Date: Sun, 11 Oct 1998 12:50:00 EDT

             Lindacube Again, by AlfaSystems and Mars -1989-1998-  Basics FAQ
                                        Version  1.0~October 12, 1998
By: Aleks Martin; (temporary) or, preferably,
This FAQ is Copyright 1998 to Kent Alexander Martin. All rights reserved.
Distribute                    freely, but give credit where credit is due.
                                          |The Feared And The Revered|
(Note: this FAQ is clearly for the PlayStation version of the classic
1. Controls
2. The Basics
A simple, basic FAQ, but it should suffice.
Directional Buttons: Move Ken or the Cursor

O Button: Talk, Check, or Execute~Most often used button in the game.
X Button: Dash, Cancel
Square Button: Navigation System, called "NaviS" in the game.
L1 Button: TC Menu
L2 Button: Equipment menu.
R1 Button: Miniature Illustrated Book of the animals in the game. Quite
R2 Button: Tool menu.
Select Button: Pause, adjust setting.
Start Button: Camp
Directional Buttons: Move cursor, turn around.
O Button: Execute
X Button: Cancel, check geography
L1 | L2 Buttons: Turn to the left.
R1 | R2 Buttons: Turn to the right.
The Basics of Survival:
Register your name before anything - Before you go hunting for animals after
rynning out of town, go to the ark and register your name as a crew. The ark
is located directly outside of Hardia, to the south. The room to register in
is the second from the right, near the entrance.

The Basics of Battle:
It is possible to see the animals on the overworld before battling them, thus
making avoiding them easier. If you do not want to fight them, use the X
Button to run away.

Animal Hunting and Animal Registration:
Animal hunting and registration are the fabric of this game. In battle mode,
all you have to do is attack and make them stop fighting. But if you attack to
heavily, the animal will die. That's the trick to this game: moderation. Judge
your animals carefully and never attack too strongly. On the flipside, never
be too weak or the animal will kill you.

How to Use Animals:
Money is the key. Sell your animals on the market for the best price. To sell
your animals, simply go to the counter in the first area of the town. If you
acquire the ability "Equipment Manufacture", you will be able to make weapons
from male animals (indicated by the alchemic "male" symbol by the monster's
name) and armor from the female animals (indicated by the alchemic "female"
symbol by the monster's name). The strength of the weapons or armor depends on
the animal it came from. Another ability that can be acquired is "Make Food",
this is rather straight forward. Eating meat is the best way to heal, for it
not only gives your HP but also a strength increase. Staying in hotel's
restore your HP and BP, but that takes too much time. In Lindacube Again,
-time is of the essence-. Everything in this game depends on time.
I hope this helps anyone who imported Lindacube Again (like there are any of
you out there...heh...) and you will progress through it with general ease no
matter which scenario you choose. I shall update this FAQ by January, 1999 and
will be writing more FAQs.
Be afraid. Be very afraid.