f+4 Somersault Flip d+4,2 Falling Leaf d+4:2 PRECISION FALLING LEAF :1 SPREAD BACKHAND :1+2 SPARKING SPREAD BACKHAND D#(1 second) Restless Taunt u+2+3+4 Idiot Flip Kick (FD/FA) *Paul Takes Damage* b,b~u/b JUMPING KICK *Against Wall* b+2+4 High/Mid Attack Reversal b+1+2 Super Death Fist *Unblockable* 1232..1.2.. Tenstring 1231.. Tenstring 1231..2 Fivestring SAMPLE COMBOS u/f+4, 1,2, u/f+3,4 d/f+2, 1, 1, 1, f,f+2,1 QCF+1, 1, d+4,2 WS+2, QCB+3,2,2 {f,f+2},1, d+4,2 ============= | STEVE FOX | ============= GRAPPLING TECHNIQUES (Front) (2+4)_(F+2+4) Clinch {2} 1 Crotch Shot, Overhead Slam {2} 2 Overhead Bomb {2} 3 Shove Left 4 Shove Right f,f+1+2 Lifting Arm Snap, Arm Suplex {1+2} Flicker b+1+2 Gryphon Throw {1+2} QCB+2+4 Hip Toss, Falling Elbow (Left \ (Right/ (2+4)_(F+2+4) Clinch {Left-1 Right-2} 1 Crotch Shot, Overhead Slam {2} 2 Overhead Bomb {2} 3 Shove Left 4 Shove Right (Back) (2+4)_(F+2+4) Triple Stomach Rights, Left Hook SPECIAL TECHNIQUES 1,[1],f+1 Jab[s], Stomach Shot 1,1 Snap Jabs 3_4_(f+3+4)_(b+3+4) Sway Stance Transition 2 Shining Fist f,f+1 Power Body Blow ~B (FLI) [1],2,1 British Rush ~B (FLI) 2 British Edge *Juggles* 3_4_(f+3_4)_(b+3_4) Sway Stance Transition d+2 British Sweep 3_4_(f+3_4)_(b+3_4) Sway Stance Transition d+1 Hook ~B (FLI) d+1 Crouching Turd Punch *When Opponent is Grounded* d/f+1,2 Uppercut, Straight Punch *Stuns on CH* 1+2 Straight Punch Feint, 1-2 Punches 1 Straight Punch Feint, Left Hook ~B (FLI) 2 Straight Punch Feint, Body Hook 3_4_(f+3+4)_(b+3+4) Straight Punch Feint, Sway Stance Transition (1+2)_(b+1+2) Step Back, Flicker Stance - (FLI) d/f+1+2 Overhead Punch, Uppercut WS+1,2 Uppercut, Overhead Punch f+1+2 Lunging Straight *Stuns* 2~1 Quick Straight, 1-2 Punches 2,2 Straight Left, Body Hook d+2,1,f+2 Low Punch, Uppercut, Right Hook d+2~1,2_(f+2) Low Punch Feint, Uppercut, Overhead Punch WS+2 Quick Uppercut *Juggles on CH* d/f+2 Sonic Fang Uppercut f,f+2 Overhead Punch [FC,]d/b+2 Low Sweep Punch 3 Left Sway Stance d/b+3 Low Knee Check f+(3_4_3+4) Ducking Stance b+(3_4_3+4) Back Sway Stance 3+4 Spin Stance 4 Right Sway Stance b,b Backsway b,b~u/b Jumping Overhead Bomb *Against Wall* 2~f High/Mid Punch Parry 1 Lightning Uppercut QCB,f+2 Mach Wick *Unblockable* Flicker Stance - (1+2)_(b+1+2) ------------------------------ 1,1,1,2 Repeated Lefts, Overhead Punch 1,f+1 Left Punch, Overhead Left 1,(u_d)+1 Left Punch, Left Body Hook 2 Overhead Punch b+2 Lunging Power Left 3 Left Sway Stance 4 Right Sway Stance 3+4 Forward Spin f+3_4_(3+4) Ducking Stance b+3_4_(3+4) Back Sway Stance Left Sway Stance - 3 -------------------- 1,1 Left Shot, Uppercut 1~B Left Shot, (FLI) 2 Short Shoulder b+3 Back Sway Stance f+3 Ducking Stance 4 Weave Sidestep F# Ducking Weave Dash 1_2 Weave Midpunches *Stun on CH* Right Sway Stance - 4 --------------------- 1 Short Shoulder 2 Right Body Hook b+4 Back Sway Stance f+4 Ducking Stance 3 Weave Sidestep F# Ducking Weave Dash 1_2 Weave Midpunches *Stun on CH* Back Sway Stance - b+3_4_(3+4) ------------------------------ 1 Overhead Bomb 2 Limbo Uppercut *Stuns* 3 Left Sway Stance 4 Right Sway Stance f+(3_4_3+4) Ducking Stance Ducking Stance - f+3_4_(3+4) ---------------------------- ~f Ducking Step *Can Chain Ducking Stance Attacks* 1 Stomach Uppercut 2 Power Uppercut *Juggles* f+2 Right Hook 3 Left Sway Stance 4 Right Sway Stance b+(3_4_3+4) Back Sway Stance 1+2~1~2~1~2~1~2~1~2~1 Tenstring Forward Spin - 3+4 ------------------ ~[U_D] Sidestep Spin 1 Spinning Gutpunch d+1 Spinning Low Punch 2 Spinaround Left *Stuns on CH* d+2 Low Punch SAMPLE COMBOS f+3+4,2, 1, 1,2,1,d+2 {1,2,1,}2, 1,2, d/f+1+2 f+3+4, 1, d+2,1,f+2 b+3+4,2, d/f+1, 1,2,1,d+2 {1,2,1,}2, 3, 1,1 ======================== | VIOLET (Lee Chaolan) | ======================== See LEE CHAOLAN. Violet is an alternate costume outfit for Lee, selectable with Button 2 or 4 during the Character Select screen. ================= | XIAOYU (Ling) | ================= GRAPPLING TECHNIQUES (Front) 2+4 360 Degree Flip {2} F+2+4 Slap, Forearm Chop {2} QCB+2 Wristlock Flip {2} f+2~1 Human Hurdle {1+2} FC,d/f+2+4 SHOULDER FLIP {2} (Left) (2+4)_(F+2+4) Arm Hook Toss {1} (Right) (2+4)_(F+2+4) Reverse Flip {2} (Back) (2+4)_(F+2+4) Spinning Leg Trip {2} SPECIAL TECHNIQUES 1,2,1 DOUBLE JABS, STORMING FLOWER 1,d+2 Jab, Uppercut, (BK) ~f Face Forward 1+2 BIRD FLOCK b+1_2 Knifehand Reversal, (BK) ~f Face Forward d+1 Windmill Slaps D (Phoenix) d/b+1 Storming Flower *Horizon Taunt on CH* u+1 Upward Slap, (BK) ~f Face Forward d/f+1 Turning Palm, (BK) ~d/f Face Forward 1+2 Bird Flock f,f+1+2,1+2 Wing Strikes *2nd Hit Bounces on CH* u+1+2~3+4 Overhead Slaps, Spin Cancel, (BK) u+1+2,2>1 Overhead Slaps, Midpunch, Storming Flower 1+4 High/Mid Parry d_FC+1+4 Low Parry 2,1 Jab, Palmslap, (BK) ~f Face Forward d/f+2~1 Twin Lifting Palms *Juggles* WS+2 Rising Slap, (BK) *Juggles on CH* ~f Face Forward WS+2 *Hold Down 2* Slow Rising Slap, (BK) *Juggles* ~f Face Forward FC,d/f+2 Lotus Twist ~d/f (BK) 1 Lotus Slap ~d/f (BK) f,f+2>1 MIDPUNCH, STORMING FLOWER 3 POWER CRESCENT d+3,4 LOW SWEEP, HIGH ROUNDHOUSE f,f+3 Raccoon Kick, (BK) d/f+3 Mid Punt Kick FC,3,2 Sweep, Backhand (BK) 1>4 Lifting Flurry *Juggles* d/b+3 Offensive Shove 4~3 DEMON FLIP *Recovers Crouching* d+1+2 (PHOENIX) SS+4 WANG SWEEP f,f+4 Lunging Kick ~4 BLOCKED KICKOFF *If Opponent Blocks Kick* d+1+2 (PHOENIX) FC,d/b+3+4 Crouching Backturn, (BK) (u/b_u_u/f)+3 PIROETTE KICK d+1+2 (PHOENIX) d/b+4 Kneecap Kick *Floats on CH* u_u/f+4 Overhead Kick *Floats on CH* u+4,d+1+2 OVERHEAD KICK, (PHOENIX) b+4 Flamingo Highkicks, (BK) ~B Face Forward FC,d/f+4 Spin Sweep, (Phoenix) 4 2nd Spin Sweep WS+4 Skyscraper Kick *Floats* 4 LIFTING FOOT *Juggles* b,b~u/b RUNUP BACKFLIP, (BK) *Against Wall* u+41.2.(1+2). Tenstring *Stopping after 6th hit - (BK)* u+41.244..2.1+2.1.4..2 Tenstring *Stopping after 4th hit - (Phoenix)* d+1+2 (Phoenix) Stance f+1+2 Clockwise Cartwheel b+1+2 Clockwise Circle Walk ~1+2~b,b Immediate Power Spinstrike, Cancel, (BK) >2_(>1+2) Spinstrike_(Power Spinstrike *Unblockable*) 3+4 Axis Spin In d+3+4 Axis Spin Out f+3+4 Counter-Clockwise Dive b+3+4 (BK) Position, Small Step Counter-Clockwise f,f+3+4 Overhead Flip FC,d/b+3+4 Crouching Backturn, (BK) 1+3+4 Horizon Taunt 2+3+4 Waving Taunt (BK) Position - b+3+4 --------------------- 1 REVERSE ELBOW d+1_2 Low Punch f,f+(1+3)_(2+4) Reverse Dash Grab 2 Backhand (BK) 1>4 Lifting Flurry *Juggles* 3 HORSE KICKOUT, FORWARD TUMBLE f+3 TURNING MIDKICK d+3 Reverse Ankle Kick, (BK) ~D Face Forward f,f+3 Skip Midkick, (BK) 4 Reverse Hook Kick *Juggles* d+4 Offensive Shove d/b+4 Turning Low Kick d+1+2 (Phoenix) Stance 3+4 Backturned Axis Spin In d+3+4 Backturned Axis Spin Out b,N~3+4 BACKTURNED AXIS SPIN AWAY, (BK) B#~3+4 DOUBLE BACKTURNED AXIS SPIN AWAY f+3+4 Roll Towards Opponent ~3+4 Kangaroo Kick *Juggles* f,f+3+4 Reverse Overhead Flip *Throw on Clean Hit* (Phoenix) Stance - d+1+2 ------------------------ d_u Phoenix Duck_Stand Up 1 Stomach Strike 2 Hard Stomach Strike >1 STORMING FLOWER 1+2 Phoenix Uppercut *Juggles* d+1+2 Power Uppercut *Juggles* 3 Low Kick, (Phoenix) u/f+3 Jumpkick *Juggles* 3_4 Thrustkick_Hopkick u/f,3 Piroette Kick *Turns Opponent BK when Hit* U/F#,3 Phoenix Hopsweep *Floats* 3+4 CHANG CANNON 4 Roundhouse B (BK) f+4 Spin Sweep, (Phoenix Stance) 4 2nd Spin Sweep u+4 Twirling Kick U (BK) d+1+2 (PHOENIX) 4 2nd Twirling Kick 4~3 Scissorleg Sweep [FU/FT] 1+3 [~U_D_F_B] Clockwise Axis Roll, Throw [Cancel] 2+4 [~U_D_F_B] Counter-Clockwise Axis Roll, Throw [Cancel] f+3+4 Forward Roll ~D PHOENIX STANCE b+3+4 (BK) Position SAMPLE COMBOS d/f+2~1, 1,2, d/f+2~1 Phoenix U/F#,3, FC 3,2, 2,1,4 BK 4, d/f+1, 2,2,2, 4 WS+2, 2,2,2,2, 1 Phoenix d+1+2, u+4, d+1, FC,d/f+2~d/f, 4 ============== | YOSHIMITSU | ============== GRAPPLING TECHNIQUES (Front) 2+4 Hilt Smashdown {2} F+2+4 Flip Slam, Gut Sword Impale {2} QCB+1+2 Rainbow Drop {1+2} QCF+2 ENERGY STEAL THROW *Yoshi Drains Energy* QCB,F+2 POSSESSION *Yoshi Gives Energy* (Left) (2+4)_(F+2+4) SPIN AROUND BULLDOG {1} (Right) (2+4)_(F+2+4) Cartwheel Roll {2} (Back) (2+4)_(F+2+4) Spinning Missle Press {2} (Tackle) 1_2 Chest Stab *Unblockable* SPECIAL TECHNIQUES b+1,[1],[1],[1],[1],[1] Spinning Hilt Strikes *Dizzy after x6* d+3+4 Spinning Sidestep *Yoshi takes Damage* b+1,[1],[1] Spinning Hilt Strikes D/B#+3,3 Leg Sweeps 3_(f+4) Leg Sweep_(Front Kick) d/f+1 Elbow 1>1>1 Sword Pommel Strikes 2 Backhand *Turns Opponent Around* D/B#+2,[2],[2],[2] Crouching Fist Spin[s] 2_(f+4) Crouching Fist Spin_(Front Kick) SS+1 Hilt Smash Uppercut *Juggles on CH* (1+2)_(u+1+2) Flea Stance *Low Unblockable* WS+1+2 Quick Uppercut f,f+1+2 Shark Attack N (BK) Position d+1+4 Standing Suicide *Unblockable* d/b+2,[2],[2],[2],[2] Evasive Crouching Fist Spins u+2+3 Samurai Stab *Unblockable* u+2+3~1 Saw Blade *Unblockable- b,b to Cancel* u+2+4~1+2 DASHING SWORD SNAP *Unblockable* 1+2+3 SPINNING SWORD SHIELD 1+4 SWORD FLASH *Steals Opponent's Flashed Move* 1+4 PERFORM STOLEN MOVE *Only Works Once* f,f+1+4,N Suicide Feint, BK 2>3 Punch, Highkick *Stuns on CH* 2,d+3 Punch, Lowkick d/f+2 Yoshi Uppercut *Juggles* D/B#+2,[2],[2],[2],[2] Crouching Fist Spins *Yoshi Dizzy after 6x* 2_(f+4) Crouching Fist Spin_(Front Kick) f+2 Backhand *Turns Opponent Around* D/B#+2,[2],[2],[2],[2] CROUCHING FIST SPINS *Yoshi Dizzy after 6x* 2_(f+4) CROUCHING FIST SPIN_(FRONT KICK) f,f+2 Elbow Smash *Sword Run Through On CH* d+3+4 Immediate Sit *Only After CH Hit* SS+2 Dodging Uppercut *Juggles* 3,3 HIGH SPINKICK, LUNGING SWEEP *Floats* d+3+4 SIT DOWN 3,4 High Spinkick, Mid Boot 3,d/f+3+4 HIGH SPINKICK, KANGAROO KICK *Juggles* FC,d/f+3 Lunging Sweep *Floats* u/f+3 DARK SAMURAI KNEE *Juggles* D/B#+3,3,[3],[3] Spinning Leg Sweeps *Dizzy after 5x* 3_(f+4) Spinning Leg Sweep_(Front Kick) FU/FT 3+4 Sit Down d+3+4 Sit Down f,f+3+4,1+2 Shark Attack, Shark Dive 3+4 Kangaroo Kick *Juggles* 3+4_(SS+3+4) MEDITATE POSITION 1+2 REJUVENATION *Unblockable, Regains Life* f_b+2 BACKHAND *Turns Opponent Around* 1+4 STANDING SUICIDE *Unblockable* 1+3 POSITION CHANGE 2+4 HILT SMASHDOWN THROW 3+4 BACKFLIP, (BK) u/f+3+4 Poison Wind Flipstomp b+1,3+4 Spinning Hilt Strike, Flipstomp b+1,4,d/b+1 Spinning Hilt Strike, Backflip, Sword Slash 3+4 Kangaroo Kick *Juggles* d+3+4 SIT DOWN 4,4,4 3 High Kicks 4~3 Kangaroo Kick *Juggles* d/f+4 Savior Boot SS+4 Whirlwind *Stuns on CH* 3+4 MEDITATE POSITION (u/b_u_u/f)+4 Twisted Foot f,f+4 Jumping Knee b,b~u/b TWISTING POISON WIND, (BK) *Against Wall* 121.4..4.4..1..1.1.1 Tenstring 121.4..4.4..1..3+4 Eightstring 121.4..2..224.1..1 Tenstring 44.2..2..4..4..1..1.1.1 Tenstring 44.2..2..4..4..1..3+4 Eightstring 44.2..2.1 Fivestring 44.2..2.11 Fivestring Unblockable Arts - (Cannot Be Blocked) -------------------------------------- d+1 SWORD SLICE ~N,D# DELAYED SLICE QCF+1 Sword Somersault b,b+1 Samurai Stab N+1 Sawblade Shield N+1+2 DASHING SWORD SNAP d+1+2 Cyclone Lift u/f+1+2 Copter Blade D Immediate Fall B Mid-Air Turn Around d/b+1+2 BAD BREATH STANCE *D/B# to Hold Stance* 1_2_3_4 Bad Breath d+1+4 Standing Suicide *Hurts Yoshi* b+1,1,1,1,1 Blood Dance *Hurts Yoshi* f,F+1+4,[f,f] Turning Suicide, [Second Stab] *Hurts Yoshi* (FC,b+1)_(D/F,1) SAMURAI CUTTER d/f+3,1 LUNGING STEP, SWORD SLICE Flea Stance - (1+2)_(u+1+2) --------------------------- f,f Forward Flea Slide *Unblockable* u/f_u_u/b Flea Hop *Unblockable* d SWORD SINKING CROUCH 1+2 Flea Headbutt *Juggles on CH* 3_4 SIDESTEP LEFT_RIGHT 3+4 Kangaroo Kick *Juggles* d+3+4 Sit Down Sit Down Stance - d+3+4 ----------------------- u Stand Up ~D Yoga Stillness f_b Teleport N Rejuvenation *Regains Life* 1 TELEPORT SWORD FLIP *Unblockable* 2,[D/B#+2],[2],[2] Crouching Fist Spin[s] 2_(f+4) Crouching Fist Spin_(Front Kick) 3,3+4 DIVE ATTACK, KANGAROO KICK *Juggles* 3+4 HOVER MODE Release 3, Hold 4, 1_2 YOSHI TAUNT F_B_D_U MANJI HOVERCRAFT N SIT DOWN STANCE 4 Kangaroo Kick *Juggles* SAMPLE COMBOS d/f+2, 1, 1, 1, f,f+4 4~3, Sidestep, 1+4, d/f+1,d/b+2,{2},2 FC,d/f+3, WS+4, f,f+4 CH SS+1, b+1,1, b+1,1, f,f+2 f+2, d/f+2, b+1, 1, d/f+1,2 -_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_ Thanks go out to: ----------------- Castel- The most creative mind in Tekken who taught me a lot of things and hooked me up with a ton of moves. Check out his site at http://tekkenzaibatsu.com. Mazroth- Getting me hooked onto Tekken in the first place. Prizim & Geddy- For playing Tekken with me all these years. LukeJedi- Borrowed the format from his Tekken2 FAQ. Crizl & ShadowIvy- For their continuing faith that Tekken kicks ass. ALL them at EFNet IRC channel #Tekken- You guys rule, plain n' simple. Contributors: ------------- Major Contributors- Castel, claka, Arcadia, Deschief, Namcoman, Shogun Yoshimitsu, Tragic, WCMaxi, kofman, Shinjin, Ruliweb, toothy, Prizim, and Sheng Wan. Other Contributors- number_6, CursedOne, LAU, Ug the caveman, Kilbaine, Mungo, StarScream, Danb, Hetfield7J, HeqhlumeHQaQjajvam, snake, twitch, Remy, Malkin, EagleEye_SS, [KFC]rob, Tseng, THE KID, Jacob Chen, jope, Mac Truck, cimartin, and evilmatt. -_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-