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         M a j o r   L e a g u e   B a s e b a l l   2 0 0 4


High Heat Major League Baseball 2004 
PS2 Full Strategy Guide
Document Written By: MaddenandGTA3

Current Version:

Last Update:

<   Table of Contents    >

I. Intro
 1. Intro
 2. Game Controls (For those who don't have an Instruction Book handy)
  a. Pitching 
  b. Batting
  c. Baserunning
  d. Fielding
  e. Throwing
 3. Game Modes
II. Roster Stuff
 1. Default Rosters and Stats
 2. Top Teams
 3. Top Players
 4. Current Rosters and How to Achieve Them
III. Strategies
 1. Pitching
 2. Other Strategies
V. FAQ Stuff
 1. Credits
 2. Version Data
 3. Contact Info and Legal Stuff
I. Intro

 1. Intro

   Welcome to my first FAQ! And what a game to start on! In my opinion, the
best Baseball Sim on the market yet! I decided to write this FAQ because there
has not been a High Heat FAQ yet, and on the Boards, there seems to be some
questions that should be tended to. Such as player updates. Which happens to
not be done as of now...
 2. Game Controls

  Here is what each button will be written as throughout the FAQ;
   X Button=          X
   Square Button=     S
   Circle Button=     O
   Triangle Button=   T
   R1 Shoulder=       R1
   R2 Shoulder=       R2
   L1 Shoulder=       L1
   L2 Shoulder=       L2
   D-Pad or analog Up=U
   " "   "  "  Down=  D
   " "   "  "  Left=  L
   " "   "  " Right=  R
   R3=                R3
   L3=                L3
   Start=             Start
   Select=            Select

  a. Pitching

  Pitch Selection-
   Select Pitch Type=     X,S,O,T,R1,R2
   Align Infield=         Directional Button OR Left analog stick, and L1
                          (Hold Direction First)
   Align Outfield=        Same as above, except use L2 instead of L1
   Pitch Legend On/Off=   Select
   Move Pitcher on Mound= Same as Align Infield, except use R2 instead of L1
                          (Tip: Make sure you Hold Direction First, or you will
                          end up choosing your pitchers 6th pitch!)
  Pitch Delivery-
   Pitch a Strike=        X and Direction Buttons OR Left analog stick
                          (Directional and Analog are for Location of Strike)
   Pitch a Ball=          O and Direction Buttons OR Left analog stick
                          (Directional and Analog are for Location of Ball)
   Brushback pitch=       R1 and X
   Pitchout=              S
  b. Batting
  During Pitch Selection-
   Guess=                 L2 (Hold down before the other's Pitch Selection
                          Screen disappears) and X,S,O,T,R1,R2
   Square to Bunt=        T and Direction Button
  During Pitch Delivery-
   Swing=                 X and Direction Button
   Bunt=                  T and Direction Button

  c. Baserunning

   Lead=                  L1 Button
   Retreat Lead=          L2 Button
   Advance=               S
   Retreat=               O
   Stop=                  T

  d. Fielding

   Move Active Fielder=   Directional Buttons
   Jump=                  X
   Dive=                  X and Directional Button
   Change Active Fielder= T

  e. Throwing

   Throw to First=        O
   Throw to Second=       T
   Throw to Third=        S
   Throw to Home=         X
   Throw to Relay Man=    R1
   Cut Off Throw=         O,T,X,or S (After Throw Begins)
   Run to Base=           L1
   Run toward Runner=     L2
   Catcher pickoff=       L1 and S or O
 3. Game Modes

   Exhibition- Play a single game using any of the 30 regular MLB or two
     All-Star teams.
  Career Modes-
   Single Season Mode- Win the Series now!
   Franchise- Play multiple seasons with a budget.
   Career Mode- Play multiple seasons without worrying about the budget.
   Two on Two Showdown- Pitcher vs. Batter.  Thats it.  One inning of hardcore,
    man to man baseball.

   Playoffs- Dont worry about your bad team you like. Jump miraculously into
    the Playoffs.

   Home Run Derby- Its all about the long ball, baby!

   All-Star Game- A collection of the todays finest going head to head.

   Batting Practice- Exactly what it says.
II. Roster Stuff

  This section deals with the default rosters, roster updates, how to make the
current rosters, and top teams and players. Easily the hardest section to make
in the FAQ.

*NOTE*- OvO means Overall Offense, which is comprised of only Hit average,
Power, and Running, not Eye, while OvD(Overall Defense)is comprised of Arm, 
Fld, Run, while OvA is comprised of the average of the two overalls. Eye is not
used because you will be controling when your players swing the bat. For 
Pitchers, OvP is the number from Arm, Con, and Stf, not End, because End does
not necesarily show how good a pitcher is, like in the case of a closer. These
4 statistics are made up entirely by me to give you a better idea of how a
player is on the whole.*

 1. Default Rosters and Stats