Ghosts Splinter Cell Chaos Theory DS Glitches & Tricks FAQ

Glitches and Tricks found by:
Ghost64 (Most of them are found by me, unless stated otherwise)
Uncle Sporky (Another FAQ maker)
PSXcube (Another FAQ maker)

Version 1.3

Version Updates:

V 1.0- Only had some glitches that could be done anywhere, 
and Training Area glitches.
V 1.1- Added some more glitches that can be done anywhere,
 and some Lighthouse glitches. And also revised misspellings and typos.
V 1.2- Added some more glitches that can be done anywhere,
 changed this to a "Glitch, and Trick FAQ" cause it used to be just
 a glitch FAQ. Also added the rest of the level sections with some
 glitches, revised everything, and put this on Lastly,
 I added the Thanks Section.
V 1.3- Added yet some more glitches, and highlighted tricks and glitches 
I thought were cool (But keep in mind that that's only in the Word Document Version, not the Notepad version), and also changed the format. Lastly, I put out my email
 so that other people can add glitches they found.

So far, I only have glitches for certain levels. I'll update this FAQ later. 

These glitches/tricks can be done anywhere:

1. Taking bodies through other rooms: This is simple, 1st, grab the
 body and carry it up to a door, drop it, open the door and get the body
 again. Now carry it through the door. It's a pain but if you want to do it
 then there's no other way.

2. Body Twitching: Sometimes when you set bodies down next to
 objects, or walls, they'll instantly change positions. Sometimes they even
 twitch back and forth. I can't say how to make them twitch like that.

3. Autoducking: There are some areas in the game when your
 character will automatically duck without you having to push the button.

4. Disappearing Bodies: If you lay multiple bodies down in the exact 
same spot it'll look like there is just one body there, and you can only 
pick up one of them. But then the other one/s will appear.

5. Bodies Fall Through Walls: Sometimes you can lay/drop bodies
 through walls partially. This works best by grabbing them 1st, going up to
 a wall or corner, turning around (So they face the wall), and dropping them.

6. Five Ways to Drop Foes: Having trouble with the body drop glitches? 
There are five ways to drop foes: 1- Grab them, and press Y (Slits their
 throat and drops them, not sure if this is an different than #2 though) ,
 2- Grab them, and press B (Knocks them out) , 3- Pick them up and press B 
(Sets them down), 4- Pick them up and press R (Drops them immediately
 behind you and makes Fisher pull out his gun), 5- Walk off a ledge with them 
(Drops them and makes you fall).

7. Waste Sticky Cams: You can actually waste sticky cams by firing them
 at bodies, foes, or firing them out of the level map. Not much of a glitch.

8. Head Through Wall: While crouching, press up against a wall, you're head 
will go through a little bit.

9. Hold Bodies Wrong Way/ Fall Through Wall: Sometimes when doing glitch
 #5, you'll still be able to pick the bodies up. Fisher will either pick 'them up the
 wrong way, or he'll go through the wall to pick him up and fall into blackness.

10. Disappearing Bodies Using Doors: Place a body inside a doorway and 
go on both sides with the door closed. On one side, the personÂ’s body
 should be invisible.

11. Partial Invisibility?: I'm not quite sure how to do this one, but 
sometimes Fisher will become partially invisible. I think the easiest way
 to test this out is to play around with the body on that lighthouse at the
 end of the level until you see the graphics go weird.

12. Heat Vision Secret: One neat thing I heard from another FAQ is that you
 can apparently switch to heat vision and watch a dead guys body get cold 
after killing him. This one doesn't work with knocked out bodies. Awesome.

Found by Uncle Sporky

13. Dead or Alive?: This game is very weird with deaths, on one hand
 if you knock out a guard, he'll never get back up at all, and you can shoot
 his body and the game won't say you killed him (Even if you're on a no-kill
 mission). Also you can kill yourself with a grenade on a no-kill mission,
 and Lambert will say that you're killing innocent people. I didn't know that
 Sam was all that innocent.

Found by Uncle Sporky

14. Bonus Outfit Bug: Apparently if you skip getting a bonus outfit for 1 
level, you won't be able to choose the last one you unlocked until you fill in
 the gaps. This one happened to me a couple of times.

Found by Uncle Sporky

15. Un-save-able Game: Sometimes an error message comes up when
 trying to save. "Game Deck Memory Full".  This should NOT happen at all 
cause there are 3 saving slots in the game but it still does. This has never 
happened to me, but that's probably because I didn't beat the game yet.
If you lose the mission and try to load the last save, it may tell you that the game
 data was corrupted.

A good way to avoid all this is to pick up every item in a level, and avoid killing
 guards. Apparently the game has to save all the items and the dead bodies. 
Some people think that the guards may be turned into items. If you DO want to
 test this glitch out, then kill all the guards, and don't pick up ammo.

Found by Uncle Sporky


Teleporting- In the training session, there are certain ways you can 
teleport to the beginning of a room:

*Walk through Laser Detector
*Get spotted by a camera
*Get spotted by a guard

These can be used for various glitches as well.

1. Get in Room 3 in the 2nd Training Session without going through Door:
 After completing the 1st section of training, go through the hall, and into
 the next room. Now go up to the next door, but BASH it open. Don't go in it,
 but wait for the guard to see you. You'll teleport and the door will close
 behind you!

2. Knock out Guard in Room 2 instead of 3: Perform glitch #1 but this time
 hide in the corner next to the door and wait for the guard to come. As soon
 as you see the whites of his eyes grab him (sneakily) and press B. This one
 might take a few tries.

3. Body Hangs/Falls in Midair: Using the "Take Bodies through other rooms"
 glitch, take the 1st guards body into the next room and walk right up to the
 other guard. When the message is done, you'll teleport but the body won't
 and you'll see it fall on the ground! If you pick it up again right before the
 message is done, you'll see it float up in the air, hang, and then fall again!
 This can also be done with the cameras later on in the level.

4. Teleport Alternately Through Two Rooms: Go to the room with the 
camera and sticky shockers. Run up to the door and open it. The 
camera will see you so you'll teleport back. Run through the now
 open door and keep going past the boxes. The other camera will see
 you and you'll teleport again back to the 1st room. Then run so that the
 camera spots you again.  As long as you keep running you'll keep teleporting.

5. Frozen Shockwaves: Take extra sticky shockers, and get as far
 as the Laser Detectors. Now shoot them with the sticky shocker. The 
animation sometimes will freeze but it doesn't always do this. I can't figure out why.


1. Sticky Cam Glitch in Lighthouse: Right at the level beginning, shoot a 
sticky cam over the rocks, or out into the sea. BE CAREFUL not to shoot 
it too far though, or you'll waste one. You should be able to see a glitchy screen, 
with the level, but blackness all around it. Try shooting them up the mountain 
too just for fun.

2. Autoducking Glitch in Lighthouse: Get to the area with the pipe, the ditch,
 the ladder, and the boxes, (before the bad guys) and climb up either on the
 boxes on the upper left, or the lower left. Now walk under the platform. Fisher
 should duck automatically.

3. Through the Platform: In that same area as in glitch #2, go up on the boxes
 again either on the upper left, or the lower left. And jump up to grab the platform.
 DO NOT use the ladder. Sometimes when doing this, you'll instead cling to the
 box on top of the platform and be hanging there part of you above the platform,
 and part of you below it!

3. Fall Into Hell in Lighthouse: After killing the 1st guy, bash the door on the next
 one and take him to the upper left corner of the room he's in. Drop him, and pick
 him up again. If you're lucky, you'll go through the wall as you pick him up, and fall
 into blackness. This may take a few tries.

4. Fall Into Evil Box: Now take the 2nd guys body and drop him in the right corner
 this time, and pick him up. Again, if you're lucky you'll pick him up, but then drop him,
 and then fall through the floor and cling to the inside of invisible box. You can now 
press right and left to go around the inside of it. Hold B to rapidly land/get up again.
 I call it tap dancing! Press A to climb back up, but fall to your death anyway. 
Remember: Try all the body drop techniques on this one.

5. Fall Into Hell in Lighthouse 2: This one is easy. When you get to the zip line
 over "water" go under the zip line, but don't take it. Instead, fall off the right,
 and hopefully you'll go through into blackness.

6. Stand on Air: Go to a delivery box, (It might be a specific one but I don't 
think so.) And jump to pull yourself up. Use the touch screen or a sticky cam
 to change your view so you can see yourself standing on air right above it!


1. Sticky Cam Glitch in Bank: Fire a cam at the cross way behind you at the
 start of the level. You'll see the level boundaries plus some glitchy lines in
 the blackness. Also to see in the bank without getting inside, simply fire a 
cam down the hatch.

2. Hold Body Weird in Bank: Drag the 2nd guys body over to the lower left
 corner (by that big computer that deactivates the lasers) turn around, and
 knock him out there. Sometimes when picking him up, you'll hold him weird.

3. Body Teleport to Another Room: Go to the room with all the computers
 and the one guard. Take him out and take his body to the door at the end 
and set it down at the corner between the locker and the wall. NOT the corner
 by the door. Sometimes, he'll go through the wall on the other side, and you'll
 see his feet sticking out. You can pick him up again in the other room!

4. Stairs Glitch in Bank and Fall Into Hell in Bank: When you reach the stairs,
 set bodies down there. Sometimes their head and torso will be hovering while
 their feet are on the stairs! Also when you pick 'them up it does weird things 
sometimes. Sometimes you'll fall through the stairs, and into blackness.

5. Fuse With Table: In the small room with four computers and a camera with 
the keypad door. If you approach the table from the right, and get the sticky 
shocker you'll go through it and get stuck. Cool.

Found by Uncle Sporky

Manhattan Streets:

NOTE: Being that this is a timed mission }: ( it isn't easy to find glitches here.

1. I heard that there was a glitch here where when you get up on the boxes
 with the cut scene that appears. Sometimes you fall off, I guess but this
 has never happened to me before. I guess it's all how you get on the boxes.

Found by PSXcube


(None Yet)


(None Yet)


1. Stairs Glitch in Hokkaido: When you get to the area with the two 
guards, just through the vent, knock 'them out, and place them on the
 small stairs. Sometimes, when picking them up you'll go right through 
the stairs or the platform. You can jump to get out. Also try picking them
 up then walking off one side of the stairs so you drop them, and then fall.


1. Throw Guys in Water: At the level beginning you can take the guys
 body and drop it into the water using the "R" body drop. Sometimes,
 they just disappear.

Found by Uncle Sporky

2. This isn't a glitch but it looks like it might be. When you get to the 
top of the pipe with those lasers, you are supposed to jump across
 and catch the ledge on the other side. You'll take damage, so sometimes 
you die just by catching the ledge if you have little enough health, and you'll 
fall down and die (Again?). Odd.

Found by Uncle Sporky

Thanks: for letting me post this on their site.
PSXcube & Uncle Sporky, the guys who made the FAQs where I 
figured out some more glitches and got further in the game.

Help wanted! I need help to find all the other glitches in this game! If you'd like to tell me about 

a glitch that isn't in here, email me a Make up a codename and I'll put it in 

the later FAQ versions. Thanks ahead of time.

Completion Under Progress...