Vigilante 8 - N64
By - Activision
ESRB Content Rating - [ T ]  Teen, Ages 13+

FAQ by - ShAdOwX (a.k.a. Shadow Vejito)
FAQ Version - 0.1
Date - March 27,1999 (3/27/99)
Last Update Was - March 27,1999 (3/27/99)
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Contents - 
        [1.] Updates
        [2.] Walkthrough
        [3.] Codes (Passcodes)
        [4.] FAQ's
        [5.] Contact

[1.] Updates - 
Version 0.1
         FAQ Release
         Starting Work on Walkthrough (Not up yet)
         Have All Codes That Have Been Released So Far 

[2] Walkthrough
NOTE - There's No Order in Which You Have To Do the Stages in so I'm just 
putting The Easiest First 

NOTE 2 - The Objectives Are Depending On What Car You Use. I Have Not Tried 
Every Car on Every Difficulty so you will have To Figure It out Yourself. This 
Walkthrough Will Not Tell You How To Beat The Stages But Instead Where All The 
Secret Areas And Green, Brown Boxes (Well Most Of Them) Are. 

TIP 1 - When You See A Green Box (Special Weapon) On the Ground or In the Air 
and Have A Good Amount of Life. Go Get It. The Special Is Most Likely To Total 
Your Enemies. If You Don't Have A Good Amount of Life Go Get A Wrench (Life Up) 
Then Go Get Special.

TIP 2 - If You See A Brown Box, Like TIP 1, Get It. You Have A Good Chance of 
Getting A Special in It.

TIP 3 - When On A Stage That Has An Objective That Wants You To Protect A 
Certain Area, Instead Don't Protect That Thing or Place. When you run or Move 
Away From the Place You Have To Protect. The Enemies Will Instead Of Trying to 
Destroy the Place Will Follow You. As Long As You Keep Away From The Area You 
Have To Protect And Stay Alive You Will Complete The Mission Easy Unless A Stray 
Missile Flies Away And Hits The Place (Unlikely But It Has Happened Before).

TIP 4 - When On A Stage The Has A Objective That Wants You To Destroy A Place, 
Destroy That Place First Because If You Don't They Might Total You before Even 
Get A Chance To Get There

TIP 5 - If You Have A Big Car Or Vehicle And Have No Weapons, The Best Way To 
Total Someone Is To Ram (Or Charge) The Enemies Car/Vehicle. Use Some 
Cars/Vehicle/Space Ship Like Molo, Beezwax, Alien (Secret Character With A Space 
Ship. Also Very good).

TIP 6 - To Get A Whammy Use A Good Variety Or Weapons. Here's A Good Choice: Ram 
The Enemy, Then Use The Bull's Eye Rockets With The Machine Guns, Then Use The 
Sky Hammer Mortar With The Machine Guns. Then If Possible Depending On The 
Special You Got, You Can Use The Special On Them And Depending on How Strong 
Your Special Is It Should Total The Enemy And Get A 2X Whammy Or Higher If There 
Is. This Should Be Done When Then Enemy Is Against A Structure Or A Mountain 
Since The Mortar Doesn't Always Hit When Their Far. Be Creative And Make Some Of 
Your Own. Think Of The Most Reliable And Strongest Weapons In The Game And Mix 
It Up With Others To Make Up A WHAMMY!!

Well Ok Now That You Read All Of My Annoying NOTES and TIPS, Its Time For The 

                ú ø :) Walkthrough Not Complete yet :) ø ú 

[3.] Codes (Passcodes)
NOTE 1 - Enter these at the Passcode Screen in Options
NOTE 2 - Entering Codes in This Game Will Most Likely Freeze It during Game Play
NOTE 3 - The Classified Secret Moves Are Not For Each Characters Special Move 
but For the Pick up Weapons like the Mines and Mortar. Use These Moves during 
Game Play

Passcodes - 
         Choose the Same Car             MIX_MATCH_CARS

         Enable Ultra-High Resolution        MAX_RESOLUTION

         Enhanced Missiles                     MISSILE_ATTACK 

         God Mode                                 LIVING_FOREVER 

         Rapid-Fire Weapons                    FIRE_NO_LIMITS

         Reduced Gravity                        A_MOON_GETAWAY

         Remove all Enemies                   POPULATION_OUT

         Slow-Motion                              GO_REALLY_SLOW

         Super Hard Difficulty                   I_AM_TOUGH_GUY

         Unlock Levels                            LEVEL_SHORTCUT

         View all Endings                         LONG_SLIDESHOW

Classified Secret Moves - 
          Interceptor Missiles
        Halo Decoy: Up-Up-Down-Fire Machine Gun
        Cost: 2 Missiles 

         Bull's Eye Rockets
        Stampede: Up-Down-Up-Fire Machine Gun
        Cost: 5 Rockets 

         Sky Hammer Mortar
        Turtle Turnover: Down-Down-Down-Fire Machine Gun
        Cost: 2 Shells 

         Bruiser Cannon
        Cow Puncher: Down-Up-Down-Fire Machine Gun
        Cost: 2 Shells 

         Roadkill Mines
        Cactus Patch: Left-Right-Up-Fire Machine Gun
        Cost: 2 to 6 Mines 

Sorry but I Don't Have Too Much Questions. So To Get This Section Up You Have To 
Send Me Some Question's and I'll try to post many Of the Good Ones Up. E-mail Me 

GETAWAY, MISSILE ATTACK (Or Something Like That) And On The Hoover Dam Or Ski 
Resort Stage?

I Personally Don't Know Why. I Guess it's Another Glitch in the Game Like All 
Other Games. Well I guess that's what you get when you Port Playstation games.

Why Do I Get Stuck On Something like A Rock or Mountain?

The Reason Is Simple. Someone Either Hit You Very Very Hard Or Someone Ran Into 
You And You Got Knocked Back Very Hard And Fast And Hit An Object Which Caused 
You To Get Stuck. Hey I Been Worst When I Got Stuck Under Water.

Why Do I get knocked Off the Stage and Blow Up?

First Of All you got knocked Off the Stage because you got totaled. Second You 
Blown Up before You Got knocked off. Only the Computer can get knocked Off the 
Stage and Come Back Alive and Undamaged.

How Do You Access To Alien " Y "?

You Have To Beat the Game with everyone including the Hidden Characters (Molo 
etc.). Then You Use Y to Beat the Secret Base.

How Do You Access the Super Dreamland 64?

Beat the Secret Base with Alien " Y " (This Stage Can Only Played in Multi, 
Arcade, and Survival.)

Why doesn't The 4MB Work?

It Does Work but You Can Hardly Notice It. The 4MB Expansion Doesn't Quite Work 
With This Game Too Well. I would say that it makes it Worse. The 4MB Slows the 
Frame Rate Up A Little. It Makes the Loading of the Stages A Little Longer. It 
Also Freezes the Game A lot More That Usual (Without The 4MB). I don't use the 
4MB. I'm not telling you know To but I'm just saying it Makes This Great Game 
Worst. To see The 4MB Effect Work Better Put In MAX_RESOLUTION as A Passcode. I 
Think This Code Makes Less Freezes And Frame Rate Normal And The Graphics Just A 
Little Poppy (As In Brighter).
NOTE - Don't Send Me Hate Mail Saying That The Statement I Made Was False And 
That It Does Make The Game A Whole Lot Better. This Was Just Through My Eyes and 
My Opinion. I Saw That The Game Was Much Slower. 
[5.] Contact
If You Have Any Questions or Ideas to Make This F.A.Q Better E-mail Me at or Use ICQ# 30875054. My Alternate E-mail Is If Anything In This F.A.Q Is False Or Does Not Work (Like 
Codes) Please Contact Me So I Can Try It Out And See If It Works. If Not Then 
I'll remove It. Don't Steal Anything on This FAQ. It Took Me A While To get This 
Done. If You Want To Use This F.A.Q on Your Site contact me First.

Things I Need For This FAQ - 
Some Secret Areas and Special Power up Areas
New Codes If There Are Any (I Really Need Some Gameshark Codes)
Corrections for This FAQ
FAQ Questions
If I Get Enough Material I Will Put Up A Contributor Section
Soon I Will Have A Rumor Section
If you got any of the Things I Need Send Them on In To

Things for That Future -
If I Get Enough Material (FAQ Questions, Secret Areas, New Codes) I Will Put Up 
A Contributor Section
Soon I Will Have A Rumor Section

ShAdOwX (a.k.a. Shadow Vejito)
Copyright (c) All Rights Reserved. This FAQ Should Not Be Reproduced, Changed 
(Well As Long As It's For Personal Use And Not Sold), Sold Without the Authors 
The Names And Stages and Content Is A Copyright (c) Of Activision And Others Who 
Produced The Game