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Date: Sat, 21 Jun 1997 01:12:46 -0700
From: Patrick McCarron 

                 The War Gods Information Center Presents...
                            WAR GODS-HOME TEXT FAQ
                                Version: 1.03

       *For War Gods Nintendo 64, PlayStation, and Windows 95 Versions*

                            Last Updated: 6/13/1997
                      by Patrick McCarron (
                   & The IceMaster (

                             ==[ WHAT'S NEW? ]==

-  6-13-1997 | Minor Revision with small fixes in the
               moves/codes listings
-  6-07-1997 | Fixed Warhead's Fatality (listed the arcade
               version's key sequence in last revision)
-  5-30-1997 | Minor revisions to the Fatality descriptions.

-  5-29-1997 | First revision of the Home Version FAQ
               This FAQ covers the Nintendo 64, Sony PlayStation, and
               Windows 95 PC platform ports of War Gods.

- NOTE: Get on FAQ Subscription List for updates

                              ==[ THE STORY ]==

                Billions of years ago, a being from a distant
                galaxy  was  transporting a precious cargo of
                life giving Ore.   The turbulent formation of
                our  solar  system  caused his ship to crash,
                and scattered The Ore over the molten surface
                               of planet earth.

                Through the millennia, ten  humans  came into
                contact with  The  Ore  and  were transformed
                         into super-evolved warriors.

                            These are the WAR GODS!

                                ==[ FAQ KEY ]==

Move Key

                B - Back                   HP - High Punch
                D - Down                   LP - Low Punch
                F - Forward                BL - Block
                U - Up                     HK - High Kick
                + - And (simultaneously)   LK - Low Kick 
                , - Then                   3D - 3D Button

Basic Attacks:

 Done during a fight:

      Uppercut:                         D+HP 
      Leg Sweep:                        B+LK
      Fierce Kick: (Roundhouse)         B+HK
      Throw:                            F+LP
      Shove:                            BL, BL
      Evasive Get Up:                   B+BL  (While down on ground)
      Get Up Attack:                    F+HP+LP
                                           (While getting up from ground)
      Run:                              F, F
      Unblockable Pounce:               U+HP (While opponent is down)
      3D Jump:                          Hold 3D+BL, UP or DOWN
      3D Walk:                          Hold 3D, UP or DOWN 
      3D Slide:                         Hold 3D, UP, UP or DOWN, DOWN

Basic Finishers

 Done After "Prove Yourself!":

      Uppercut Ring Special             D+HP
      Roundhouse Ring Special           Hold 3D, B+HK
      SlowMo Auto Combo (Cy-5/Ahau)     Hold 3D, B, F, HK
                                         Hold BL and 3D for a different
                                         camera angle.
      SlowMo Auto Combo (All others)    Hold 3D, B, F, HP
                                         Hold BL and 3D for a different
                                         camera angle.

                            /.] Tips and Tricks [.\

   Blocking Throws:
     To Block a Throw hold Back or Down Back. Just Block doesn't Block a
     throw.  So if you're playing someone who keeps throwing, hold DB+BL
     and counter attack.

   Jump Into Combo:
     You can jumpkick or punch into combos now much easier, the extra
     damage is usually about 10-15% more, so it's a GREAT tactic.

   If You Slide, You Will Win:
     The 3D Slide is your key to victory against all players, especially
     newbies that haven't even touched the 3D Button yet.

   Evasive Get Up and Attacks:
     Use the Evasive Get Up and Get Up Attack a lot to surprise your
     opponents. Use the Evasive Get Up Attack when someone is doing the
     Unblockable Pounce Attack on you, and then Run up and combo them
     quick, or if they're running or walking towards you, use the Get Up
     Attack to knock them down and score some damage.

   The Shove is Useful:
     Whenever your opponent is just sitting around blocking run up and shove
     them, and then start a combo or do a special move. Since the Shove is
     unblockable, they are left vulnerable and you can start your combo.

                           --====] AHAU KIN [====--

[.\ STORY LINE /.]
          In a vision, AHAU KIN, an evil high priest, learned that
       untold power lay at the bottom of his tribe's sacrificial well.
          One by one, he sent his slaves to their death diving to
                                reach The Ore.
        Finally, overwhelmed with desire, he plunged to the well's
                         depths and retrieved The Ore.

[.\ MOVES /.]
 Sunburst:              B, F, LP
 Teleport Gate:         D, U, LK (Can be done in the air)
 Blow Dart:             B, F, HP
 2 Blow Darts:          B, B, F, HP
 3 Blow Darts:          B, B, B, F, HP
 Sword Swipe:           D, B, HP (F+HP for extra swipe)
 Dagger Stab:           D, F, LP
 Clothesline:           F, F, HK+LK

 Combo Breaker:         F, B, F, B+HK+LK

[.\ COMBOS ./]
 Complete Combo:
   10 Hit CC - 30%: B, F, HK, LK, HK, LP, LP, HP, HP, HP, HK
 Other Combos
   10 Hit CC - 39%: Jump Kick, 10 Hit CC  
   10 Hit CC - 39%: HK, CC  
    4 Hit Chained - 18%: Deep Jump Kick, Spark, HK, Clothesline
    4 Hit Juggle - 21%: (In Corner) Jump Kick, HP, HP, Clothesline

[.\ FATALS ./]
 Fatality:     Hold 3D, U, D, U, HK (Close)
  Description: Ahau Kin raises an altar to appear behind his
        opponent. He then shoves the victim so that they land
        on the blood-stained surface, and he jumps on top of
        them, keeping them "pinned" down.  The opponent struggles
        to escape, but Ahau Kin shows no mercy and shoves his
        hand into their chest. After he moves his hand around
        inside their torso for a moment, he yanks out the beating
        heart of his opposing War God. He holds the heart
        up high, then lowers it after a brief pause and takes a
        large bite out of it, as the victim drops from conciousness
        with a hole on their chest.
        (It's a stone heart if the victim is Tak, an artificial one
        leaking electricity if it's Cy-5, and a human heart squirting
        blood of it's anyone else.)

                            --====] ANUBIS [====--

[.\ STORY LINE /.]
           While searching for lost treasure in the Valley of the
          Kings, a grave robber uncovered a hidden burial chamber.
           The thief tried to steal it's treasures, anaware that
        The Ore had been placed in the chamber to destroy anyone who
          His body was destoyed by The Ore, but his soul is cursed
                           to return as ANUBIS.

[.\ MOVES ./]
 Pyramid Trap:          D+B, LP (Can be done in midair)
 Teleport Attack:       B, F, LK
 Staff Chop:            D+F, HK
 Staff Sweep:           D, B, LK
 Double Staff Chop:     F, F during Staff Sweep
 Staff Bolt:            D+F, HP
 Horn Charge:           F, D, B, HK+LK

 Combo Breaker:         3D, B, U, F+HK

[.\ COMBOS ./]
 Complete Combo:
   10 Hit CC - 32%: B, F, HP, HK, HP, LP, BL, F, F, B, F, HK+LK
 Other Combos:
    4 Hit Juggle - 32%: While opponent is jumping in:
                   Jumping Kick, Trap in Air, HP, Telestaff  
    4 Hit Juggle - 23%: While opponent is jumping in:
                   HP, Trap, HP, Staff Sweep, Double Staff Chop  
    3 Hit Juggle - 31%: Trap, Telestaff, Horn Charge (only works on computer)
    3 Hit Juggle - 16%: While opponent is jumping in: HP, HP, Telestaff
    3 Hit Juggle - 15%: While opponent is jumping in:     
                   Trap, HP, Telestaff, Horn Charge  (only works on computer)
    3 Hit Chained - 12%: Trap, Staff Sweep, Double Staff Chop 
    2 Hit Juggle: While opponent is jumping in: Jumping Punch, Horn Charge 
    2 Hit Chained: Deep Jump Kick, Horn Charge 

[.\ FATALS ./]
 Fatality:     F, D, B, HP+LK (Half of the Ring)
  Description: Anubis summons down from the skies, an Egyptian mummy
        case. Blood spills from underneath as the case slowly opens
        to reveal the victim mummified and still concious, struggling
        to get out.

                             --====] CY-5 [====--

[.\ STORY LINE /.]
                    The power of The Ore is timeless.
         In the year 2096, scientists will implant The Ore into
     CY-5, an advanced cyborg, unaware that The Ore has life-giving
                      CY-5 will kill the scientists.
          It will conclude that more Ore is needed for greater
                           human consciousness.
   CY-5 will fight in a ruthless systematic manner to achive its goal.

[.\ MOVES ./]
 Teleport:              D, B, LK
 Ground Laser:          B, D, F, LP (Can be done in midair)
 Overhead Laser:        Hold 3D, B, D, F, HP
 Gain Orbital:          B, B, LP  (Can Gain Up To 4)
 Fire Orbital:          Gain, HP+LP
 The Blender:           D, B, HP

 Combo Breaker:         3D, D, U+HP+LK

[.\ COMBOS ./]
 Complete Combo:
   13 Hits - 39% - CC: B, F, HK, F, D, B, HP, HP, LP, LP
    5 Hits - 23% - CC: B, F, HP, HP, LP, HP, LP  
Other Combos:
   2 Hits Chained 50%: Deep Jump Kick, The Blender  

[.\ FATALS ./]
 Fatality:     B, B, HP (Half of the Ring)
  Description: Cy-5 keys in a combination on his arm and stands
        in anticipation for his ride. A shadow begins to cover
        the arena as a large space craft appears overhead. The
        space craft aims its center over Cy-5's victim and fries
        the opposition with an orange beam, melting them into a
        puddle of deity remains. The futuristic War God is then
        teleported onboard and rides from the site.

                           --====] KABUKI JO [====--

[.\ STORY LINE /.]
           A feared medieval samurai discovered The Ore on the eve
                              of a great battle.
         Overwhelmed by its power, he slaughtered his men in a rage
                              of fire and fury.
          Shamed by the destruction he had caused, he became KABUKI
       JO, an outcast determined to master the power that consumes him.

[.\ MOVES ./]
 Fire Trap:             B, D, F, LK
 Shuriken Throw:        D, F, HP
 CW Shuriken Spread:    Hold 3D, D, F, HP
 CCW Shuriken Spread:   Hold 3D, D, F, LP
 Short Dragon Breath:   B, F, LP
 Medium Dragon Breath:  B, B, F, LP
 Long Dragon Breath:    B, B, B, F, LP
 Dragon Staff:          F, D, B, HP, LP, LK (3 Hits - 18%)
 Sword Flurry:          F, F, HP+LP (Keep taping F+HP+LP to keep attacking)

 Combo Breaker:         3D, U, D, U+LK

[.\ COMBOS ./]
 Complete Combo:
   10 Hit CC - 36%: B, F, HP, HK, LP, LP, HK+LK, D, F, HK+LK
 Other Combos:
   11 Hit CC - 44%: HK, 10 Hit CC
   12 Hit CC - 44%: Deep Jump Kick, Fire Trap, 10 Hit CC
    4 Hit Air Juggle - 24%: While opponent is jumping in:
                            HK, 3 Hit Dragon Staff Combo (UNCONFIRMED)

[.\ FATALS ./]
 Fatality:     B, D, F, HK+LK (Sweep Distance)
  Description: Kabuki Jo takes out his staff and shoves it into the
        midsection of his victim. He then places the staff in upright
        position, letting the body of the opposition slowly slide
        down, as they're impaled on the middle of his combat weapon.
        (If the victim is Tak, he won't slide.)

                            --====] MAXIMUS [====--

[.\ STORY LINE /.]
         MAXIMUS, a mighty gladiator, fought for the entertainment
     of his masters. During a great festival that celebrated The Ore,
           he battled to determine which master would possess it.
           He killed his opponent, but slaughtered his masters as
                      well. He took The Ore and escaped.
     Consumed by it's power, he fights for all who have been enslaved.

[.\ MOVES ./]
 Net Trap:              B, F, HP+LP
 Shockwave Punch:       Hold 3D, U, D, LP
 Hammer Attack:         D+F, LP
 Hammer Throw:          D+B, HP
 Headbutt:              B, F, LP
 Noogie:                F, F, HP (Close; Hit HP for up to 4 hits)
 Reversal Throw:        B, HP (When opponent is attacking you)

 Combo Breaker:         F, F+HP+LP

[.\ COMBOS ./]
 Complete Combo:
   10 Hits CC - 39%: B, F, HP, LP, F, F, LK, LP, HP, HP, LP, B, D, F, LP
 Other Combos:
   10 Hits CC - 45%: Deep Jump Kick, Net, 10 Hit CC 
    5 Hits Chained - 54%: In Corner:
      Deep Jump Kick, Net, Deep Jump Kick, HK, Hammer

[.\ FATALS ./]
 Fatality:     Hold 3D, F, F, HP+LP (Close)
  Description: Maximus causes two Roman columns to rise on each side
        behind his opponent, in a position automatically "sticking"
        the victim's wrists to them. The freedom fighter then takes
        out his sword and slashes across the opponent's torso, drop-
        ping their bottom half to the ground while the top half
        remains on the columns, as blood drips from their torn
        body and mouth.

                             --====] PAGAN [====--

[.\ STORY LINE /.]
            Ancient manuscripts revealed the locationd of The Ore
                   to PAGAN, a mistress of the black arts.
            She arrived at the ruins of a cathedral where The Ore
         was once worshipped. Pagan summoned forth the hidden Ore by
                   reciting the manuscript's incantations.
           The Ore increased her hunger for power and destruction.
                She will destroy anyone who stands in her way.

[.\ MOVES ./]
 Skeleton Trap:         B, D, F, LP
 Smoke Teleport:        D, D, LK
 Electric Shock:        D, B, HP
 Copter Kick:           D, F, HK+LK
 Leg Flip:              F, F, HK

 Combo Breaker:         B, B, B, F+HK+LK

[.\ COMBOS ./]
 Complete Combo:
   10 Hit CC - 31%: B, F, HP, HK, HP, HK, HK, HK, LK, LK, HP
 Other Combos:
   10 Hit CC - 39%: HK, 10 Hit CC
   10 Hit CC - 36%: Deep Jump kick, Skeleton Trap, 10 Hit CC
    5 Hits Juggle:
      Deep Jump Kick, Skeleton Trap, Deep Jump Kick, HK, Leg Throw
    4 Hit Chained:
      Skeleton Trap, HP, HP, HK, Leg Throw  (only against computer)
    3 Hit Chained:
      Skeleton Trap, HP, HP, Leg Throw  (only against computer)
    3 Hit Chained:
      Skeleton Trap, HP, HK, Leg Throw  (only against computer)
    3 Hit Air Juggle: While opponent is jumping in: HK, HP, Leg Throw
    2 Hit Chained: Deep Jump kick, Flying Leg Throw

[.\ FATALS ./]
 Fatality:     B, F, LP (Half of the Ring)
  Description: Pagan pulls out a Medusa head, holds it in front
        of her and scares the victim to stone, as in Greek mythology.
        It rises into the air, growing larger; the head remains
        suspended in midair between Pagan and her opponent. It then
        fires beams of energy into the now-stone War God, causing
        the opposition to explode into fragments of stone remains.
        (If the victim is Tak, he would have just taunted her

                              --====] TAK [====--

[.\ STORY LINE /.]
            Thousands of years ago, a kingdom worshipped The Ore
                                  as a god.
             A rival kingdom declared war to capture The Ore. In
          the face of defeat, the king hid The Ore in a stone idol.
        The idol came to life as TAK, avenger of a lost civilization.

[.\ MOVES ./]
 Shockwave Stomp:       Hold 3D, B, D, F, LK
 Rock Crush:            D, B, HP
 Boulder:               D, F, LP
 PowerSlam:             F, B, LP (Close)
 Belly-to-Back Suplex:  F, B, HP (Close)

 Combo Breaker:         3D, B, F+HP

[.\ COMBOS ./]
 Complete Combo:
   10 Hits CC - 32%: B, F, HP, HP, LP, LP, LK, LK, HP, HP, HK
 Other Combos:
   11 Hits - 39%: HK, CC 
   11 Hits - 42%: Earthquake, HK, CC
   12 Hit - 39%: Earthquake Stomp, Boulder, 10 Hit CC, Jump Kick
      (Or Uppercut if In Corner, add about 10-15%, but it won't count)

[.\ FATALS ./]
 Fatality:     B, D, F, LP+HK (Close)
  Description: Tak hammers his opponent on the head with his bare
        fist three times in a row, leaving only the victim's head
        above ground. The camera takes a far shot as the stone War
        God decapitates his opponent with a simple kick, sending
        the head into a clear camera view.

                            --====] VALLAH [====--

[.\ STORY LINE /.]

                VALLAH, a warrior princess, became seperated from
                         battle during a great ice storm.
               Taking shelter in a nearby cave, she saw a glowing
              green light trapped inside a translucent wall of ice.
                Hacking away at the ice, her sword finally made
                              contact with The Ore.
               Vallah was transformed into a Viking goddess, and
                             rules the realm of ice.

[.\ MOVES ./]
 Dragon Trap:           F, D, B, HP
 Axe Chop:              B, B, HP
 Axe Throw:             D, F, LP
 Double Axe Throw:      Hold 3D, D, F, LP
 Shield Slice:          D+B, LP
 Shield Dash:           B, F, LK+HK
 Sword Slicer:          B, F, HP
 Double Sword Slice:    Hold LP, F, B, HP

 Combo Breaker:         3D, D, B+LK

[.\ COMBOS ./]
  (NOTE: Add big damage to Vallah's combos by doing the axe chop when you
  knock them down)

 Complete Combo:
   10 Hit CC - 34%:
      B, F, HP, LK, LK, HP, LP, LP, HP, B, D, F, F, D, B
 Other Combos:
   12 Hit - 45%: While opponent is jumping in: HK, HP, Gator Trap, 10 Hit CC
   11 Hit - 39%: While opponent is jumping in: HK, Gator Trap, 10 Hit CC
   11 Hit Complete 42%: HK, 10 Hit CC
    4 Hit Chained - 29%:
      Deep Jump Kick, Gator Trap, Deep Jump Kick, Shield Dash
    4 Hit Corner Juggle - 18%: Jump Kick, HP, HP, Shield Dash  

[.\ FATALS ./]
 Fatality:     F, F, LK (Close)
  Description: Vallah raises a double-layered bed behind her opponent.
        She then shoves her opponent onto the surface of the upper
        layer and raises her arms to activate the heat from the
        lower layer, frying the victim. The flames die down as she
        lowers her arms, leaving the burnt remains of the opposition.

                            --====] VOODOO [====--

[.\ STORY LINE /.]
                In a Caribbean village, a witch doctor enslaved
                    his people black magic and arcane spells.
                One night in desperation, the villagers captured
             the witch doctor and burnt him to death. They threw his
            body into a forbidden swamp, unaware that it hid a deposit
                                  of The Ore.
               The ore's energy brought his corpse back to life as
                          VOODOO, god of the undead.

[.\ MOVES ./]
 Snake Pull:             B, B, LP
 Teleport:               B, F, LK
 Naildown:               Hold 3D, B, D, F, HP
 High Bat Attack:        D, B, HP
 Low Bat Attack:         D, B, LP
 Spinning Claw:          B, F, HP+LP
                          (Tap HP+LP to spin more)
 Bitch Slap:             F, B, LP (Close; tap LP for up to 4)

 Combo Breaker:          F, D, B+HP+LP

[.\ COMBOS ./]
 Complete Combo:
   12 Hit CC - 38%: B, F, HP, HK, HP, LK, LK, LK, LP, LP, HK, HP
 Other Combos:
   14? Hit CC - 42%:
      While opponent is jumping in: HK, HP, Snake Trap, 12 Hit CC
   14? Hit CC - 48%: Deep Jump Kick, HP, Arm Grab, 12 Hit CC 
   14? Hit CC - 49%: Deep Jump Kick, HK, Arm Grab, 12 Hit CC 
   14? Hit CC - 50%: Jump kick, Snake Grab, HK, 12 Hit CC
   13? Hit CC - 46%: While opponent is jumping in: HK, Snake Trap, 12 Hit CC
   13? Hit CC - 46%: Deep Jump Kick, Arm Grab, 12 Hit CC 
    4 Hit Chained - 38%: Deep Jump Kick, Snake Grab, F+HK, B+LP 

[.\ FATALS ./]
 Fatality:     B, F, LP (Half of the Ring)
  Description: Voodoo takes out a doll replica of his opponent.
        He then slashes the voodoo doll with his claws, across
        its stomach, causing the victim's abdominal area to
        split open. From the hole comes their liver, while their
        intestines uncoil with blood madly squirting from the
        large opening.

                            --====] WARHEAD [====--

[.\ STORY LINE /.]
                 Government officials were worried than an
           experiment to merge nuclear weapons with The Ore was
        in jeopardy. They sent their top operative to investigate.
                When he arrived at the research center, the
           building exploded, covering his body with fragments
                              of The Ore
                 The soldier was tranformed into WARHEAD,
                        a super-human fighter.

[.\ MOVES ./]
 Shockwave Punch:        Hold 3D, B, D, F, HP
 Launch Direct Missles:  D, B, LP
 Launch Seeking Missles: Hold 3D, D, B, LP
 Cannonball Stomp:       B, F, HK+LK (Can be done in the air)
 Skull Crusher:          F, B, HP (Hit HP for more hits; Close)

 Combo Breaker:          3D, B, B, F, HP

[.\ COMBOS ./]
 Complete Combo:
   10 Hit CC - 36%: B, F, HP, HP, LP, LP, LK, LK, HK, HK, LP
 Other Combos:
   11 Hit CC - 44%: Shock Wave, 10 Hit CC
   11 Hit CC - 44%: HK, 10 Hit CC
   11 Hit CC - 49%: DEEP Jump kick, Shock Wave, HK, CC
    4 Hit Air Juggle - 18%: Shock Wave, HP, HP, (pause 1 sec) Cannonball  
    3 Hit Juggle - 16%: Shock Wave, HK, Cannonball

[.\ FATALS ./]
 Fatality:     F, D, B, HK (Half of the Ring)
  Description: Warhead crouches down and radios his backup. Nukes are
        then dropped upon the unsuspecting victim, eventually blowing
        them to oblivion. As the mushroom cloud floats away, all that
        remains is a crater where the victim stood.

                             --====] GROX [====--

1.) Usually, repeated up-forward flying kicks to the head from up close
    will work against him.
2.) When he jumps 3D Slide or walk back (if near center) and counter with
    a trap or projectile.
3.) Sometimes Grox takes block damage from some attacks, so find those
    and use them to your advantage.
4.) When he jumps at you Uppercut him when he is above you.

[.\ MOVES ./]
 Shockwave Stomp:        B, U, F, LK
 Belly Splash:           B, F, HK+LK
 Axe Handle:             F, F, HP
 Forearm Swing:          B, F, HP
 Belly Bump:             B, F, HP+LP
 Bigfoot:                F+HP
 Ragdoll Throw:          F, B, LP (Close)

                             --====] EXOR [====--

1.) If you want to be cheap, use Anubis and teleport whenever possible.
    In lower difficulties, this shouldn't be a problem; if he blocks,
    jump back, teleport again.
2.) Don't jump forward or back, he'll then EASILY get you with his lasers
    and his trap.
3.) If you sit there blocking he'll use his telekinetic throw.
4.) He has weaknesses to some moves, find them and use them often.
5.) Traps are useless against him.
6.) 3D Slide and fire a projectile to hit a BIT easier.
7.) Wait for his Arial Ore Energy shot, run up and uppercut. This will work
    good if you time it right so he doesn't get you when you're close.

[.\ MOVES ./]
 Containment Orb:        F, D, B, HP
 Teleport:               F, F, LK
 Direct Ore Energy:      B, D, F, LP
 Arial Ore Energy:       F, F, HK
 Arial Ore Energy #2:    B, B, HP+LP
 Arial Ore Energy #3:    B, F, HP+LP
 Teleport Arial Ore:     F, D, B, HK
 Force Field:            F, F, HP
 Turn-Around Backfist:   B, B, LP
 Telekinetic Slam:       F+LP

                           ==[ COMBO TECHNIQUES ]==

There are 2 main types of combos in War Gods:

1) Predefined combos are a lot like combos from KI and MK3 combined. To start
 one, you hit with B, F, followed by HP (or HK if you're Ahau Kin or Cy-5),
 this usually gets 2 auto chained hits.  Complete ones are listed in this
 document with B, F, and so on, however, you MAY substitute B, F, with F, F.
 These combos also require PRECISE timing, so watch your character for signs
 of when the next button should be pressed. After you do a predefined combo
 completely, Exor will announce "COMBO!" and it displays this on screen:

 8 Hit