Platform: Dreamcast
  Author:   David Blake
  Version:  1.0 (04/15/2002)


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  Table of Contents
  Author's Note

    General Strategies

    Mission 1 : Junkyard and Warehouses
                  Grinder and Warehouses
                  Warehouse Complex
                  Central Warehouse
    Mission 2 : Dockside and Interior of Tanker Ship
                  The Main Ship
                  Deep Inside the Tanker
                  Ma Sludge
    Mission 3 : Protox Corporation
    Mission 4 : N-Tek Lab
                  Loading Bay
                  Inner Base
                  Sub Lab
                  Deeper Penetration
                  The Final Countdown
                  Bio Baddies
    Mission 5 : Cliffside Missile Complex
                  Other Side of the Cliffs
                  Inside the Base
                  Deep Infiltration
                  On the Inside
                  Big Bad Bot
    Mission 6 : Mayan Temple
                  Getting In
                  The Main Temple
                  The True Temple
    Mission 7 : Dawn's Complex
                  The Long Walk
                  Demon Dawn

  Codes and Secrets
  Credits and Thanks


    Well, what can I say about Max Steel that hasn't already been said?
Actually, a lot since this was demoed in Dreamcast Magazine and yet didn't seem
to hit a single storefront. I even had trouble finding it online...more trouble
that Rez and Confidential Mission, even. So, why did I look so hard? Well, the
answer is rather simple: I enjoyed the demo. Sure, it was a rather simplistic
stealth-action game, but, hey, I like simplistic steal-action games. Just like
I enjoy cheesy B-Horror flicks.
    Max Steel is actually a fun little game, though when I first turned it on,
I was attempting to read the manual at the same time. I saw Max get bombarded
with the crud out of the corner of my eye as I read about the benefits of using
Kick, Punch, Kick. Then I started a new game and saw that Max's father was
black. Now, I wasn't thinking surrogate father like the game manual tells you
(and I've seen about a half of two separate episodes of the CG cartoon so I had
no back-history to go by). Suddenly I felt wronged, not because his dad was
black, but because the N-Tek goo had turned Max white! I reset my DC to see
this happen and noticed that he was once a blonde-haired blue-eyed kid, so I
read the character description of his father and was much happier. The
videogame industry had been saved from me bitching on forums about their evils.
    As to why you bought the game, I don't know. Perhaps it was $10 at
Wal-Mart. It never even came to our Wal-Mart. Perhaps you didn't want to get
Zombie Revenge because it was too scary. Or maybe, just maybe, Soul Fighter was
out of your price-range. Whatever your reason, you have it and are stuck
reading my crap guide.
    I pity you.

    Anyway, I played through the game on normal difficulty and, other than the
first few levels, never had a problem with ammo or health. I haven't played it
on hard. I ran through it to test it with God Mode to make sure that things
were where I said they were. God mode is relatively pointless in this game
since the difficulty is so low...kind of like KISS : Psycho Circus.


=== CONTROLS ==================================================================
These are the default controls for Max Steel(tm).

  D-Pad/Analog stick - Move Max Steel/Change selections
  A                  - Punch/fire weapon/Turbo Mode
  B                  - Kick/Stealth Mode
  X                  - Action
  Y                  - Jump/Climb
  Right Trigger      - Bring up the Mode list
  Left Trigger       - Choose weapon

=== STORY =====================================================================
(From Mattel Interactive)
  Accidentally infused with N-Tek(tm) probes, Max Steel(tm) is a brand new
  breed of super agent. The first technologically enhanced human being, Max
  Steel(tm) is capable of incredible acts of strength, speed, regeneration, and

  With help from 'Berto and the rest of his team, Max secretly battles the
  forces of D.R.E.A.D.(tm) and his evil cyborg nemesis, Psycho(r).

  By any means necessary...

  Jefferson Smith has been kidnapped by D.R.E.A.D. agents! Max Steam(tm) is
  determined to rescue his surrogate father and is willing to use any means

  Max finds the kidnappers, overpowers them, and rescues Smith. But D.R.E.A.D.
  has created a biological replica of Jefferson Smith, and Max "rescued" this
  corrupt version of the father he adores!

  The evil cartel not only holds the real Smith captive, but they've succeded
  in infiltrating Max's inner circle with a malevolent imposter--and Max did
  most of the work for them!

  Now he's been ordered to do it again! The phony Smith assigned a mission to
  Max that will further D.R.E.A.D.'s evil plans! Can Max figure out the
  deception and turn things around?

=== CHARACTERS ================================================================
(From Mattel Interactive)
Max Steel(tm)
  Accidentally infused with N-Tek(tm) probes, Max Steel(tm) is a brand new
  breed of super agent. The first technologically enhanced human being, Max
  Steel(tm) is capable of incredible acts of strength, speed, regeneration, and

  With help from 'Berto and the rest of his team, Max secretly battles the
  forces of D.R.E.A.D.(tm) and his evil cyborg nemesis, Psycho(r).

  Dr. Roberto Martinez was a child prodigy who grew up to be an expert in
  cybernetics, nano-technology, and biomedical research. His skills make him
  indespensible as the voice on the other end of Max's constant link to N-

  Rachel Leads is Max's handler, who was an accomplished espionage agent in her
  own right. She trains and advises him, but in terms of personality, the two
  are opposites. The clashes between the man and his boss can get onery.

Jefferson Smith
  Jefferson Smith took Max in and raised him as his own son when the boy's
  father was tragically killed. Smith had long been a protoge to Smith's dad,
  the president of N-Tek(tm). Smith assumed leadership of the company and
  performed both his jobs, CEO and dad, with extraordinary grace.

  An arms smuggler with a reputation for being a very tough customer. He likes
  slugging it out.

  Psycho(r) is D.R.E.A.D.'s top operative. His right arm is completely
  mechanical and opens to reveal a crushing claw. He wears a mask that hides a
  hideous robotic face and terrifying grin.

  A genius in biological manipulation, she strives to make the entire world her
  willing slaves, turning everyone into zombie followers.

=== ENEMIES ===================================================================
(From Mattel Interactive)
  The most basic type of enemy, the thug moves into striking distance once it's

  A shooter carries a gun, and shoots it when activated.

  A trooper is a highly armored Dread(sic) agent with a large gun.

  A grenadier is like a trooper, except that he has a grenade that he will
  throw when activated before moving into striking distance.

  Androids fight like thugs and shooters, but are human-shaped robotic

Robot Guard
  In addition to being able to raise an alarm, a robot guard will fire its

  Sludglings(tm) are small, easily-killed organic creatures that hop and bite.

Organic Monster
  An organic monster fights like a D.R.E.A.D. thug, but is decidedly non-human
  in appearance.

=== GENERAL STRATEGIES ========================================================
Kick. A lot. Actually, that's it. This game isn't difficult. The only enemies
that are difficult are the ones who lob grenades non-stop. Often they blow
themselves up if you just wait behind a barrier.

There's one rule more important than the "Kick" rule. That's to shoot anything
that moves if you have ammo. Aside from the first level, you shouldn't have any
ammo problems. Just know how many shots so that you don't waste any. Doing
this, I think you can get through most levels using only your guns. The only
real benefit is that the enemies never get close enough to kick you. The
flip-side being that you don't get to kick them.

Break every crate. There're insane amounts of power-ups in this game.


This is a complete walkthrough for Max Steel : Covert Missions. Read only if
you are completely stuck in the game or have no intention of buying it.

=== MISSION 1 : JUNKYARD AND WAREHOUSES =======================================
  - Search the junkyard for Igor. Find out what hes (sic) doing working for

--[ Junkyard ]-----------------------------------------------------------------
Follow the commands that Berto gives you:
  - Punch.
  - Kick.
  - Jump.
  - Climb up ledges.
  - Break the crate.
  - Get the grenade.
  - Access your inventory.
  - Put it back in your inventory.
  - Pull the switch near the gate.

Run through the gate and down the path. Kill the Dread soldier. Enter the
sliding door and go into stealth mode. Sneak up and kill the soldier. Run down
the hallway. Once in the room, near the crates, you'll be warned about the
camera beams. Move into the room after the first one moves past you and retreat
back to the boxes. Kill the Dread soldier. Now, dodge the cameras and get the
life. Run up the hallway and outside.

Kill the robot, but make sure it doesn't get to shoot you. Run around the left
side of the bus on the mound and get the ammo and grenade. Kill the soldier (he
should be facing away from you). Enter the next door. Get the Laser Pistol and
wait for Berto to tell you how to utilize sniper mode.

Head down the hallway until the door opens. Go into sniper mode and kill the
guard on your right. One rill run up on your left. Kill him as well. Next, kill
the robot just in front of you. Get the heath and ammo back near the robot, and
get the health and silver passkey from where the second sniper came from. Use
the switch on the crane. Run up to the truck and get the Max Steel(tm) icon in
the back of it.

--[ Grinder and Warehouses ]---------------------------------------------------
Jump over the grinder and kill the three guards. Take out the one on your left
first since he has a gun. The other two will come running to their doom. Get
the life, ammo, and the grenades from the area (requiring you to jump the
grinder again) and go into the doorway.

Run down the hallway and go into Stealth Mode. Kill the first guy. Then, run up
the hall and kill the second. Sadly, the third knows you're there, but he's not
that hard. Get the health and go through the door.

Kill the first guard and the one who runs in from the left. Get the ammocell
and the health. Go through the gate and get the Red card and the health.
Continue down the path and kill the two soldiers. Now there's a shack in front
of you with a camera. Run behind the shack on your right and get the grenades
and the armor. Dodge the camera and go up the steps. Get the ammocell and the
life and enter the door.

The wall to the right will open and you'll get to kill two guards. Then, the
door will open and you'll get to kill two more. Push the flashing button on the
table. Enter the next room and get the blue card. Crawl into the ventilation
shafts. Turn to the left shaft and get the Green Card. Next, head forward to
the end of the shaft. Run down the hallway. Go into Turbo Mode (just like in
Breakin') and break the wall to the left of the switch. Get the armor, N-Tek,
and health inside. Next, punch the switch to stop the fan. Go through the fan.

Go into stealth mode and kill the guard. Climb up the ladder. Since you have
all the keys, use the puzzle switch: A, B, Y. Go through the gate and get the
Max Steel(tm) icon.

--[ Warehouse Complex ]--------------------------------------------------------
Move forward and kill the three guards. Climb up on the crates and pick off the
guards that come through the small space right in front of you. Get the
ammocell and armor and move forward. Get the health.

*** CRATE STACKING 101 ***                           *** CRATE STACKING 101 ***
  Okay, it's time for an annoying crate stacking puzzle. This isn't so
  annoying because it's difficult, but because you'll often find yourself on
  the crate   you want to stack. Grrr. Okay, here's a hint. Stand as close to
  the crate as you can without getting on it (easier said than done) and
  press X. This will push a crate if there is nothing in its way, or it will
  stack it if there is.

  |=C========  |=C========  |=C========  |=C========
  |      A B   | A|  A   |->|  ^   |->|      |->|   B  |->|   ^  |
    | A   B|  |->A  B|  |  ^  B|  |     B|  |   B